And Then Everything He Knew Changed A New Spark

-it was a quiet night. after leaving the dojo, he proceeded to the streets. he looked ahead seeing someone familiar. the woman who sent him so many singals, he looked at the contact chip she had left him so long go, he walked up to her seeing her turn around , there she was a bit of convosation, sparked for a moment, seeing her walk away for a moment, he looked down for a moment, he turned around looking toward Elektra, the city winds blowing threw his now brown hair. " Hey....i'm not as dense as you think i am...."  he said strongly. he stood there looking down into those amber eyes of hers, he leaned in " i know the singals you have been sending  me....i'm no fool..." he felt her lean forward into him , it was like time stopped, for a breif second, he began to lean forward, That was the moment,  everything changed, as they stood there lost in a kiss. feeling the winds of time past by not paying attention to everything around them.the moment the kiss broke, derrick felt renewed, he looked down to elektra. he noticed her data pad buzz seeing the look, seeing her walk off, he just stood there watching her walk away, before turning back to the east for the aichi office

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Comment by Earth Eladan Aries on February 4, 2017 at 9:13pm

ho ho the plot thickens .....


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