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IC -- Memories.

Miss Jinx sat on the edge of a street, watching cars zoom by in the air, a sigh escaping her lips. The city was constantly bustling, but it seemed to her like she was sitting there alone, and all she was surrounded by were mindless drones. Gemini Cybernetics owned most of the city, but they never bothered to pay much attention to the citizens, unless it was for their own benefit. THI took over the west district, and the…

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Last Night in Tokuma Headquarters: Elspeth meets with Stark and AdaKytori from VASC

[No metagaming, please, but don't hesitate if you want in on stories]

Stark Osterham sits down, staring at Elspeth Placebo across the desk.

He carefully folds his hands into his lap in a controlled manner.

AdaKytori Ryada: “So, how can we assist you, Ms. Placebo?”

Elspeth sets a multiphasic jamming device and adds additional static muffling.

Elspeth: “I hope that you both understand that I wouldn’t have brought you here if it weren't a time of…


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The 2480 Edition of Getting to Know your Friends

Name: Elspeth C^2. Placebo

01. What is your occupation?

Director of Public Relations and Community Outreach for global megacorp Tokuma Heavy Industries. I’ve been a CEO and board member of several smaller organizations and subsidiaries. Primarily, I put a public and compassionate face on my beloved THI, but I also have experience negotiating international and interplanetary contract law.

02. How many items in your inventory?

We would both be embarrassed and I’m not… Continue

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New GM Jodie Keng!

She’s lean, she’s mean (actually she’s really nice), she’s an LSL scripting machine (and a fantastic RPer). Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the brilliant Jodie Keng as our newest InSilico GM. Over the months that Jodie has spent living and playing with us, she has shown a strong understanding of the InSilico story as well as an enthusiasm and creativity that reflects a genuine passion for the community and… Continue

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[OOC] RL Update

As some of you know I am dealing with a very shitty internet outage. Due to the area I live in I have the shittiest DSL on the face of the planet. (No, I can't get anything better.) So I need to suck it up and deal until my ISP decided to get their asses in gear. It seems int he mornings I just have an "OK" or very dodgy connection, then at night it is either dodgy or non-existant. This is very frustrating... So hopefully it will be fixed soon.

I'll also be working a new set schedule… Continue

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ooc status update

back from thanksgiving trip, however, the night before i left my network card died and the following morning i broke my shoulder, so i still won't be on much other to check messages. as far as rp goes, joah's visiting offworld with her gran. feel free to rp at the bowl, and if i can get sl running on the old comp, you may yet see me in is. just be patient with my very slow typing!

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The bag under is cloak was full, not heavy, but full; scraps of plastics, cast off bits and trimmings, a 6 centimeter length of tubing that was frayed at one end from a sloppy trim but intact otherwise; the cast off handle of a graphite hammer. Shedding the more protective elements of his outerwear, he gave them a shake, sparkling dirt and dust dropping light as feathers where the wind didn't pick them up and make them tumble and flee. Further in and he could trade helmet for… Continue

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About 36 million – 250 million miles from earth lays the 4th planet from the sun. It’s a red carbon dioxide rich planet with an atmosphere that amounts to merely 1% of earths. War torn and splintered factions still struggle for a handhold in the mineral rich environment. The land hints at hidden resources in a geology that dates 4.6 billion years with micro organisms frozen in solid…


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Chapter 3 ( * This sprint will not publish a single blog, but three together, will all participate in the third chapter will be divided in 3 days but chronological. Good reading* )


Day 1 * Something begins to move. The Update *



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Flares and mishaps.

There I was, quietly floating and listening to music when I was so rudely interrupted as my whole body came crashing down to the floor.

The whole shuttle bloody shook briefly and then the flashing lights started.
"What the bloody fuck?!" I groaned sitting up and ripping the headset off of me. The music abruptly cut into blaring alarms.

Over head lights turned red.The alarms were going off. I had been struck by something. The shuttle slowly…

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BIRTH DATE : 02-15-2453










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Unexpected Discoveries

[[So, I'm still exploring, kind of eavesdropping, getting a better idea of who and what and how the city works and making random discoveries (most often by falling off the edge of something...Kyr is resilient, but not particularly graceful.) I am admittedly kind of fond of the ground level aspects of the sim, just from an aesthetic point of view, and am probably spending more time with my camera than I should be -- as opposed to actually engaging in RP at this point. ]]

[[I'd… Continue

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Someone make sabotage * Life on the red Planet*

Working on


The sand storms swept violently outside the habitat reducing the external patrols to no more than an hour in the morning. well what one can consider morning. one was unable to tell the difference between night and day in the blanket of dust particulates.

there is a cure…


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The Blind Pianist - Overture of Aaron Wagner-Regeny

Hungarian Pianist Aaron Wagner-Regeny to Make his Insilico Debut.

The celebrated Hungarian musician Aaron Wagner-Regeny and 5 time gold winner in the London Orbital International Piano Competition, EU Corp Piano Competition, Chrysanthemum City Piano Finals, International Tchaikovsky Competition, and International…


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So, I had some fun with and decided to redo the RP with Conrad and Ada. I think it is quite funny. If the video isn't loaded you can view it here ^__^…


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Anti gravity and Flux

I had taken the credits and ran. I was disconnected with everything. I no longer knew who I could trust. The cyborg had set me up with an account and I didn't tell anyone. I found someone to fix my shuttle and got the hell out of the city. After Isaac had decided to finally show his pitiful face, I knew something was gonna go down. And it did. Relay messages came to the shuttle via a tele comm feed. Even though it was a day off I didn't… Continue

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New Avalon

::Gemini Archives File - NAC 137B::

City Name - New Avalon

Founded - 2298

Background - Founded by Aurthor J Penington after the creation of the Solar Grid a few years prior, he dreamed it to be a new paradise for those who followed him there. Following his…

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no event this weekend, and dj's wanted

As the title suggests, there wont be an event at fusion tomorrow night.

this is because i will be away from home for the weekend, and Ash is taking a bit of a recharge break.

however, i fully intend for an event next weekend, and will be looking for someone (or someones) to DJ upcoming weekends. so, if your interested, let me know.

(as an aside, if anyone can instruct me how i might do it myself, i might provide some tunes time to time.)

As always, we're always… Continue

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Tottori-Roh: Biting the Emerald Hive

((OOC: Tales of Tottori-Roh, the Wolf of Tottori)

[Emergency Signal....please stand by]

:the stinging sounds of high pitch static mixed with the continuous roar of gunfire:

[This is Dr. Olivia -e la -uz -f Ter-a C-mmeria Diog-nes L-mp. W- -re un-er he-avy f-re. R-iders or D'-aa. Un--re. Trying a-l c-m ch-nnels. Please -elp, w- c-n't hol- -ut mu-h l-nger.....]

He smiled to himself. It wouldn't be long now. Terra Cimmeria was a bit too distant for VASC's… Continue

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[IC--LOG] Leaving

OOC Note: I actually had Eden leave for a week because I can't exactly log on from home without (loud) disapproval from my family, since I'm going home for about a week or so for Thanksgiving break. Yeah, it's a pain--but it's necessary. I need to get to the catalogs, I need to do some homework, get some chores done, etc, etc. So, yeah--it'll be crazy. Hope you enjoy this log, though! ^-^…


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