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Safe Space

It always seems to come back to here.

The snow gave way under the soles of dark sneakers, little furrows dug into it whenever she moved one foot forward in the act of simply stepping. A few errant flakes drifted down to cling to the shoulders of her jacket. It was a new one, dark blue, with white banding.

One of the things she'd been able to buy since her return. It had been a long time since even that had been possible.



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She was pacing around in the artificial snow outside of the NyCorp Stand in the Winter festival.  She was mumbling to herself "ARD9071? ARD9071?" she tilts her head for a moment accessing her own localized memory and it was void of any immediate associations.  She quickly studies the syntax of the response message "\\ARD9071\> COMM ACCESS DENIED" it was clear that some system with designation ARD9071 had blocked comm access to the old man upstairs.

She lit up a cigarette and…


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Happy new years

"I will have to work again, ro treat my data, i have find one location need to visit for look at! Sockies we will travel for see what the place let us like opportunity... Maybe some people are again to the location but that seem to must move. All the cats lost, have need to one refuge ..."

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It was a dark room, dull lights enough to give the eyes enough reflection adjusting to edges, reflection of glassy eyes, and metals. Richard sat lazily in the chair, his right ankle resting on his left kneecap, his cheek leaned on his knuckles, arm provided by support of his leg. Only one other sat across from him at this conference table, the alliance held of the Dragon Head female of the other city. The club beneath them was alive, yet the room muffled it well. Distant laughter and…


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sky and earth...

when something are so important for you, by the reason of one hearth, who have only one way care and protect. Don't you do all your best for try to save what is one treasure to your eyes?

One lost soul and her angel gardian, like the only place for her safety! It's nothing probably some people would say it's one bad creature. but she have hearth for him and her for him. Her way, the way of one shield, one young girl who seek the beauty all around the city. Nothing is all dark! Hope…


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The Conversation 2 an assassination attempt?

Bray: So i hear alot has changed and you did something that almost cost you , your life

Derrick: chill out will you, important thing is im still standing and still retained most of my memory, even tho..i forgot who it was over.....

Bray: Ms Deverioux?

Derrick: Who?



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Sockies have disapear !!!

When i m Wake up, sockies haved disapear. One girl have conduct me to the AGIS center for health myself. But i hat cut drap for do me pansement and return shearsh sockies all around the city.
I don't know if i have scared him... My puppy love i will find you, i can't let you alone.
I need to explore all the city, all the corner.
I can't rest my self without know where he is.

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No longer a shell of his former self.

-He had woken up after another nights sleep feeling refreshed he looked at the time " i really gotta stop whaking up late. "  he hopped to his feet cracking his neck " So ..i wonder what ms aichi left interesting for me today"  he was acting compleltey out of complex  instead of the shell everyone came to know, like he had some…


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κη͵ Veils

The Fusion is a place that gradually grows on you over time. High corporate life filter in and out of the floating oasis that hovers in the heart of the East district. The sight of exuberant souls intertwines and move in rhythm to piano music- from fine wine that flows through their bodies and leave their minds…


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You and i....we aren't so different

-while derrick was still regainning his full concinousness, he sat on the couch in the upper floor of aichi salutions, having just woke up still mentally and physically exausted, the first face he saw when he came to was ophilies, he thought about their convosation.......she.....she had killed her entire family......while his brother killed his mother........ while their paths are different. he noticed there was a complex of simularity between the 2, he crossed his arms while she was there…


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Stupid Box of metal


Return to AICHI for say him thank you...

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Shes no longer attempt to erase her from his memory.

-takes place the night of 12-25-

-after a very odd conversation with ellie, he just stood there his eyes hidden in shadow, in the festive outfit, he didn't know weather the comment about ms deverioux was an attempt to mock him or what, he knew there was only one way he was gonna get past this at this point, erase her exsitance from…


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InSilico: Night Before Laweson-mas

Twas the night before Laweson-mas, when all through the city,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a kitty.

The stockings were hung by the vents with care,

In hopes that Mr. Dick Laweson soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their pods,

While visions of algae - burgers advertised propaganda danced in their little nog-ins.

And mamma in her ‘kerchief, and I in my cap,

Had just settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

When out on…


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RadioCast: Breaking News IMP 2486 Dec 23

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Understanding the unknown within,

- this post may not be used for ic info , excluding parties invouvled in tonights scene-

IT's been nearly a year since the battle against the harvesters during the time with insilico security services...a year later...the same kind of mutilations began to pop up, this was around Derrick has gotten himself invouvled with Ms…


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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 "冬至 - Winter Solstice"

It is the shortest day and the longest night of the year, yet under the perpetual blanket of its solar shell such terms are relative in the city of INSILICO. Some believe it is the turning point between yin and yang, Ichiyo Raifuku. In times past the customs of lighting candles, consuming kabocha, and bathing with yuzu were believed to ward off winter sickness and bring fortune. Such old traditions are but faerie tales in this day, where the…


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ANNOUNCEMENT: Director of Security Announces IN SILICO Metro Police

IN SILICO - Tavros Nitram, the Director of Security, is pleased to announce the formation of the IN SILICO Metro Police [IMP], a police force responsible for protecting licensed Citizens within city limits. The Metro Police will have full arrest and investigative powers when it comes to crimes committed…


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Caught between the lines

( may not be used for ic knowledge with out authors consent)

-he was walking around the docks in the early hours of the morning conducting an investigation, there was something looming in his mind, while he walked around, placing his hands in his pockets his foot steps echoing along the metal…


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[OOC] Three. Two. One...One...One...

I had planned to make this announcement through some rousing “Apocalypse Canceled” type of post, but that would certainly be anticlimactic at this point.  Anyhoo, yeah…SURPRISE and Merry Giftmas! INSILICO is here to stay (again)! It just took a while to get all these ducks lined up. Suffice to say though, it’s pretty much official. We live on.  

So what does this mean to you, as players? Well, it simply means that you and your characters get to live on too! This world won’t be ripped…


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