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Coincidence or Fayte Part 1

Diary Entry 1


Well... this is certainly some turn of events. I'm now stuck in this city... the city of Insilico... heh moreover.. I'm stuck in this tiny little area in the Northern Sector of the city called the Shades. Trash is everywhere in this place. I'm quite glad I turned off my sense of smell, otherwise I'd probably be overwhelmed. Any, I may as well start anew. My last "diary" if you could call it that was taken from me before transportation. Really it was just a…


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Cloak & Dagger Pt. 2

[Several weeks prior...]


I had almost forgotten how comforting the shadows had been after being in the spotlight for so long.  They asked me to show myself in person as a token of our covenant.  I would level myself with the lowest of the low.  Prostrate myself before the discarded and unsavory.  These people that had once been my enemy.


I had sent in Markham to make the initial connection for me…


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Utopia (3)

Phoenix asks him, "How long has it been since we've been able to sit together openly, no secrets, no disguises?"


Sayer answers her with a big smile on his face. "I can't believe we are here together like this. It's been months that we’ve been hiding our relationship... since before the plague outbreak." His happiness falters for a second as he remembers the night he had broken the news to her that Inara wanted them to break up, that she had information about Phee from a…


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Utopia (2)

Sayer is stripped of his civilian clothing, then bathed and cleaned. Seventeen’s sisters dress him in a comfortable Asian robe made of soft textured cloth and he fingers it thinking that he’s never before worn anything like it. He’s then detoxified and fed nutrient-rich foods. For twenty-four hours he will rest and let the stress melt away; Dr. Rowan had said in his flat voice that Sayer would be better prepared if he was rested and at peak condition mentally and…


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Utopia (1)

The guests are lead off the shuttle and into an enormous airship. They are asked to wait with two of Seventeen’s sisters as she descends down into the lower parts of the craft. Sayer stands shifting from foot to foot, his eyes still covered. He wasn’t afraid. He could feel the comfort of Phee close to him.


Seventeen returns and reaches up to place her hands on the goggles blocking Sayer’s vision. She cautions him, "Be careful your eyes will need to adjust." He closes his eyes…


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Back in Black

"Welcome to Insilico Mr...Bateman anything to declare?" the agent asked the man who had just stepped of the VTOL.  The small, dingy terminal was one of a few dotted along the city, at definitely the smallest.  The man being questioned smiled, shaking his head.


"Not this time," he replied with a winning smile, his brown eyes glittering.


The steward at the gate waved him through after another few moments of red tape, and he was inside the city proper.  His eyes…


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Love Song



I wonder if she hears. I wonder if she's watching.


Love me now, Hell is coming.

Kiss my mouth, Hell is here.

I would go to them one last time and ask, "How can you expect to win this war?"

Added by Xiang (Ellen "Grendel" Ishmene) on October 30, 2011 at 4:49pm — 1 Comment

Cloak & Dagger Pt. 1

I was on my way back across the city from west, weaving in and out of crowds of people in my death shroud.  It was interesting to walk among the civilians of the city as an nobody.  A man brushed into me rather rudely in a drunken stupor, spitting out a mouthful of cusses for me to watch where I was going even though he staggered right into me.  I humbly kept my head bowed low beneath the shadows of my cowl.  Somehow I wasn't angry... it was refreshing. There was an old man who…


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GNN: New Director of Inter-Corporate Compliance and Regulation Announced

[GEMINI PRIME] The Board of the Gemini Cybernetics Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Inara Nasenyana as Director of Inter-Corporate Compliance and Regulation. Ms. Nasenyana brings with her fifteen years of experience in inter-corporate law, banking, and compliance enforcement through her association with the trans-city, multi-corporate firm of Smythe, Hargrove and Nasenyana, LLC. In addition, the Board believes her continued association with the Skygate Management Group…


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Venting Anger

The sound of the shots resonating in the shooting range were going from quite some time, now.

Inside, a lone man stood at one end, waiting for the electronic targets to appear down his lane, then he would shoot them down with a slight grimace.

Tension could be felt looking at him..the way he gripped the weapon, the tension in his body movements..and the look he has in his eyes.

Normally we couldn't even think of approaching an armed man angered like that...but by the…


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The Lonely Death of Dr. Simon Reynolds



Sober, if you don’t count the ocular jacks. I don’t. All that stuff does for this body is take the edge off, and only just barely. You’d think illicit kicks would beat the Squid’s arsehole, but you (I) would be wronger as wrong can be. Point is, was gonna say, and already I’m rambling – I know now that the number of entries remaining for me here are limited. Very much so. I have none of a certain since evening last, and suspected as much for…four days now. Does this mean…


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The outpost is strangely silent, while the Major from the third level down the stairs that lead from her office at the crew room. Only the noise of the air pipes and droid outpost and automatic break a strange silence, due to the fact that the entire crew is in outdoor training at the flight deck on the east side of the area surrounding the base.


Passes from the kitchen and cook 2 orders the drone double quotation cheese burgher with double helpings of…


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Exodus (2)

Sue appears as an old class hologram projector activates, "So what's with the party?”


Seventeen continues, “Unfortunately any memories after the backup will more than likely be lost.”


“Backup? Thought he was meat?” Sue asks.


Sayer starts to feel more comfortable in the complete darkness. He is listening intently, imagining what those around him look like. "I have so many questions... about... how the memories exist. How they are stored. It's…


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3 eyed,nuclear fish

pretty sure, along with giant japanese jellyfish, any other life left in the seas under Insilico look like this guy

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Observations reflected in the glass, darkly.


She paused, quiet, looking into the storefront.  It was that odd time, just before the fall of night, which cast jagged shadows through the streets, swaths of jet darker than black.  But not enough to have snapped on the streetlights  or those of the shops.

It meant that it was darker inside than out ... so when she looked into the thick tempered glass panels, herself looked back.

After a while, the shop's lights flickered on.  No one was inside; so it was probably…


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Brain Upgrade

She pushed her goggles up onto her forehead and rubbed her eyes, just after finishing another cup of coffee. Another one. The holographic image by her side flickered as she leaned forward again to input the final data for the prototype, and when the 'gram reset itself, she let her head rest on the desk and just stared at the finished model.

Dice had been…

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Exodus (1)

The tension starts to ease away.  He lifts his head up a little higher with confidence knowing she will be beside him.


Seventeen leads him into the smuggling bay where her shuttle waits.  She stops him and he can hear strange mechanical noises as the small ship is readied.  She is met by two other people and as they speak up they sound frighteningly like her.  It was almost as if she was speaking to herself.  "Are we ready to leave sister?"  "Yes."


Sayer tilts…


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Ice 209

209 stretched.


The gleaming white gynoid was so much different than the junkers she'd been riding lately.  SNOW24 had come to the shades, newly emerged with self awareness, she actually identified with males more.  After the initial welcoming party of everyone pointing guns at the gynoid's head, 209 showed, having used junkbots to more descreetly hide the projectors they'd been gathering around. (only 3 were stolen so far, a ood start) She offered to check the girl's head…


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Dear Fucking Diary,


He's dead.

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