I won't release v7. I am discontinuing my work on the Gemini Viewer and going to put my ideas into Greenlife Emerald instead. You won't miss a thing, i'll even port the dark theme, only change will be the different name and tag color and more features x). I just don't see the point in branching any more, never thought Gemini would get that popular and i don't have the time to give support and work on the viewer all the time. So consider this project as over and switch, the next Emerald release is around the corner :)

You can download the source code here. I removed the binaries, please don't bug me for links. It's NOT PUBLICLY AVAILABLE any more. Emerald is over there >.> please use that. You can make it work on ANY computer.

this is what you miss :P (but you will find it in emerald soon)

- updated to 1.23.4 LL source
- maximized bandwidth (up to 5Mbit) and tuned asset download limits
- grid menu always visible on login
- implemented RLVa-0.2.2b
- object chat now shows owner and is linked to the owner's profile, thanks to twisted laws
- fixed menu toggles lookat etc
- added more clients to the name tags list
- changed script editor text to black
- rearranged menu items and fixed toggles
- added additional windlight menus to sky, water and day cycle settings, thanks kirsten
- added kirstenlee cinquetti's asset browser (probably going to work some on it later)
- reverted 1.23 changes to camera controls in preferences (trans. time and smoothing)
- fixed buttons/double click in TP history
- added more windlight presets
- changed UI size back to 1.0 :P too many people were asking how to change it
- admin menus now disabled by default but remember their state between sessions
- imported various trunk/snowglobe goodies/packet size tweaks for faster rezzing :) i noticed the more snowglobe features i put in, the more unstable it gets. i feel like this is a balanced combination for now.
- added debug setting "_GEMINI_KeepUnpackedCacheFiles" to keep unpacked cache files after logout (wav,dsf,lso,bodypart,clothing)
- fixed: Avatars completely invisible when first in sight, except for attachments; zooming in fixes it.
- added: Building hotkeys to select next/previous prim in a link set (ctrl "[" / "]")
- fixed: Gesture auto-completion adds uncommitted suggestions to the line editor history
- reverted: inventory behaviour: Can't copy a copyable item while it is worn

Gemini V6 comes with a sleek ergonomic UI theme in dark grey! just download, unpack anywhere and run the GEMINI.exe (sorry there are no mac/linux versions yet but maybe later) Credits for alot of patches and ideas go to the Greenlife Emerald team, Chalice Yao, Zwagoth Klaar and all the patch contributors on the JIRA.

- fixed A nasty possible memory overwrite and two minor leaks VWR-3877
- fixed texture console VWR-779
- RLVa implemented (disabled by default) (
- minor changes to UI/skin
- added avatar distance on minimap tooltips
- fixed: small memory leak in llhttpclient.cpp VWR-9400
- fixed: arrows on minimap now point up/down correctly even above 768m. (minimap using avatar floater data)
- fixed: internal chat commands now work with gestures ( eg: /offertp UUID or gestures to change drawing distance /dd 1024 etc. )
- added an avatar age alert. you will be notified when an avatar younger than the specified amount of days is detected.
- added a spam block mode, it temporary disables all kinds of exploitable viewer functions like teleport offers, llMapDestination(), llLoadURL(), calling card offers, script dialogs etc (thanks to chalice!)
- fixed: IM Windows labeled as "Second Life" when using a combination of auto responses and show typing / focus
- fixed: some menu entries didnt check/uncheck correctly
- added debug setting "_GEMINI_AcceptTeleportsFrom", this is on top of RLVa and automatically accepts all teleport lures coming from this UUID


- changed some hard to read text and other UI issues. (alot of text is hardcoded as black so it was black on dark grey.) All fixed.
- added a debug setting "_GEMINI_UseChatBar" to disable the whole bottom chat bar and chat display in the bottom left (the bar that comes up when you press enter). All chat will go to the Communicate window.
- shift + enter key will now whisper your text in chat
- alt + enter key will now say your text in chat, IMs and Group chat, marked as OOC (this is for roleplayers, OOC means out of character)
- added debug settings "_GEMINI_OOCPrefix" and "_GEMINI_OOCPostfix" to define OOC chat brackets, default: (( this is ooc text ))
- the old hotkey to toggle fullscreen mode is now alt + control + enter
- added the debug setting _GEMINI_LookAtName, set to TRUE to display names for LookAt Beacons
- Added system messages to chat on money spent/received events.
- System messages on various other events like when someone dissolves your friendship


- new default UI skin, dark and minimal, doesn't distract from the 3D
- changed sculptmap/texture UUID display behaviour, now you not only need to be owner with mod permissions but have to be the object creator too for the UUID fields to be usable.
- fixed some default settings (viewereffects were off by default etc) and optimized more
- The menu entry/debug setting to hide selection outlines _GEMINI_RenderHighlightSelections now has a hotkey: ctrl + o (better fps when selecting MANY prims)
- Radar floater got the hotkey ctrl + a


