The background list represents players achievements before roleplay and has an IC affect on their progression and rules. The point to backgrounds is to encourage players to play diverse players and expand their characters history. for every positive background purchased you must chose a negative background. Players are allowed only 4 total (two positive and two negative). So how do you apply them? Simple, just choose two positive and two negative backgrounds, add them to the backgrounds part of your character sheet and apply the modifiers to your statistics.


Spacer - Born and raised on the corridors of freighters and space stations. From a young age you were forced to learn how to care for your artificial homes all the while living in low gravity. +5% tech.

Clone (Legal)- You're an AGIS clone, as a result you're perfectly fine to travel Gemini held territory. However should you go rogue a kill switch exists that can terminate you.

Mars outcast - Your opinions and associates have put you at odds with the local population however the D'naa have taken notice. +20% to D'naa standing

Mars born - Your family spans generations on Mars and as a result has good relations with the the various factions on the red planet. +20% faction standing to one Mars faction

Code of honor - you follow a strict creed and refuse to deviate from it.

The art of deduction - You have a mind for details and nothing escapes you, +5% to perception.

Registered Bounty Hunter - You may begin as a registered bounty hunter with bounty net. Ask in rp chat for the title.

Gall - you got spunk and show it in your charisma +5% social.

Loyalty - you are loyal to a fault, once a day you may add your roll to someone else's to assist.

Concentration - you are able to focus your attention on the task at hand, -5% to difficulty modifiers to your highest skill checks.

Expert - due to years of intense training you may begin with +25% in a specialty skill of your choosing.

Fabricant - You are an AGIS biological android which was designed to be nearly identical to humans. You feel and think like they do however you rely heavily on implanted memories to function in your child like empathetic state.

Common Sense - You have wisdom on your side to help determine the best course or outcome, you may ask a GM for advice or hints on any event.

Business School - you have attended business school +5% Social.

Graceful - you have a natural grace about you that allows you to charm others easier. +5% Social.

Educated - you have attended a school or university +5 Knowledge.

Forgery - You are capable of forging false documents, while they can trick local biometric scanners they will not hold up under close examination. You can sell fake ID's and documents on the black market.

Ex-special forces - you are a vet of long forgotten military corp. Begin with the intimidation specialty skill of 10%.

Medical School - you have medical experience +5 Medical

Knock Out - You are naturally attractive +5% Charisma.

Psychology - you have experience in the school of psychology +5% Social.

Trust Fund - you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth you start with an extra 3000 Credits.

Natural Linguist - you may begin with two additional known languages (excluding D'naa)

True love - You're a born romantic and have a true love in your life, you may add your skill rolls to your lovers rolls once per day.

youthful looks - for some odd reason you don't ever seem to age, you get a +5% Social.

Longevity - You just don't ever quit, you were made to last, +5% endurance checks

Born D'naa - You are a D'naa, born to a clan on Mars. You were born to a caste and fated to never leave the planet. (this requires approval and 1 month active period)


Cybernetic rejection syndrome - For some reason your body rejects all forms of cybernetic enhancement violently. Biotech seems to be the only way to augment yourself.

Future shock - Maybe you wanted to escape the present or you were badly injured and needed to be frozen but because of the time on ice you've fallen behind the tech curve and the climb back up is steep. Thankfully though some things don't change older tech is still easy to use for you. -5% Knowledge.

Pirate - Your choice of friends in the past was really rather poor. As part of a pirate crew you looted, killed, and generally caused problems for the corps before settling down. Unfortunately for you the corps have long memories. -20% to faction standing for a corp of your choice. (Excluding D'naa)

Earth Born - Born on the ruined home world, the romantic lure of Mars called to you. However you didn't take the time to learn the culture and customs. As a result the corps and locals don't trust you nearly as much as you wished. -5% on all positive faction gains. (Excluding D'naa)

Bad Luck - You're jinxed, if it can go wrong it will. gain a +5% modifier to critical fails on all skill rolls.

Clone (Illegal) - You're a non-AGIS clone, lacking legality in Gemini territory however AGIS agents have no killswitch ability on you.

