Caine's Journal: More Human Than Human

Caine's Journal, March 3rd, 2485.

It's funny the things people would give up if it meant getting what they have always wanted in return. Some people spend their entire lifetimes building something up, creating a legacy, but if it came to it, they would surrender everything for that seemingly unattainable dream.

I suppose I am no different when it comes to that. I have found my third and final Mentor, in the most unlikely of places, in the most unlikely of companies too. I believe I have the final piece of this puzzle and now, all I need to know is work my mind so all the pieces fit. A lot has happened in these past few days, and most of it has given me great insight. First things first, after my out-of-the-ordinary service the other night, someone else approached me with a request, a motorcycle, the OS seems a bit outdated, with everything I've learned I know I can work wonders, I know I can modify this to the client's specifications and even more. In retrospect, I shouldn't even call them clients, I'm not charging, I'm not a citizen for the time being, but I will let this build my reputation up. The specifications I was given match that of a racer, I don't ask questions about it, it's not my place, so I will simply focus on the specs. It takes me a couple of days to work through everything. I had previously updated both mine and Xia's bikes, since we don't have any problems with reaching high places, I re-routed the energy distributor for on-land operations, by doing it so, I was able to obtain sharper turns and more effective braking. My original model for the modification was stored, and I could use it as a basis to what was asked of me. I obtained a couple of plans of the city's streets and highway so I know on a conscious level just what I'm working with here. After the 48 hours or work, the client showed up and ran a test, they seem pleased and request a last minute change, a Biometric reader for operation, meaning only they can operate or take the bike, it's not something that would take me long, considering that most of the OS was rebuilt by me. After I'm done, we decide to go all the way to North via Highway and back, the client is pleased and takes off.

I could talk about yet another Yamasuka's intervention, but at this rate, it is getting old. She seems to lose her cool rather easily when I'm around, which turns in interesting combinations of profanities coming from her, I suppose it's entertaining to others to see how I keep myself balanced while she screams, kicks and cries until she's red in the face, whether she's trying to get me to lose my temper or not, it's debatable, at this point, I doubt she's that stupid, but then again... Apparently and according to her, it's completely acceptable to let a suspect go if they get near an establishment that is insured to another Security Firm, even if the suspect never goes inside. I guess at this rate, she will say anything to justify ISS's inability to follow through with the suspect that bombed their assets, and their inability to close the Bomber Case themselves. Neyea is another entertaining one, ever since I refused to pay her debt for her, she showed her true colors, as expected, she now, somehow, seems convinced that I am either bankrupt, near to bankruptcy, homeless or all of the above. She tries desperately to manipulate people to do her bidding, her last attempt was especially charming, at this point, she's harmless, and her attempts would be adorable if they weren't so sad.

The AI projects are coming along slowly but steadily, I've been given more assignments from my Mentors, and I have found ways I can implement to avoid logical errors and potential sentience. These will take time, but I am confident, I have ideas I haven't seen anyone else implement, when the time comes, these may serve me.

And at this point, I bring back the thought from the beginning... Everything I'm building up, everything I'm working on, everything I'm learning... It's taken a long time, and some effort, and I have started to take pride on it... But I would throw everything away if I got the one thing I want the most. To be happy, with Her.

We had a talk, long, much needed talk. Xia told me where She lives now, and I forgot about me being this criminal some people want me to be, and headed there myself. Her apartment is beautiful, it has an amazing view. She tells me 32 has gotten a taste for relics, items from a long lost and forgotten world, and it shows, the combination of styles meshes so well. I had been working on a small side project for a while now. Her birthday is next month, and I had anticipated the side project to take long for me to finish, but as soon as I started to apply some of the methods I've learned from my Mentors I couldn't just stop. I didn't know it could match, but it did, an old music box, I guess someone got evicted or something, it was right there near the border to the now extinct West, mostly in good shape. I have no idea of the original tune it was supposed to play, and I worked with what I had. I restored it to the best of my ability, and made it work as well. I suppose it is my very early birthday gift to Her, which may serve another purpose.

She was radiant when She opened the door, Her hair was wet, it was more than obvious I had arrived at an odd time, She offered me to go inside while She changed. She has a beautiful piano and I just couldn't resist to play a little while I waited. I must of have been entranced by the melody because I didn't notice when She came downstairs and stood next to me. She let me finish the piece I was playing, I told Her I used to play at the Fusion whenever no one was around, music is another thing we share, She has been practicing for years now and has improved Herself. She offers me a drink and a small tour of the place, I had no idea that a place like that existed in the city, but it fits Her beautifully. I had plans for the conversation, there were things I wanted to tell Her and even a request. But before that, I saw fit to give Her a wooden box I had found, my gift was inside. She was curious, excited. When She opened it, She smiled, She approached me and we instinctively started a small dance. I don't know how that happened, I don't dance at all. Never. But, it just happened, it came naturally, it felt right. She says She doesn't know what to say, with that simple sentence all I had planned, all I wanted to tell Her, and the request I had went out the window. I don't think I will be able to comprehend just why I said what I said, but one thing is sure... In matters of the heart, things will never go according to plan. I know there's a connection, I've seen it in Her eyes, the way She talks to me, the way She moves and sometimes, even the words She uses when I'm around Her. I don't care what anyone thinks of me outside those walls. I don't care if anyone shows up and calls me names, accuses me of destroying things I have no way of even touching, or just decides to get on my face not knowing just how close they are of getting their limbs broken. I don't care if people think of me as the criminal someone desperately wants me to be, and I don't care how many things they take away from me, I will always find a way to come back. Some people have accused me of having an agenda, and I guess the way things have happened I can finally say that I do have an agenda: Her. And if anyone in the city claims and swears they don't have an agenda, there's only two possible explanations: They are lying, or they are way too naive for their own good.

