Notice Sent by: StarRavenSAT Resident
Insilico is down.
Due to circumstances, we don't understand our sim owner, Skills Hak, was banned from SL. LL took no time in shutting down all her sims including INSILICO.
If you wish to get back what you rezzed please send LL a report to reinstate it so we can get our items back for now.
It was a good run. LL should give us more time cause IS is more than one person, it was a community.
Thank you for the memories.


[20:07] StarRavenSAT: everyone everyone, ill try to answer what i can. I don't know if its gone forever. Again contact your LLs

[20:02] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork): Does this mean INSILICO is dead forever?
[20:03] ゼロ (cailin.beorn): there are no answers as of yet. Skills is trying to figure out what's going on
[20:03] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork): Are they wiping out of the design work?
[20:03] ღ Holly Devereux™ (velthura.darkfold): Geez
[20:03] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork): why can't they at least transfer the assets to a non-banned community member?
[20:03] StarRavenSAT: ikr
[20:03] StarRavenSAT: i suggested that
[20:03] ゼロ (cailin.beorn): because Skills owns it
[20:03] 浪人 (stark.osterham): that includes all my assets
[20:03] Bɾσʅყ Bʅαƈƙԋҽαɾƚ (broly.yakubu): wow holey shit
[20:04] 浪人 (stark.osterham): are lost forever
[20:04] StarRavenSAT: just submit a report to get our stuff back like I did Sci Fi con, bought back a sim after a few days
[20:04] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork) sighs deeply
[20:05] 浪人 (stark.osterham): she makes a point
[20:07] StarRavenSAT: everyone everyone, ill try to answer what i can. I don't know if its gone forever. Again contact your LLs
[20:08] Bɾσʅყ Bʅαƈƙԋҽαɾƚ (broly.yakubu): well i didn't have anything rezzed on the sim but this situation sucks
[20:08] StarRavenSAT: Indeed
[20:08] Bɾσʅყ Bʅαƈƙԋҽαɾƚ (broly.yakubu): another group im part of went threw the same thing in january
[20:08] Ϻɍ. Ĵâɍ Ⱥxƪȩ (mrjarlaxle): Damn that sucks for Skills, send our best wishes
[20:09] EDM1 (vaarda.donogal): Nothing is forever, unless a meteor took out the servers and all the backups. If it is a matter of money, there may be enough available from Insilicans or crowd funding or _something_ to at least store the sims for later rebirth.
[20:09] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork): any idea why they did it?
[20:09] ゼロ (cailin.beorn): Skills is working on getting answers, this all happened in just the past few hours
[20:09] StarRavenSAT: No, I don't know Skills personal situations I'm sorry.
[20:09] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork): or we can start planning a new bigger and better city
[20:10] Sam (rhet0rica): There have been a couple of other cases recently of LL banning long-time, well-reputed community members without explanation.
[20:10] Sam (rhet0rica): Like, just in the past week.
[20:10] StarRavenSAT: Again how they punish all of us for one person's actions is beyond my mind.
[20:10] Sam (rhet0rica): To my knowledge they were able to reverse the bans.
[20:10] ゼロ (cailin.beorn): well, no one panic as of yet. once Skills has answers, everyone else will too
[20:11] Sam (rhet0rica): If Skills was banned without a normal appealable process, just suddenly 'disappeared' NKVD-style, it could be just as easy to fix.
[20:11] Peter from New York (peterfromnewyork): can you contact Skills despite the ban?
[20:11] 浪人 (stark.osterham): we are talking
[20:11] 浪人 (stark.osterham): she is sending in multiple appeals
[20:11] ゼロ (cailin.beorn): Skills is unreachable in sl at this time
[20:11] Sam (rhet0rica): ( Here's what happened in the other cases: )
[20:11] ゼロ (cailin.beorn): she's in contact via skype with the admins
[20:12] StarRavenSAT: I heard too, Skills was talkign about it. I have no idea whats going on. If they want to alienate whole sims full of people. SL will be a very empty place.
[20:14] StarRavenSAT: Does everyone need a sim to rest too, you can join me in my other home if you wish.

[20:15] 浪人 (stark.osterham): either way just send in reports to linden labs, it does effect everyone on a whole and let them know how this effect you. I hope that they can work this out so lets all hoper for the best in this instant and not write anything off but regardless do prepare for the worst. in which case we can save our farewells until we know for sure what is happening. even skills herself does not know what is going on.

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Comment by Cailin Beorn on February 26, 2016 at 3:49pm

it seems that the drama is over and we're back to normal operations but always take precautions

Comment by Chilka Aichi on February 26, 2016 at 4:07pm

It's great the city is back. People have been saying SL is doomed for years, but one reason Linden Labs has such terrible customer service is because it survives whatever they do. So if you are renting, don't stop because the sims need your support, and if you RP here, do it all the more to keep the community alive and well.

Comment by Andrea Rain on February 26, 2016 at 7:15pm

OK, I saw Cailin's posting on the INSILICO group:

"As far as anyone can tell, the drama is over and it's business as usual. please make sure you are always taking precautions.  thanks for riding the roller coaster of the last 24 hours with us!"

I spent some time this morning grabbing all the no-copy items from my flat. Is it safe to put them back? Do we have any indication whether this issue is actually settled? Short of not rezzing no-copy items at all, I don't know what precautions I can take.

Comment by Nyusha ZoryAna on February 26, 2016 at 7:25pm

Holy crap...

Comment by SalvorWyrdan on February 26, 2016 at 8:33pm

Sacred Shite indeed, Nyusha; Sure hope it does not recur or terminate.

Comment by Strand Starsider on February 27, 2016 at 12:39am

Do we have any idea why this happened? Its usually a money related.  Who foots the bill for IS? It has to loose money every month. 

Comment by SalvorWyrdan on February 27, 2016 at 7:37am
The shops and the rentals used to pay the bills; They and the rest of SL are declining.
The goal is to attract visitors with money to spend, maybe with theme park tours,
maybe with a continuing conversation on coping with RL becoming Insilico. Do not
laugh; Tech is important, how people live with it is critical.
Comment by Dart on February 28, 2016 at 9:17am

You may be right, and surely the sims need to be profitable, otherwise they will not stay for long.  If by coping with RL you mean advertisement,  well, Ridley Scott had to accept many brands advertising in Blade Runner, and the outcome was not bad  but...if we are suggesting that Insilico should become a theme park, then I feel I have to object.  Insilico was not created as a visiting place for tourists, even if visitors (as myself have been for a long time) are welcome (and their Lindens are welcome too, I guess).  But it is not a museum or a theme park. Everytime I see Stark´s creations here, I drop to my knees in awe, and I give thanks to the gods of biomechanics.  If it had to become a theme park, its essence will be gone, and players and creators as we know them today, will leave.  Insilico is not a show, it is cyberpunk alive and kicking, felt to the bone.  

Comment by Cailin Beorn on February 28, 2016 at 4:01pm

money was not the reason the sim got shut down. while it is always valuable to the sim to have rentals being rented and donations being donated, that was not the cause of the recent shut down. 

Comment by StarRavenSAT on March 1, 2016 at 8:44pm

"Some are asking if its a money problem, I highly doubt it. Skills Hak (who is back btw they reinstated her, no explanation to her either) has been paying tier on time for year because of your rental and donations." -from Insilico is Up link


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