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"Eye of newt, and toe of frog, 

Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, 

Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting, 

Lizard's leg, and owlet's wing,— 

For a charm of powerful…


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the crazies

I came to central, to get some shopping done, since the fridge at my place has been bare.  And see this...sickly looking guy, long hair, goggles, dirty clothes, looked like he was rocking out.  Strumming a guitar and headbanging to music only he could hear.  I tried to get around him, whatever he's on, none of my business right? When he stops and stares at me with this wide eyed look.  Started screaming about monsters and asking if I was one.  This was when I noticed the instrument he'd been…


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Public Record - Case #93121223884392 - Thomas Cotte Suicide - 10/31/2468

Date: 10/31/2468

Reporting Officer: REDACTED

Investigating Officer: REDACTED

Name of Victim: Thomas Alexander Cotte…


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A Halloween Nightmare

INSILICO Halloween special

Starring Richard Hughes, Tavros Nitram, Ruath Haley, Ash, and Nyusha 

Boredom drives me, usually. Between jobs, I have a lot of down time. So I'm just sitting in the Blue Ant, watching the news, stirring my drink with my straw. Its a bit warm for fall, unusual in INSILICO, something must be wrong with the programmed weather. I dressed for cooler weather and now find myself wishing I left my jacket at home.

The sky is…


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Art Lovers

Title: Request for Review

Attachment: Covert Recording


Semantic analysis by AI_Spy_86 gives a 13% probability

that the associated conversation contains hidden meanings;

Forwarded for further analysis to human Intel Agent 99.


Shugate Balcony - Authorized autointoxication area.

[[ Blackie Tan and…


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Singularity Systems Presents: the Town of Lemuria

A new arrival has caused a stir in the Northern Borealis Region of Mars

Lemuria,a city built by nomads and refugees, stands in the Central Sector, on the highway which was once host to Road Rumblers Garage and Nomad Emporium until they were burned down during the infamous D'naa attacks this past summer. No one…


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The Fear Campaign

The lab beneath Severance. A kidnapped citizen is barely waking from his daze. He's blind folded and his arms are tied.

Kidnapped Citizen: Whaa...where am I?

The sound of footsteps can be heard. Ray is moving around working on his new mixture. A chemical derived from the black flower plant.

Kidnapped citizen: Who's there? I can here you. Untie me let me go!!

Ray: Shhhh!!! My plants don't like the noise you are making.

Ray continues…


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doctor who?

So being on semi-retirement (or as some like to call it, laid off, downsized, shitcanned), I came to this shining example of corporate philosophy of a city (bowb your buddy),  and find myself, after the initial excitement of the spa party, with nothing to occupy myself.  Sure the ladies offer a decent amount of eye candy, but I need me some a that 'mental' stimulation.  So im sitting around one of the numerous drinking establishments, and I over hear talk about some doctor in the underground…


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A simple job

Oh hey, you're back. I don't suppose you could give me a hand? No? Yea, I know, you're just here to gloat. Well, at least I'm not alone in this situation.

OK, so you're probably wondering, Shelby, how the hell did you end up dressed like a maid, stuck in a laundry chute with a rope around your ankles?

Its actually a funny story. Well, OK, its not really funny. OK, fine its hysterical only, and I repeat ONLY, because I happen to be stuck in a laundry chute. Yea,…


Added by Shelby Maddix on October 12, 2014 at 12:00pm — 2 Comments

A Storyteller's Crime

She growls into her pillow, teeth bared but unseen. This is how the day begins for the storyteller, consciousness rolling and crashing into brittle dreams. That roiling ocean, a blossoming wakefulness, swallows up the fond wishes strewn in obsidian sands. Molly stutters awake, decidedly ungrateful for this daily ritual. Before anything else, her arms slither out from beneath plush covers and snatch her gloves from the beside table. Face still buried in the pillow and without looking, she…


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the breif history of Randico

In the early 2460's, a small corporation, Randico. had developed a series of machines for general and public consumption.  Randico had started out running a virtual fortune teller service hosted in the network, it's staff largely compiled the consumer's fortunes based on randomizer algorythms, sometimes giving fairly odd fortunes, such as telling a male he would become a happy mother soon, or a high ranking executive who never left the 100th floor of his building, that he would be hit by a…


Added by Dr. Ann. Faith on October 11, 2014 at 6:31pm — 1 Comment

10062484: Slab South.

