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Entry 014 - New Year's Night

I left the house a bit before midnight. I wanted to see the fireworks.

Walked towards a place where I knew a party was happening, but never got to get in. people still make me wary, especially after the charred corpses all over town. I find my seclusion safer. I don’t want to…


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The bitter sweet taste of the old year and the new


    Sleeps' soothing embrace whispered seductively into the wounded man's ears, while useless case inquiries ran down a cracked data-pad’s screen; trying desperately to keep him awake. Sighing harshly, Eric finally came to a sad almost painful realization, as he fought off the intoxicating…


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Entry 013 - Music

I have requested for a new lab assistant, since none seem to last by me three days, and I produced some cactus for work. The whites of AGIS walls are blinding and I miss the Spacial Station laboratory where the hues of blue would be easier on the eyes. And I could program an old droid for assistant. At least they don't complain if I demand them to perform a task they consider unbecoming like clean the floor or a workstation. There is nothing unbecoming in cleaning. Quite the opposite. Humans…


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Resolute Fallacy of Equivocation

She was dumb founded at the sight of a hound dog in the dumpster out in the Alley between the Club Aftermath and the Reaktor.  It was rare however not unheard of to encounter stray domesticated pets about in the city at times.  She paused for a moment wondering what to do with the creature.  Perhaps it was some pet of a homeless person, or somebody dwelling in the apartment complex behind the clubs.  Although, it occurred to how some the homeless people would fight over it for a tasty…


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Voice Recording 004

[Start of Recording]

So... apparently there's a holiday in the city? Some sort of red and green based holiday. Not really sure what it's all about, to be honest. Tacky decorations, some sort of celebrations. I've never really had anything to celebrate, if I'm being honest with myself.

[The sound of a deep breath being taken could be heard.]

Especially since I got shot a couple weeks ago.…


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Entry 012 - Christmas

After my furnishing came home, finally... I started to seek around the city.

I wasn't sure what I was seeking. I guess after finishing the new cyber eyes and dispatching them to the spatial station, I really just wanted to make sure I returned to my studies of human behavioral patterns.

I chose the wrong season.

Now. I normally just order stuff online. But I did choose to go out of my apartment to do said studies. The city lights seemed to increase somehow, and… Continue

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005 Le Petit Prince

I had spent several nights at the Skygate hotel.  Beyond the spacious lobby downstairs and the luxurious pools on the first floor,  the upper areas had a somewhat decadent atmosphere, as if maintenance had been discontinued a long time ago.  Dark corridors with stained carpets,  cables hanging from the ceilings... I had seen much worse, but still, I felt it was time to find a place of my own, something more private, something I could call  home.

I spent some time visiting the…


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Return to the city.

So, After the Bunny Bomber fiasco (wich I got alot of my own suspisions about, but that's neither here, nor there),  I sort of left the city on some personal time...unannounced.  Fortunatly Boss Lady's not one to hold it against me, and once I got back, was reinstated with ISS.  Meeting some of the newbies who were hired while I was out enjoying the virtual beaches, we got the strong silent emo type, a fairly good looking french girl, and an outsourced peep in the form of a very chesty (and…


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004 Terra Firma Social Club

The Skygate turned out to be a big hotel in the North District.  The receptionist ran his eye sensors over me and made a face at my worn out clothes. Hesitantly, he checked my credit balance and, with a smile as artificial as his own self, offered me a room in the budget area, where my shabby presence could not disturb the more glamorous guests.  The room was not too well furnished, but had everything I needed:  A shower and a bed.  After having slept in a dark hideout for fear of being…


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Entry 011 - People.

On my way out to the planet I saw people. A lot of it. More than I have ever seen gathered in a place before - and I mean it too. Not even in a laboratory I had more than three...counting myself... unless they were ten borgs and three people. But the cybernetic ones doesn't count, since they do not make me uncomfortable, as human people do.

