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[ About IS:K-Zero ]

Thanks for reading. I'm sorry this notecard is so long, but there's quite a bit of stuff to get through, so let's get started, shall we?

It is -not- a replacement for your character sheet. It should work with it, not instead of it! It is also -not- a "titler". Please follow the GMs' guidance on this. You also can't change the colour. It's grey. Mid-grey. It was changeable, then I took that out. Neon signs.

It runs on channel 11. You can't change this. You used to be able to. I took it out. Last thing I need is to play guess-the-channel at 6am.

[ Commands ]

Call the commands from the nearby chat window using the channel number (11) preceded by a / - for example, to set yourself IC or OOC, you can use:

/11 rp

Some commands take options. In fact, most of them do. To change your maximum ammunition, you might use:

/11 maxammo 15

That would then set your maximum ammunition to 15. Still with me? Alright, let's run through all the possible commands first, then look at more examples.

- Display commands -

rp/ooc/ic - a simple toggle. Enter it, a little (OOC) will appear. Enter it again, it'll vanish.
showstats - toggles the display of health, mind (and possibly ammo) values
showammo - toggles the display of ammo values in the stats
name/title - adds a title to the display (appears over the stats). Use it with no value to clear the title
lowertitle/weaponstats/secondary/status - adds a secondary title to the display (appears under the stats). No value clears it
showrelease - toggles the release identifier of the attachment. Generally, don't worry about it. Leave it alone unless someone asks

- Animation commands -

animate - toggles the display of animations off or on. See below. Your AO might prevent this from working properly, too.
zeroanim - specifies the name of the animation inside the attachment to be used when health or mind hits 0. Probably just leave this at the default value
reloadanim - specifies the name of the animation inside the attachment to be played when the reload command is issued

- Reset commands -

resetstats - override. Resets health/mind/ammo to their maximum values
resetall - resets EVERYTHING. Titles, base attributes, everything, to whatever they arrived as.

- Statistics and rolling commands -

health - takes a number. Your current health is increased or decreased by this value (e.g. /11 health -5 will take 5 points off). Cannot go below zero or beyond the maximum value
mind/mental - takes a number. Your current mental is increased or decreased by the value, just as with health
ammo - takes a number. Your current ammunition is increased or decreased by the value, just as with health or mind
maxhealth - takes a number which will become your maximum permissible health value
maxmind/maxmental - takes a number which will become your maximum permissible mind value
maxammo - takes a number which will become your maximum permissible ammunition value
reload - reloads your ammunition to maxammo, playing a reload animation if enabled
roll - rolls the die or dice. This one gets complicated. See the 'rolling' section below
addrolls - toggles the display of the sum of rolls, if more than one die is rolled

- Attribute commands -

set [attribute] [value] - this sets the requested attribute to [value]. If the attribute is health or mind/mental, it recalculates maxhealth and maxmind from the base attributes and sets it appropriately. For example, /11 set intelligence 25
set all [values] - this sets all of the base attributes (intelligence, perception, endurance, agility, strength, charisma) in one go. For example, /11 set all 30 25 15 20 10 20
set extra/augment/bonus [attribute] - this sets 'extra' values, or augmented values. When you start, these should probably be at zero, but they can be earned or bought, or assigned by GMs. Usage example: /11 set extra medical 5
set secondary [attribute name] [attribute value] - this allows you to set arbitrary attributes, which might be, say, biotechnology, or hacking, or anything else that's allowable. Setting an attribute you've already defined, to 0, will clear it. A set arbitrary attribute can be rolled against. Usage example, /11 set secondary teaching 25 (to roll then against this, /11 roll teaching; to clear this, /11 set secondary teaching 0)
recovery [health|mind/mental] - this will attempt to recover 1d10 points in either health or mind/mental. This can be used up to five times a day, but no more than once per hour. It won't trigger if you're already at maximum values

- Reporting commands -

report - reports your current base and augmented attributes to yourself
report chat/local - as above, but announces to local chat
report memory - reports the current memory usage of the script (shouldn't be too worried about this, but useful for some)

