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Cause for Concern Pt. 2

Demetra Holtz listened to his tone of protest on taking on the whole shades again, "It will probably take longer than a year to fix the issue that's rising. Because your officers have been so lax these past couple of months, crime has started to rise again."

Arnold Gustav gave a stern look to Demetra, "It is not the Corporate prerogative to tell me how well my officers have performed, Ms Holtz, I resent yer' claim.” He…


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Cause for Concern Pt. 1

By the road, outside of Gemini HQ in the South District, Demetra waved down a familiar car, driven by a certain important someone that she desperately needed to speak with. Her approach to speaking with the IPS Commissioner might be difficult, since she had not spoken to him since her business started months back. Now that she was back inside of Gemini and already with a mission, her intentions were to impress Director Nasenyana.…


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Death in the Triad

Previously with the Ghost Dragon Triad:

Soon after taking over the Skygate residential tower in North IS, Auntie Scarlett received a most unsettling package in the mail drop off….Mr. Gulag Mechanic's decapitated head. The former family member's severed appendage was accompanied by a letter that read: "We're sorry we missed your birthday Auntie B, a little late but it's the thought that…


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Last Judgement

The priest did not leave the warehouse often. He had kept his presence unknown to all but The Four Horsemen, and a few select others he housed in his sanctuary. He presented himself as a kind, gentle, old man with wisdom of the world and ideas of how it should operate. Some who couldn't look past his bigger picture could view his actions and plans as immoral, almost horrific in the sense of how careless he was to preserving life in the singular sense. He had unleashed his Four Horsemen upon…


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Report: Pre-Halloween Party in INSILICO Part 2

More pics! So many great costumes!…


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Report: Pre-Halloween Party in INSILICO Part 1

Even thought we where OOC, we had ALOT OF FUN! XD Lots Gangnam Syle too XD here are some pics!…


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What goes on in an IPS Detectives Mind?

((Trying to write a hardboiled.))

An inky black plume of smoke slowly drifted out of his puckered lips, fluid like smoke from factory smoke stacks. He lightly tapped the tip of the glowing cigarette on the ashtray and the white ash crumbled faster then an IPS newbie under pressure. He takes a breath of the murky, cigarette and motor fuel infused oxygen and let out a long heaving sigh. He was always being watched, every decision he made, every quip he said and every thing he…


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The Ghost Dragons Rise; Romance is in the Air; The Four Horsemen Gallop Through; Anton is More See-Through Now and New Recruits are Met at the Blue Ant


Cowboy (Kadin Redgrave); Auntie B (Scarlett Warziders), Cerise (Vaarda Donogal), Lia (Tnalia Wickentower), Anais Atlantis, Mr. Arch (Beaux Frequency), Kita (Eternity68 Resident), Horseman (Gulag Mekanic), Aaxzej Resident, John Duplin, Tralala Loordes

In The Blue Ant

tralala Loordes: "Hello Sailor...yah mind if I join yah?"

Kadin Redgrave looks up to Tralala as she enters and he smiles almost uncontrollably.

Kadin Redgrave smirks,…


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one helluva first day

The day had started decent enough for Roahm, Eve had just gotten her paperwork through for joining VASC, and all was well when she had sat down in the mess hall for some food, she was barely listening as stark was talking to a group of cargo haulers, the only time she perked up was when a medical droid the haulers had mentioned something about dealing with radiation poisoning with rectal implants.

Roahm spoke up mentioning that radiation treatment was simple, a shot in the arm and…


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In The Red

     A groan escaped Demetra’s lips as she went over the fine details of the finances and bills for the Aurora Boutique and Bistro. Business was not doing as well as she had hoped. Currently, both businesses were not turning up any profit. If the shop stayed in the red, then the smart choice would be to get out of this mess before Joah and herself get in way too deep. As the guilt pressured her bare shoulders into a slumping fashion, Demetra unscrewed the nearest…


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[OOC] Staff Updates

GM Changes:

As some of you may already know, Jodie has chosen to retire as GM. While I'm sure she wouldn't want anyone to make a big deal of it, we still would like to take this opportunity to thank her for the commitment she has given to InSilico these past few years. Through thick and thin, she always maintained a passion for the sim, the setting, and the greater story. She will be missed.

On a positive note though, please join me…


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The Interrogation from Hell

"Mr. Duplin, Let's just review this tape? Huh."

A fuzzy holocomputer flicks on and buzzes, a small time stamp in the corner of the screen ticks by and there is a small red *REC in the opposite corner. The quality was grainy and sometimes was incredibly fuzzy and out of focus.

John's knife grated across the wall, small spark shot out the back like kicking white hot charcoal after a fire.He twirled the combat blade in his hand around his finger. His face…


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OOC: Thank You for the Memories

I felt compelled to write this post, given the reaction to the closure of my time here in Insilico.

I wanted to say thank everyone.

Thank you Tralala Loordes for the long nights, cups of tea, and interesting company.  You were my first friend in Insilico - and that will never be forgotten by me.

Thank you Betz Dagger for your unabashed honesty - such a rarity on SL.

Thank you Stark Osterham, Ada, Prom, and all of VASC for keeping…


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It started quiet.

As most things do.

A slow rolling melody, steel strings so soft, a four four counterpoint to the gentle blues. So quiet, somehow whispering through the crash of steel, the bitter roar of plasma torches, the chorus of destruction suddenly held ... held as if in…


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All Good Things: Journey's End

Some Years from Now.



He felt the familiar rhythm of Taiko drums as the street erupted into a plethora of cheers that signaled beginning of the Obon Festival.  The sounds of fireworks reverberated through the crowded streets of Neo-Tokyo, as its denizens poured out into the endless night that covered the Earth.  


Somewhere above that almost impenetrable blackness hovered Chrysanthemum City, as distant to the common man as Tushita…


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[OOC] West Closing.

I've debated with myself as to whether or not I should write this blog post. I mean, by now almost everyone should know that the West sim is closing. Ultimately though, I felt that the sim deserves at least some proper acknowledgement. This post won't be very long, and frankly it doesn't need to be. It is simply a small FYI for our players, past, present and future...and a great big thank you to West for the years of fun.

So, why is West closing? Well, it's no big secret that…


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Short and bittersweet (well, more bitter than sweet).

Fifth...James...Two names, one decidedly more formal than the other, but both equally despised. So interchangeable were they that even he was having difficulty remembering which one to use on occasion. Looking down at the name plaque on Director's desk couldn't help answer the question for him either. It wasn't his desk. Just another temporary seat to go along with some meaningless title when there was shit needing to get done. "Nasenyana", Fifth mouthed to himself in silence…


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      Less then 48 hours since the UBC began their inspection of the much beleaguered western district, and the verdict is already in; West is to be condemned. Speaking on behalf of the Universal Banking Corporation at tonight's press conference, Richard Martel laid out the decision in no uncertain terms: "The condition in which our inspectors have found the West district is alarming, to say the least. While we make no accusations of fault or blame, it is obvious that West does…


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Onions and Ogres

... following public criticism that the development and deployment of this technology could potentially lead to a mass surveillance system, the IAO was defunded by Congress in 2003. However, several IAO projects continued to be funded, and merely run under different names ...

>>> init.rngsampling_ikebukuro_station 126EF

>>> init.transprotocol

>>> I thought…


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