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plots and plotting

She rewound and watched the news report on the Diner again and chuckled.  That had gone well, capturing some diners in the middle of their evening lunch.  Less entertaining was the lack of coverage about the bomb at the café, kaufeehause, whatever they call, it.  The building didn't even seem bad off, just a little scortched, She wished she stayed where she could watch it, it definatly exploded, but she wasn't sure what had happened. 

Most troubling was the mask found at the café, her…


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A Curious Incident in the Night

Some 'background chatter' RP at the Noodle Shop outside the Shugate Cafe.

[18:31] EDM2

Cazadore rocks slowly in his chair, facing the woman at the food stand,

but with his eyes scanning the passing pedestrians, and occasionally

lifting nervously up to the rooftops and the air traffic.

[18:35] Keiko (fealith) looks at the young man sitting on the chair

close to her and bows.

[18:37] EDM2Caz returns the bow from the woman with the sword.



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bio profile

║║▌█ ▌▌Marionette ▌█║║


Rank: (unknown)

Faction: NyCorp

Division: (Corporate Branch)

DOB:  unknown, estimated at 2478/ 2480

Race: Android

Gender: Female

Serial: NY-fa 85-4197


------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 20

Perception: 20

Endurance: 20

Agility: 20

Strength: 20

Charisma: 20


120 points to spend, no stat to exceed 30 or fall…


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Investigator Joseph Clops: ISS Casefile #ISSN-S.0003: Bunny Bomber Continuing Investigation, meeting with witness 01

I was finally c8ntacted by one of the underground dealers I traced one of the bombs to.  We agreed to meet in Terra Firma. I had an irish coffee while waiting, and chatted up with the new IT guy, Tom.  Who dropped that he had seen the girl in the bunny mask, just before the bombimgs negan at the ant, talking to another woman.  He said sje was twitchy and creeped him out, but he didnt get what they were talking about aside from the other girl commenting on the mask, and bunny girl responding…


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Today being Thanksgiving, I thought I would start my day with a note to all of you.

Stark: i could not cover how much i appreciate you. you have been support and partner for a long time now, even before we really knew one another. I came to Mars with a crazy idea for a character and little concept of how to rp in a cyberpunk/sci fi setting and you have agreed to every crazy idea since. I know I am not alone in how much I appreciate your genius but it is your kindness and intelligence,…


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The Weapon

The old owner enters the workshop of the weaponry and murmurs. He goes over to the wall with the metal shelves and the one locked cupboard, searches, moves things here and there, opens boxes and closes them again. After a whole while he stands, frowns.


He only calls him ‘boy’. He should know the name of his apprentice by now, the young man now since over half a year in the shop. The ‘boy’ sighs and looks up from the parts of the laser-pointer. The customer had told the…


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David Gerasi: Character Sheet

║║▌█ David Gerasi ▌█║║

Rank: N/A

Faction: Underground

Division: N/A

DOB: Dec 1, 2453

Race: Human [Baseline]

Gender: Male

Serial: MH57-9355

------ Attributes ------------------------

Intelligence: 20

Perception: 20

Endurance: 25

Agility: 5

Strength: 25

Charisma: 30

------ Skills -------------------------------

Knowledge...............40% (int+per)…


Added by Vigos Lyric on November 25, 2014 at 10:00pm — 1 Comment

A new dawn approaches

Gazing out of his condo window staring at the rubble left over from the diner's explosion he thinks to himself why? Trying to put the pieces together and how almost no one seems to have any details or suggested clues. Of course, that is ISS territory which he should not even be concerning himself with. And then the Cafe? Striking a little close to NyCorp but for what reason? What's the message? no one is claiming responsibility for these crimes the only shred of a clue has to do with…


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Today Just Keeps Getting Stranger.

*** Q-E LINK established, 56kbps. Please keep image sizes down ***

They never told me in the briefing how reliable these Qe links are. I hope my messages are going somewhere. I still want to be in the chronicles, if they yet exist.

