Insilico Character Profile - Camilla Strider

A preliminary note: while frequently updated, this profile may not be quite as up to date as the notecard kept inworld. Message me (CosetteFortier Resident) if you see anything big missing.

Name: Camilla Strider
Rank: N/A
Faction: N/A
Division: N/A
DOB: 8/09/2449 - 35 years old
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Serial: NAFH49-8329 (NA as a beginning as she's not affliated with a corporation; if this is not common parlance, please inform me...)
----- Attributes -----
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 30
Endurance: 15
Agility: 15
Strength: 10
Charisma: 20
----- Skills -----
All 50 starter points were spent for her specializations.

    Laws:20% - When creating medicines or submitting peer-reviews, you must take into account laws regarding the creation and submission of new medicines, and the rules with regards to limited or controlled substances.

    Survival:20% -  Being a pharmacist, she is capable of self medicating for many problems, although she must do this in sly and under the table ways. This being said, she prefers not too, instead earning money in legal ways and purchasing any relevant medical supplies out of her own budget.

Medical:50% (45 from attributes, 5 from the Medical School Background)
    Genetics:30% - A passing interest, as it deals with the propagation of new plants for medicines- the basic methods of selection for desirable traits in plants.

    Pharmaceuticals:60% - Primary field of study: this is the way she supports herself, acting as a researcher for new medicines & working for the improvement of older ones.

    Botany:40% - Secondary field of study: this is also involved with how she supports herself- often, an important sep in the development of medicine is getting extracts from a plant that in the past acted as an herbal remedy. I.E. chewing cloves numbs tooth pain. This is due to the primary component of it's oils: eugenol, which is pain reliving and antimicrobial. Once this was discovered, it became a main ingredient in most toothpastes. She also keeps a personal garden, which, while difficult within the confines of Insilico, is a main form of stress relief for her.  It gives her hope for a future where plants grow freely more often, a personal ideal of hers, however unlikely.

Social:35% (30 from attributes, 5 from the Youthful Looks background.)
    Teaching:30% - When simple pharmacy and work in research doesn't support her, she often takes jobs as a substitute at institutes for Botany or Pharmaceuticals.

Intuition:60% (50 from attributes, 10 from human racial.)

------ Secondary -------------------------
Initiative: 45%
Movement: 12

Willpower:41 (40 from attributes, 1 from human racial)
Prestige: (accrued in game)
Prestige    Pool: (accrued in game)
Salvage: (accrued in game)

Recovery: 1d10 points an hour, up to five times a day.
Health: 30 (25 from attributes, 5 from human racial.)
Mental: 50 (45 from attributes, 5 from human racial.)
Damage types energy / kinetic / mental

----- Backgrounds -----
Medical School - You have medical experience. +5 Medical
This one is just as the background says. She has an education in pharmaceuticals and botany.

Youthful Looks - For some odd reason you don't ever seem to age. +5 Social She is in wonderful health due to her access to medication for most problems introduced by aging, and also because before Medical School she could afford most personal health/hygiene related items via her fund from drug dealing.

Ulterior Motive - You are not all that you seem and have other reasons for helping the group. She wants to make up for her past of selling drugs illegally and thus feels the need to make up for the various ways this harmed the people she dealt to.

Hidden Secret - You have a secret so terrible and dark it haunts you. She was once a drug dealer, though she was never brought to justice. She used the money to put herself through her education, and often suffers from serious guilt about the fact that her cushy life is built on the backs of the addicted and the mentally weak.

----- Equipment -----
(purchased in game)
Weapons: N/A
Armor: N/A
Implant: Standard Issue Neural Interface
Example weapon (Machine Gun) Damage 2d10+5 ammo 50c
Example armor (Bullet proof vest) Armor +10
Example implant (Cyber brain) Bio dynamics CPU, +1 program slot, barrier +10

------ Reputation -----------------

------ Achievements-----------------
(leave blank until awarded through rp)

------ Dossier --------------------
Abandoned by her parents shortly after her preliminary college education at the age of 18, Camilla was forced to fend for herself, turning to drug-dealing to live as comfortably as she had with her wealthy parents, eventually using the dirty money from this trade to put herself through medical school. Today she lives a more ethical existence as a pharmacist and botanical researcher.

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