- fixed: switched to FMOD sound library (OpenAL was causing lag issues, much better FPS now and no freezes! Also: Inworld Streaming works again :> )
- added more crash protections against crash exploits.
- optimized the default configuration for high end environments
- fixed: Purging cache textures causes viewer to pause for seconds with heavy disk activity
- fixed: Possible crash accessing dead llviewerregion
- converted minimap to XUI, Friends have yellow dots, Lindens blue dots, muted grey, every dot has the avatar name in the tooltip + sim host, rightclick for profile etc.
- Increased MiniMap zoom range, avatar markers magnify at higher zoom levels
- Added a Quickfilter drop-down list in the Inventory floater, which allows the user to quickly change the inventory type filter.
- Added Invite button to group list in communicate window
- Added Debug Setting "_GEMINI_RenderHighlightSelections" to Hide/Show Selection Outlines in build mode.
- Added Copy UUID Pie Menu Item to objects and avatars
- Added Debug Setting "_GEMINI_MiniMapPrimMaxRadius" to adjust the maximum size of objects displayed on the minimap (default: 16m)
- Moved "GrantedModifyRights" / "RevokedModifyRights" from alerts to text notifications. (Spam Protection)
- updated build floaters to 1.23 layout and added functionality from there
- added debug setting "_GEMINI_ShowLookAt" for remembering lookat beacon status between sessions.
- ability to read out all prim parameters, including texture & sculptie uuids etc from your own modifiable prims
- added 2 new fields in the build floater for applying textures and sculptmap to prims by UUIDs
- radar floater now has "Teleport to" as well as "offer TP" buttons
- included ~300 windlight presets created by the SL community
- added debug setting "_GEMINI_SendViewerEffects" to disable the Lookat beacon, particle beam and other effects to be seen - by others (you will still see it yourself)
- added debug setting "_GEMINI_PlayTPSound" to mute the TP swoosh sound (gets annoying when you doubleclick-TP alot)
- added import/export functionality for objects you have created! It doesn't have to be linked, just select the prims you want exported and use the pie menu > export, then import from the file menu (it respects permissions of course so you have to be creator with the correct permissions! this is great to import/export between grids, as it can auto-upload textures aswell)
- added keyboard shortcuts to toggle the radar and double click teleport
- added particle and sound source information to the avatarlist-floater (radar) and you can see who's tying there.


- several GreenLife Emerald features like IM encryption, clientside radar, IM autoresponse, Avatar Phantom, Clothing Layer Protection
- Constant Admin Override mode (lets you read out land media, always fly etc)
- Prims that get moved outworld (too close to a sim border) won't get reset to 256 meters altitude any more
- Added several internal commands (like /dd [meters] to change drawing distance, /key2name [uuid], /tp2cam etc.)
- Added support for flexi sculpties (flexi sculpties are laggy, don't use them yet!)
- added an ignore button to friendship offers
- Sounds won't download anymore when volume muted
- Sound files wont be removed from cache anymore after logout (this also fixes the sound problem when running multiple viewers at the same time)
- Doubleclick on inventory items properly wears/unwears them, TP on LMs
- World Map UI fixes and ability to map up to 4096m
- Reversed some annoying UI changes

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Comment by Arch Optera on June 17, 2009 at 1:36pm
I love this effing viewer.... Thank you Skills!
Comment by Erik Commons on June 17, 2009 at 3:26pm
If you find the time an Ubuntu package version would be fantastic so I can run it on my netbook. Otherwise I'm going to grab this for my regular laptop when I get home.
Comment by Korwyn on June 18, 2009 at 12:16am
Oh my, can't wait.... nice nice.
Comment by SKiLLS on June 18, 2009 at 12:30am
ill paste you what i changed when i wake up chal =)
Comment by Korwyn on June 18, 2009 at 9:11am
Kadin, sadly I think skills would need to have a mac or linux box to make another version. so I'm stuck with my pc lappy to use this viewer. the good thing is this viewer makes it so I can use my PC lappy to be in insilico and other places.

Tis a divine thing.
Comment by Miro Collas on June 18, 2009 at 10:53pm
OK, this viewer ROCKS!!! I am exploring it. ;-) One question: was _GEMINI_UseChatBar implemented? I am not seeing it in the debug dropdown. Anyway, kudos!
Comment by Korwyn on June 18, 2009 at 11:13pm
I'm not seeing it either.
Comment by Korwyn on June 18, 2009 at 11:37pm
don't want to do it on my current work mac (older mac book)....

let me ask some of my geek friends who just got new macs to see if they can do it. if they will I'll see if skills can give me linky to source code.
Comment by Korwyn on June 18, 2009 at 11:37pm
I've got a suse linux box too I know could handle it. but it needs a new video card which tomorrow is payday.
Comment by SKiLLS on June 19, 2009 at 12:49am
fixed the missing debug setting! if you re-download it should work now.

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