Minor cover -10 modifier - 1 armor k/e
Moderate cover -20 modifier - 2 armor k/e
Full cover -30 modifier - 3 armor k/e
Through light smoke -10 modifier
Through heavy smoke -20 modifier

Point blank range 20 modifier (2 meters or less)
Crouched -10 modifier ( 10 to shoot)
Sprint -20 modifier 
Prone & far -10 per meter modifier ( 10 to shoot) Cannot sprint
multiple targets in same turn -20 per additional target
Flanking shot 20 to shoot
Small target -10 modifier
Very small target -30 modifier
Large target 10
Very large target 30 modifier
Thermoptic -30 to hit only when revealed
Back Attack 30 to hit enemy from behind

Short range -none-
Medium range -10
Long range -20
Extreme range -30
No line of sight counts as a surprise and no dodge is rolled

Character within attack range 20 to hit

Attacking ends turn
Change Stance
Full Defense -30 to hit end turn
Sprinting ends turn
Reloading ends turn
placing explosive (critical roll 5 damage)
Aiming 10 to shoot per turn up to 30 ends turn
Crawling can only move half move distance
Average movement (moving past average move changes it to sprint)
Overwatch ends turn (shoot on enemy movement through LOS)
Ambush, players who are ambushed cannot defend against the initial attack and receive a -10 to their initiative
Throw Grenade. must be thrown within full movement range of the thrower. Ends turn. miss roll scatter dice.
Suppressive Fire, targets out of cover or move out of cover receive a single attack. No modifiers are to be applied except range & wounds. Uses 20 rounds.

Falling damage 1-2 meters 1D10
Falling damage 3-5 meters 2D10
Falling damage 6-8 meters 3D10
Falling damage over 8 meters 1 per meter
Characters on fire suffer 1D10 / 2 (round up) damage per turn

Character loss over 50% hp -10 modifier -2m movement
Character loss over 75% hp -20 modifier -3m movement
Character loss over 90% hp -30 modifier crawling speed

[Firing Modes]
Single Shot (SS) can only be fired once
Semi-Automatic (SA) may be fired twice 
Burst Fire (BF) may fire 3 rounds 10 to hit or 1D10 damage
Full Automatic (FA) 30 to hit or 3D10 damage uses 10 shots

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