((transcribed from an RP with Joe Clops))

Had gone to the South SLab, near the starport, to find someone tampering with the locks on the shipping container and cursing to himself.

I approached and cleared my throat, asking 'can I help you?'  The man stiffened, and straightened up, it was the one from the Skygate, the Bugman, Joe.  He seemed surprised to see me, but tried to hide it.  "Ma'am, sorry, I was just uhh..looking for evidence? of the gassing?"…


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The Cheesey McCheese Massacre of 2475

((written after too many times playing Five Nights at Freddy's))

Cheesey's was a pizzaria located in the city in the early 2410's, Originally opened by a Roy Harrelson, it had met with some success, it's pizzas becoming a household name.

During the year of 2449, the pizzaria had hit hard times, More people were favoring the fledgning Buddah Bowl as the city received more asian residents and Corporations such as Tokuma moved in from Japanese cities. Harrelson was going…


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System Of A Down

I have spent the last week working my new alias, Sister Maria Constantine, Peoples Church of Redemption. So far I have infiltrated into NuPhoenix and established a small flat. I have come prepared this time. I am not here to just look around. I know who my target is, this time I intend to let him know, I can touch you too.

His name is Philippe Sanchez. His street name is Iron. Basically, he is "hard as" and about as difficult to get off you once he lays it on you. No problem.…


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Ray standing out side his new wellness center. As "moving men" in black coveralls and caps finish bringing his "stuff" in.

Ray: Is that the last of it?

Man: Yeah sure is. All setup and ready for use.

Ray nods with a expressionless face. He hands the man a small bundle of Vapor pens.

Ray: Just like I said. 20 HQ now go before some one sees you guys.

The men leave, they jump in their vehicle and speed off into the understreets. Ray…


Added by Ray Tracer on October 5, 2014 at 4:30pm — 5 Comments

INN Report: A Night at Terra Firma

Seemingly popping up over night, the green glow of Terra Firma lights up South District with it's musical guests, coffee bar, and cozy vibe.

The smell of coffee draws you in, while LED candles invite you to site at the tables. Stage right a karaoke mic; stage left, the bar. A vintage menu hangs on its walls, as well as shots of INSILICO, was well as it residential "bouncer". This place was different.

I decided it was time to walk on in and see who made this cozy hang out and it…


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The Party was a Gas

So here I am, first time in the city, and I see in the media feeds something about a little soiree in some spa they're reopening.  Free to the public even.

 So naturally, free food, booze, and possibility of some lovely ladies there, I go.  The free food was some sort of sea bug rich corporate folk like,  the women cold, but the booze wasn't bad.  I was starting to enjoy myself, just drinking the champaign, watching the ladies, when this short little number starts talking about taking…


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Introducing: The Pheonix Foundation.

//flyers and brochures show up through the city, pasted on walls, folded in doorways, and tucked under windshield wipers//

*The Pheonix Foundation: Helping others Rise from the Ashes*

Insilico is a city full of the less fortunate, the underground, the homeless, the downtrodden.  People without a corporate credit line, without real jobs, without hope.

The Pheonix Foundation is here to give them that hope!  we are a non-profit organization comprised…


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10032484: Skygate shindig.

Had gone to the grand re-opening of the Skygate, arriving somewhat early and only finding Zaku, Nyu's spheroid droid in the therapeutic pool.  Striking op some conversation with the bot, and avoiding it's suggestion of getting in the water, as the new manager, and Hughes arrived,  She introduced herself as Raven, Hughes I already knew.  I chatted with the manager lady for a few while the tables and minibar were set up.  Eventually more people started arriving, I helped myself to the free…


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