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Happy new Year!

I just wanted to say thanks to our Residents, Linden Lab and everyone else who has supported us in the last half year. Thanks for keeping the faith and making INSILICO a top destination and home for so many people! And sorry about the wild hair M :)

Happy New Year guys - and all the best for 2009

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INSILICO Roleplay Wiki is up! This is going to be the official reference. A central point to check sim rules or get background info on the city and all the stories here. So far i only had time to give some quick info on the RP setting. I just invited a handful of people to help formulating the rules and theme, we are going to sum up what has been discussed on the forums here too. Once that's done, everyone… Continue

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Character Profile

Arg. I can't believe I just wrote an entire post and SL D/ced on me. >.br>
Hrm.. So how should I post this again, hrn.. Okay well, I'll put down the story then the profile!

Kryunoath was a part of a race called the Ellisyr, or in her racial tongue, 'Beings of the halved faces' or the 'Ever shifting Beings' in the best translation a translatorBOT could offer. To her people she was a holy being who marked their religious ways and it's existence, but to her, things were not… Continue

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INSILICO West: Yang Towers finished

Announcing the first residential build in the new west sim: The new upper west side has a beautiful new rental tower with apartment- and office rentals available. The Yang Towers, a luxury high-rise has two penthouses , 22 apartments, and 4 office rentals, light commercial. Send an IM to Cinndreia Messmer or Skills Hak for more info or just pay one of the rental boxes there and you will be invited to the rentals group. Rumors stating the towers are owned and run by the infamous… Continue

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Spaceweight @ Aftermath

saturday, december the 13th. 2-6PM there will be a small gathering to kick off the beginning of many parties at club aftermath. I would like to invite everyone who is able to attend to come down and get dirty and helps us… Continue

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yes thats right, there's a fresh full sim on the west side

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