- Help commands -

[nothing] - just typing /11 without anything else will throw up some quick help into the chat window, to owner
help - gives you this notecard, with any luck

- Aliases -

Some commands have synonyms, so you can use what you prefer. Attributes have short-hand forms too, but they're detailed below.

ooc = rp = ic
name = title
lowertitle = weaponstats = secondary = status
mind = mental
maxmind = maxmental
roll = rolldice
recovery = recover

memory = usage
extra = bonus = aug = augment = augmented

Just to clarify: this means that typing:

/11 set bonus agility 12

behaves identically to typing:

/11 set augmented agility 12


/11 set extra agility 12

[ Attributes ]

Attributes can be set or rolled against. A list of core attributes, which can have base values set, along with 'three letter' shortcuts, is listed below:

intelligence (int)
perception (per)
endurance (end)
agility (agi)
strength (str)
charisma (cha)

If you set individual base values, then you can update your maximum health and mind points by calling /11 set health, then /11 set mind - this will set them to the correct values from your base attributes. This step isn't necessary if you set them all in order at once, using /11 set all (see above).

Derived attributes, such as medical and security, use the base attributes to get their values. A complete list, with their 'three letter' shortcuts:

knowledge (kno)
medical (med)
science (sci)
security (sec)
social (soc)
subterfuge (sub)
tech (tec)
vehicular (veh)
intuition (inu)

For both base and derived attributes, augments can be applied. These extra 'bonus' values only count when being rolled against directly. So, if you increase your augmented perception, then rolls against perception directly would benefit from this, but not, for example, rolls against knowledge (int + per) --- for that, you would have to augment knowledge directly.

There are other available rolls too, which are secondary. These can also be augmented; they are:

initiative (ini)
luck (luc)
willpower (wil)

When you've set an attribute, you'll get a list of the before and after values, so you can check it has had the right effect.

[ Rolling ]

The rolling system is multifunctional. It always reports to local chat. In the simplest case, you can just type:

/11 roll

This will roll one d100 and report the output, along with the roll range and your display name, e.g.:

Tae rolls 58 (1-100)

To roll a die with a different number of faces, you can enter that in as the next value:

/11 roll 25 

This will roll a d25 (again, reporting the result to local chat with your display name. This always happens):

Tae rolls 4 (1-25)

If you wish to roll multiple dice at once, specify the number of dice after the size. Let's say you want to roll 3 d10s:

/11 roll 10 3

This will output something like:

Tae rolls 2, 8, 9 (1-10 [rolled 3 times])

So the results of each roll are mentioned individually (2, 8 and 9 in this case), along with the range (1-10) and the number of rolls (3). If the addrolls toggle is on, then the sum of the rolls would be reported, too.

The d100 is a little bit special, in that it will accept modifiers, and can critically land.

You can directly roll against your own attributes, though, by specifying those instead. This will always roll a d100. Example:

/11 roll agility

This will roll against the agility value assigned from the 'set' command:

Tae rolled 1 against agility (20+0): success

It will also handle augmented statistics. For example, if there's a +5 medical bonus on your character that you've set up, and the base medical value is at 50 (because of the base attributes):

/11 roll medical

might give

Tae rolled 14 against medical (55+0): success

Modifiers can also be added into the line. If it's a difficult medical thing, it might have a modifier of -20:

/11 roll medical -20


Tae rolled 10 against medical (55+-20): success [modifiers: -20]

Multiple modifiers can be used (note that the + sign can optionally be used. If it isn't mentioned, it's assumed to be positive) - up to five - the first three are modifiers against the roll value, the second two are modifiers against the secondary critical d100 roll (activated on successful roll). Any further numbers are ignored:

/11 roll subterfuge 20 -30 5 6 -14

This would give:

Tae rolled 42 against subterfuge (40+-5): failure [modifiers: 20 -30 5 6 -14]

The sum of the value modifiers is shown after the base+augmented value. In this case, they are 20 - 30 + 5 = -5, and the base+aug value is 40, hence (40+-5).