It was when I was coming out to perform the whole socialization duty. I saw people. My patient was there. I sat and stayed, reading my thing. I…


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Entry 011 - The Cyber Girl

I have this eagerness and a lack of tranquility, thus this need to wander sometimes.

However as if my feet were not part of me, I always end up walking into Agis, whether it is within my hours or not. I am not its guard by any means, however it is a need, as in the need to check if the bad things and violence waves that were attacking the fair city have not yet touched the place.

I met in there a cyber girl. Her program might be altered, she was lost and seemed to be wondering…


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Entry 010 - Simple Joys

Little by little life takes its due shape. A new apartment is very time consuming and I am not used to certain things.

Like lack of credits.

When one lives inside a lab that has everything provided for them, they don't see the need of anything, and lack for nothing, and want for nothing on that regard in the very least: why want the best there is if you already have the best there is? I think the fact that you are content with what you have and appreciate it, is called…


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003 Storytelling

After the harvesters crisis and the subsequent city lockdown, recent arrivals from abroad would surely be investigated. A stranger walking the streets in travel-worn clothes would look suspicious..unless he showed himself openly, a rather naive tech nerd eager to mingle with locals and share his story, with nothing to hide.  I was sure that the city AI would be listening and check whether I was clean.  Ironically, the same people who were trying to kill me had made sure I had got…


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ISS Bags Some Harvesters

Harvesters Rampage Through Citizens, Kidnap a Baby

Sunday was an infamous day for our fair City. All out war took over the streets, bringing a death toll to citizenry and Gemini assets alike. As many of you know, our fair City is on lock down indefinitely, all passenger flights diverted or cancelled, all commercial aircraft being thoroughly inspected to ensure no further illicit activities can commence. Everything is slowly being rebuilt and much…


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002-First Contact

After the transport ship had left, I had been wandering around the city streets, thinking where to go next. It had been an uncomfortable journey hidden under the transport´s cargo deck. Adrenalin had kept me going for a good while, but I could feel it was wearing off.  Anyway, I didn´t need IQ enhancements to realize that staying outdoors was not an option: Loudspeakers were warning citizens of some imminent threat and security squads in combat gear were coming out of a side street.



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001 - Arrival

                                       ║║▌█      Important OOC notice / Disclaimer   ▌█║║

 Everything described in the blog entries, especially character thoughs or reflections is to be read from an strictly OOC perspective. To avoid undesired meta-gaming, the reader´s characters are not supposed to know this information, nor use it IC  unless they have been directly involved IC in the events…


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Entry 005 - Lab work

Just lab work all day.

Trying to develop a new set of eyes. Will try them on proto then implement them in contacts and test them myself at some point this week.

I'm afraid to leave because people are shooting everywhere and I am too good looking to spare the world of my presence.

But I need a fridge for my Gorgonzola.

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NyCorp Press Announcement

Press Announcement -12/11/2485

Primary Holdings 

NyCorp is releasing the announcement of the registration and establishment of  "NYCorp Primary…


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Entry 004 - The Best day so far

Things are progressing smoothly despite the shooting spree of yesterday. I got my apartment, it is empty like dark hole in the void, but I think I am feeling 'thrilled'. I laid on the floor. it is very clean and sterile. I get the most amazing views too. I can see the Suspended Gardens. Some sky, some ground. Labs are nearly next door.

I found an immense enjoyment in taking the elevator and going up and down and up and down while admiring the views.

Then i was called to work.…


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Lost between waves of the storm.

She finally managed to retreat to the solitude and isolation of her private shuttle craft.  She was laying in the lower bunk bed reflecting upon Doctor Kroll's words.  That she has only 20 natural years of life left living at the rate she was going. It was haunting her for a moment.  His words and even his demeanor.  She was uncertain if he was an AGIS fabricant/bioroid but had the personality and socialization akin to one.  She was however relieved over the results of the screening for…


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