This city is making me soft. I had my first bombing today since I left the surface. Some kind of nitrate based explosive. C4 is what they tell me other bombs with the same MO were made from. Not even an especially…


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investigator Joseph Clops, ISS case file #ISSN-S.0002: notes on evidence collected from recent bombings

I worked late in the ISS office, the place had that new car smell, like it had almost never been used.  But still, the job offer came at a good time, since the motel kicked me out, ive been sleeping under my desk.  Tonight though I wasnt sleeping, I'd almpst been blown up twice now. and was getting a little annoyed.  

Doc Faith had hired me to look into who kept leaving her time bombs at the Foundation, figuring it was some punk kid, or maybe some rich type displeased she…


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Tonight's orders at the Kauffee House

Zion Volos received a caffeinated mocha with 3 inches of whipped cream and double shot, with syrup and foamy white chocolate


Joe Clops received an Iced, Sugar-Free, No Foam, Vanilla Latte with Extra Shot And Cream With Soy Milk, with cookie crumbs sprinkled on top


Kraz Draven received a Quad shot of expresso, Nonfat, One-Pump, 4 inches of Whip cream, Mocha with Hazelnut sprinkled…


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Diners Drive In's and Dives

Wow, so I take some time off to visit my ill parents in New Dublin, to come back and find I work for a new company, a former agent is now a prostitute and there have been bombings, and murders in the city. I always seem to miss the fun. 

But in any event I am back on patrol, grave yard shift. Its great to see those Blue gas morons wiped out. But no sooner than you get rid of one despotic malcontents, 3 more appear. There is a bomber and a murdering psychopath on the loose. As an agent…


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good morning

She got up and pulled a shirt on as she walked to the window of her squat. Picking up a glass of blue liquid and sipping as she looked out at the city.  Having just arrived, she had already made contact with some, and toured through all four districts, mapping out locations, the map now mounted on the far wall.

She put her forehead against the glass as she watched the traffic and hubbub fly by down below, the project would take some time, as things of this level often do, but the…


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Diner Tragedy!

Explosion Rocks the Diner....Disgrunted Donut Devourer?

Shocking news ripples through our fair city, dear Readers. The Diner, icon of the city, has been brutally attacked by person, or persons, unknown. Some poor soul wandered in, likely for one of the famous donuts, only to be fed an explosive blast instead! The concussion could be felt throughout the city as flames and smoke poured from the gutted building. Luckily, diner owner Tra was nowhere to be seen and…


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11222484: Why am I a target?

Come into the Foundation office to receive the latest donations, and twice now have found a 'present' with the supplies, a block of explosive with a timer, crude time bomb.  Easily diffused cutting the red wire, the first one I snipped, and tossed it.  The next day I come in to find another...on my desk...  snip the red wire again after careful examination to make sure the wires weren't switched, and thought someone has too much time on their hands.

I come back yesterday, to…


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Zion's Stats

This has been moved!

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NyCorp Press Release - TPS Restructuring deal.

NyCorp is pleased to announce it has successfully helped TPS restructure and resume operations within Insilico and honor all it's existing contracts.. As part of the restructuring and settlement deals, a new name has been established for the business to be known as the "Insilico Security Service" (ISS).  The…


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11112484: cyberspace

The chat room, #CHATEASY# was programmed to resemble an old 1920's speakeasy, various avatars gathered around tables, the chat nodes, they grouped based on topic, or interests, with the occasional table hosting a poker game.  The woman with the black wings wandered admidst the tables, requesting access at one and sitting in as she listened to the conversations, before leaving and moving to another.  She approached a table with the floating neon text in olde english font stating "Mysteries…


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The New Arrival

Compared to the facility, Insilico city is a holiday resort. Sure, there is plenty of violence around here. Just a few nights ago, on one of the rare occassions when Tom surfaced from his hiding place between off-loaded containers on the lower decks, he spotted this man on the opposite balcony of a narrow gallery. The man looked relaxed, but when Tom squinted and had a closer look he saw something else. The man's gait, the way his eyes darted around alertly. Military.

His first…


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Stress Testing The Commercial Net

>>> init ccnC5hsfsDIAGNOSTICS

>>> init ccnFULLaccessAVIinterface

>>> init ccnHOSTcaptureDEVICEmaintC5 ::0d12 ::0d13 ::0d14 ::1000

>>>EXECUTE :: 4000.001.005

>>> imcomm ::3456.4555.001 hey trev when did the princess get back? 

>>> imcomm…


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