I know there are some things She doesn't understand, She's curious enough to at least give some thought and consideration to concepts that are alien to Her. And it's understandable, She's a decorated officer, veteran of a thousand battles, and a CEO to a Megacorporation, she was never designed with Love in mind, although there's also another alternative. Is there an algorithm to understand Love? Is there a sequence to predict it? Is there an equation that will be able to calculate all variables, constants and conditions? For a lot of people, Love is completely different. And I think I'm the last person anyone would ever expect to preach about these things.

She exposed Herself to me. She's beautiful, every single inch of Her is beautiful. She doesn't understand a few things, and the way She said one thing tonight, made me realize that this relationship is bigger than ourselves. At some point, She has decided She "Must" do something that should come natural, as something She wants instead. She is correct in Her assumption that I don't want Her for Her body alone, She's correct to think that I want something more intimate that She doesn't fully comprehend, a sort of Spirit. She doubts She has what I'm looking for, but I know She does have it, but She needs to see it for Herself. The way She reacted when She thought I was telling Her I didn't want Her confirmed it. She was frightened, and all I could do in return was to hold Her close to me. To me, She's more human than most people I've met in this city, most people here are dead inside, and result unappealing to me. At some point, She even asked why don't I look for someone similar to me. I don't think explaining to Her all the reasons why I don't do that may be a good idea, some people fall in and out of love rather easily, I didn't even notice, it all started with admiration, and next thing I know, I'm standing at Her door with my heart pounding violently the second She opens the door. There's something there, She does things, and at times, it gives me the impression She does them without fully understanding why. I explain to Her that she's the only one I've never called by number. Her sisters all have numbers but Her. And that's the way things will stay. The night ended with me forgetting about everything I had planned to do in the beginning when I went to Her home and with the warmest of smiles coming from Her face. She has many things to ponder upon and consider, and in the end, the answer She finds may not be the answer I hope She gives me.

Everything I have worked on, everything I have built and everything I will build in the future, I would gladly exchange for Her. But it's Her passion, determination, loyalty and defiance that makes Her one of a kind. She's different from Her sisters, they all have independent personalities. Individuality. I want Her to be free, She wants me to be safe. And those two desires are intimately entwined. I don't want anyone who will simply nod and agree to everything I say and will keep my words as maximum truth. She was one of the few in the city who never gave up on me, or turned Her back on me, I went to the confines of space for Her, I let them take many things from me for Her. And if one day I must make the ultimate sacrifice, I will do it smiling, knowing that it was for Her. I don't care if people think I'm only doing this because of the power that would come with it. Power is whatever it is men want it to be, and it can come from anywhere at any given time. I create my own power, She has created Hers.

In the end, I will always be there. For Her.

This is Adam Caine, signing off.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of this post and further posts conforming Caine's Journals are IC events from Caine's perspective and stored in his cyberbrain. Unless obtained ICly, the contents from this posts shouldn't be used in the RP.

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Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on March 3, 2015 at 1:07pm

The only parts of this post I call into question, is are requirements for the cross disciplinary engineering and science skills involved to pull off some of these feats so quickly.  Even being able to spec out projects fully within a couple of days.  Just how fast are these new super powers growing?  Devry teach yourself inter disciplinary engineering within 1 month? O.o  

Comment by 圭音 on March 3, 2015 at 1:17pm

No super powers at all. I've been documenting that Caine has Mentors (Both in the logs and the rp around certain people), he doesn't "Teach himself inter disciplinary engineering", he learns from the Mentors that teach him and check his progress. Also, in some of these logs you can find out how is Caine paying for these favors.

Comment by Zion Volos on March 3, 2015 at 1:43pm


It's through sexual favors and confetti.

Comment by 圭音 on March 3, 2015 at 1:55pm

One has to do something with the confetti surplus from Mars >.>

Comment by EI on March 3, 2015 at 1:57pm
Will never look at confetti the same way again.......XD!!
Comment by 圭音 on March 3, 2015 at 1:58pm

Or Coconuts, if I recall correctly :P

Comment by Zion Volos on March 3, 2015 at 1:59pm


Comment by EI on March 3, 2015 at 2:33pm
What else will the city take from me....Y_Y. (Throwns confetti and coconuts at caine)
Comment by 圭音 on March 3, 2015 at 2:34pm

More Confetti surplus... Awesomesauce >.>

Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on March 3, 2015 at 3:46pm

breaks out the microwave popcorn,,,to be thrown around and eaten =)


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