Curiosity - Like a cat you can't help yourself, you are compelled to investigate even the most dangerous situations.

Compulsive - you act without thinking and it shows, gain a +10% difficulty modifier on rolls pertaining to acting on impulse.

Hidden secret - you have a secret so terrible and dark it haunts you. talk to the storyteller of this secret and how it can affect your character.

Hideous - You fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. -5% Social.

Deranged - you are neurotic and strange which has an adverse affect on charisma with others, -5% Social.

Flashbacks - you are haunted by images of war and horror and can suffer from its affects anytime of the day. -5% Security.

Hatred - you have a hatred for a certain group or race, start with a -25% to their faction standing and -10% Social checks to that faction or race.

Junkie - you are addicted to drugs and cannot help yourself, you must always seek out your drug of choice and pay for it. If you cannot find the drug you suffer for it.

Illegal Fabricant - You are a rogue android who has escaped onto earth. You are hunted with only one possible end, death. Gene hunters are after you so you better keep a low profile.

Ulterior motive - you are not all that you seem and have other reasons for helping the group. discuss with a storyteller what it is exactly you are after.

Overconfident - you seem to think you cannot be defeated and fuck up because of it. gain a +10% difficulty modifier on your strongest skill checks.

Bad Sight - you are blind as a bat without your glasses -5% perception.

Enemy - someone hates you and is seeking your downfall, talk to the storyteller about who and why this is.

Notoriety - you got a bad rep all over the place start with a -10% faction standing in all local factions.

Hunted - you got a bounty and someone wants you dead, you are often the object of attack randomly, even within safe zones. Ask a GM for a bounty tag.

Phobia - You're terrified of a certain phobia -25% on skill checks that pertain to your specific fear.

Sociopath - due to lack of emotions you can trick lie detection and control your level of stress in any situation. But lack true empathy. You may be able to fake emotions but you cannot really have them.

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Comment by 圭音 on February 7, 2014 at 3:28pm

This is beautiful! :O Thank you!

Comment by 下尺モれ乙ㄚ on February 7, 2014 at 3:31pm

very interested in all this, but I have no clue how to implement it yet...and who is this story teller person?

Comment by Kristin Poole on February 7, 2014 at 3:33pm

Man I remember when we did these, good times 

Comment by Kristin Poole on February 7, 2014 at 4:06pm

Originally on Mars we added these to our sheets based around our characters History at that point, not sure how stark wants to run these into the city sheets though. 

As for storytellers they were people like Stark who organized stories, events, and other rp. For example stark once organized a crime scene we had to investigate and would offer hints based on what we rolled and did. 

Comment by Stark Osterham on February 7, 2014 at 4:17pm

update - changed the description, added a few more backgrounds, changed storyteller to gm and added a background section to the character sheet.

Comment by Stark Osterham on February 7, 2014 at 4:18pm

Just a reminder that these are temp at best. When the automated system comes out a lot of the system will become obsolete in favor of a fully automated one. We simply have too many modifiers to really regulate them all, just be happy I am not adding perks to the list.

Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on February 7, 2014 at 4:40pm

Will this and a few other things be included in the Wiki at some point in time? 

Comment by 圭音 on February 7, 2014 at 4:42pm

LMAO... Brony xD

Comment by Cailin Beorn on February 7, 2014 at 5:10pm

@Nyusha, please refer to Stark's second comment on how these may become obsolete. as for the Wiki, with the updated meter there will be a fully updated Wiki as well

@Frenzy, anytime you see a Storyteller referenced that generally means a GM

Comment by Eden Pyrithea on April 12, 2014 at 8:24am

hmmm....i know that my character is Earth born....with some neurosis, quite a lot of phobia, flashbacks but not from war. She feels like she is Hunted, but also Notoriety is affected by having a criminal record,  history of Junkie, a little Deranged but not completely; Hatred towards AGIS (of course), Artificial Linguist; some Curiosity, some Compulsion, a not-so-Hidden Secret...though the Secret might be re-hidden because it's a new crowd; not really a Pirate, more like a Ganger.....though I think Gall is a for sure, elementary Educated in the wrong sense..... *keeps mumbling to her self*


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