If it successfully lands a luck critical, the luck critical modifiers' sum is shown as well:

Tae rolled 20 against subterfuge (40+-5): luck critical (38 with crit modifier of 50) success [modifiers: 20 -30 5 60 -10]

Note that all modifier values entered by you are displayed in the "modifiers:" string, even if they've been ignored (i.e., more than five listed)

Modifiers can be rolled against a generic d100, too, but to do this you must specify the 100, and the number of dice to roll (usually just 1!). In this case, a d100 is rolled once, with a +50 and a -15 modifier:

/11 roll 100 1 50 -25


Tae rolled 43 against modifiers [modifiers: 50 -15] = 35: failure

Critical rolls can occur in two ways (on d100s only): the first, is by rolling a double digit on the roll - so rolling a 22 or a 77 is critical, but say, 19 and 73 are not. This way, if you roll under your skill level, it is a critical success, and over your skill level, a critical failure. This is reported in the nearby chat:

Tae rolled 88 against security (25+0): natural critical failure
Tae rolled 44 against science (45+0): natural critical success

The second is if - and only if - the first roll is successful, then a second d100 is silently rolled against your luck. If this roll is under your luck, then it is reported as a critical success. There is no critical failure in this case, as the second roll only occurs on success. The d100 reports the number it rolled (in this example, 4) if it was a success:

Tae rolled 5 against intuition (45+0): luck critical (1 with crit modifier of 0) success

Note that luck and initiative rolls -cannot- be critically rolled

[ Formulæ ]

intelligence = base_int + extra_int
perception = base_per + extra_per
endurance = base_end + extra_end
agility = base_agi + extra_agi
charisma = base_cha + extra_cha

knowledge = base_int + base_per + extra_kno
medical = base_int + base_agi + extra_med
science = base_int + base_end + extra_sci
security = base_str + base_end + extra_sec
social = base_cha + base_str + extra_soc
subterfuge = base_cha + base_agi + extra_sub
tech = base_end + base_str + extra_tec
vehicular = base_agi + base_per + extra_veh
intuition = base_cha + base_per + extra_inu

initiative = base_agi + base_per + extra_ini (incapable of a critical roll)
luck = base_agi + base_per + extra_luc (incapable of a critical roll)
willpower = base_per + base_cha + extra_wil

natural critical = 1d100 % 11 == 0
luck critical = 1d100 < 10 + extra_luc

[ Have you found a bug? ]

Something not working as expected? You can let Tae know. If it's a question of the RPS mechanics as they're written, then this is a matter for the GMs. If you've typed /11 roll and you find that your socks are on your head all of a sudden, then this is probably a bug.

Please note that Tae can't just hack a change in here and swing you a new meter. That's not how this works. It has to be signed off by the GMs otherwise it would be utter chaos here.

I doubt this works perfectly, but I hope that it's made your life a little easier. If you find it useful, then please consider making a donation to the sim. And for heaven's sake don't give Tae anything!

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Comment by Omega Faith on December 2, 2014 at 5:13pm

this works in conjunction with the current meter? or is it it's own thing?

Comment by 圭音 on December 2, 2014 at 6:08pm

It can work with the RPA as well, this is more stat/char sheet oriented.

Comment by Naomah Beaumont on December 4, 2014 at 2:21pm

So this is automation for char-sheet RP, plus a certified dice roller. Nice. :)  

Comment by 圭音 on December 4, 2014 at 3:00pm

In short, yes, you can input your char sheet data (Attributes, Skills, Secondary Skills) so you automatically roll against a specific field and get an automated result, versus loading your char sheet on the browser, then rolling and doing the math, makes things much more dynamic :D

Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on December 6, 2014 at 1:54pm

It would be interesting to use a MySQL backend with PHP interfaces for storage of Character Sheet Data.  Some HTTP request to load and update the data between the HUD and Database.  Plus, could build a web browser interface to work with character data as well.  Just an idea I have had for some time now.  


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