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[OOC] Forum Decorum (because it rhymes)

I've seen some posts here recently that were, let's just say...less than productive (or at least pushing against good etiquette). Below are some generalized guidelines for getting along more cooperatively. Most, if not all, of these points have already been addressed in some form over the years, so I'm really just bringing them all together for easier reading. 

1) In-character blogs are posted here for exposition, but the information contained within them is generally not…


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INN RadioCast: New Year 2487!

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[OOC] Three. Two. One...One...One...

I had planned to make this announcement through some rousing “Apocalypse Canceled” type of post, but that would certainly be anticlimactic at this point.  Anyhoo, yeah…SURPRISE and Merry Giftmas! INSILICO is here to stay (again)! It just took a while to get all these ducks lined up. Suffice to say though, it’s pretty much official. We live on.  

So what does this mean to you, as players? Well, it simply means that you and your characters get to live on too! This world won’t be ripped…


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[OOC] Fade It To Black

((or the hardest post I've ever had to write, redux))

InSilico had a tough road ahead of itself after the loss of Skills and a two week lockout…specifically, a financial one. While we were able to float by on generosity, that cushion has run out. Sadly, our primary sources of income have never fully recovered. It’s not any one thing, but a combination of losses that have slowly eroded away: Malls are drying up, Skills’ MP sales disappearing, fewer long term residential…


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Spreading Stain 1

she didn't like shoes.

or maybe she did but she'd grown up without them to the point where she often forgot them. avoiding things that would cut open her feet was an art refined to subconscious level. headphones on, she wandered the darker sections of the city, comfortable and relaxed. less aware than she should be, but her quasi-corporate life had made her soft, something she'd only started to really understand.

she was not afraid of the dark

Harvesters. that was…


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A More Optimistic Title

After meeting with the Lindens in regards to InSilico's future, we have been able to come to a deal that will hopefully get us to a point where we can keep the sims open into the future, and with any luck...self-sustaining again. It's going to be a lot of work, and no doubt there will be some issues along the way. Yet this was the best of possible options to get InSilico open again soon...and within the control of those that have been involved with it for years.

I'm not too…


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Don't forget me.

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Augmentations alter the human base condition in terms of physical and mental feats, the alterations can either be minor such as neural networks which remain common to mostly everyone to extensive such as full body prosthesis, The dangers implied with extensive augmentations depend solely on the nature of…


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Security Services Laws and Regulations


Corporate Laws and Regulations

This section contains GEMINI corporate laws and administrative regulations that regulate private security activity, control the corporate procurement and use of private security services, and subject companies to potential legal liability in GEMINI corporate courts. It also contains an explanation of GEMINI's use and oversight of private security providers.

Agency Regulations

In addition to corporate laws, private security…


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The background list represents players achievements before roleplay and has an IC affect on their progression and rules. The point to backgrounds is to encourage players to play diverse players and expand their characters history. for every positive background…


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[OOC] The Snooped and The Snoopedless

In the setting of InSilico, personal privacy is obviously at a premium. Technology connects everything, and you never know who might be tapping in…

But does that mean there are no more secrets, or that information can’t remain hidden from countless prying eyes? In short, no. While it may be more difficult to stay under the radar these days, it certainly isn’t impossible. All it takes is a little critical thinking and a mind towards realistic RP.

Obviously there will be areas…


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InSilico on Twitter!

Some of you have already found us, but for those that haven't...


InSilico now has it's own Twitter account, follow us @InSilico_RP

For the moment we'll be linking back to GMPicks, events and posting a little info about our RP here but if you have any ideas for what else you'd like to see us tweet then…


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Biotechnology Today

The augmented world of today is a pioneered field of genetics and cybernetics ranging from commercial use to Military grade technology. Both to enhance human standards and exceed them exceptionally. The average human is usually augmented from birth and the technology is so integrated in the fabric of modern…


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History Lesson

From: UNKNOWN SENDER [Public Access: IS.MAIN.09 06/06/81 18:45:00]

To: ALL [DB_GCPnet; select = "reg_users" -all]





The Mutually Assured Systems Integrity Act (MASIA) of 2433, (Pub.M. 412-116, 116 Stat. 404, enacted March 25, 2433)[1] was introduced in the wake of the total systems collapse of the Centralized Exchange Network…


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AGIS Corporate Statement

Advanced Genetics Institute of Science Corporate Statement

Modern biotechnology could not exist without nano technology which aids in the assistance of genetic augmentations. On rare occasions there are complications in such proceedures such as an autoimmune diseases in which…

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From: UNKNOWN SENDER [Public Access: IS.MAIN.09 06/07/81 15:38:00]

To: ALL [DB_GCPnet; select = "reg_users" -all]





In response to growing concerns that (baseline) humans were becoming subjugated to their increasingly augmented counterparts, Prof. Michio Grey, of the Center for Humanist Studies, proposed the following classification scale (also known as the Grey Scale) to…


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The Insilico Roleplay System

Version 4.2 (Change Log)



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AGIS Regulation

The threat of bioengineered products stems from their ability to be nearly indistinguishable from human beings. while a cyborg or AI can easily be spotted under the simplest of scrutiny clones and high grade biomechs cannot and require the use of specialists with experience in this…


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Meet the INSILICO Game Masters (GMs)

Every roleplay sim has Moderators (Mods) and Game Masters (GMs). We are here to; build, script, help renters, enforce lore & rules, resolve questions & disputes, and help you in anyway possible. Please come to us with any questions!…


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[OOC] Space, the kinda sorta frontier...

Recently the GMs have been fielding a lot of questions about mankind's presence in the solar system, how fast ships can travel, and how much we've developed in general. In order to help clarify those questions and provide players with a better frame of reference, I've compiled the following information based on established lore and RP. Please note that this information is in no way meant to be an extensive list of all that there is to be found in the solar system, nor is it meant to be…


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