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Data Dump ((old posts from Ann Faith's profile pertaining to Omega's early days))

//Neural transcript of Dr. O.Faith from the former West Insilico THI Comples in the year 2482//

((posts pretaining to Omega's past originally from Ann Faith's profile, moving them here for organization))

The white form in the stasis pod shifted as the monitors and holographic displays came online, Unit Omega processed her usual routine at this time that it had preformed since installation every day at this time.

In Lab 13's localnet. Omega passed over the…


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09292484: snoops, relocation, new patient

Was in the Slab cleaning up after a recent procedure when Johnny arrived,  Normally I'd say it's pleasant to see him, but this time he brought up some snooping into things he had done as far as my less than conditional birth, as careful as I'd been, I let my guard down at dinner.  Fortunatly he stated he would not spread rumors, and even destroyed the drive with the data (not that I beleive he doesn't have a backup somewhere), stating I was doing good and was good for Nexus, Possibly will…


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A Walk Among the Clouds

     Since there was no verifiable proof to the contrary, Molly liked to think that her life had begun in media res. That was just in her nature: she had long held the belief that a little truth should never get in the way of telling a good story. Her repertoire of stories was staggering, its multitude indicating what might be considered a misspent youth. But stories gave her the joy that so little else could, so Molly had no qualms about collecting them. In fact, of all the stories…


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Pickles Niassey Character Sheet

║║▌█ Pickles Niassey ▌█║║


Faction: Underground


DOB: 4/25/2458

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Serial: UNFH58-5983

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 25

Perception: 20

Endurance: 25

Agility: 20

Strength: 15

Charisma: 15

120 points to spend no stat to exceed 30 or fall below 5

Attribute: Stat +0 difficult / +20 medium / +30 normal

------ Skills…


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Terra Firma : Molly and tales of Black Knights and Valkyries

Nyusha enters the small club known as Terra Firma on the south side of Insilico in hopes of encountering the head of TPS (Tinol Private Security) and to enjoy a drink and soak in the relaxing atmosphere.  She orders a drink and notices a women looking at her.  

Molly yawns languidly and…


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0925-09268414: tricked into a date, business discussions, research

Had been contacted by Johnny Graves about meeting to discus business at the 7seas.  Meeting him there, it turned out business was not what he had in mind so much as a social meeting.  The seafood was good, I copied all the cues I had seen in date scenes in vids, they seemed effective. Then once the meal was finished, excused myself stating a matter that needed my attention at the Slab.  Not that Johnny was an un-intristing person, but there's always work to do.  After closing up a large…


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That sinking feeling

Ever have that feeling that you're falling? Not the figurative falling, I mean really literally falling. Uncomfortable isn't it? Yea, especially when you're on the 37th floor and there's hella nothing between you and the ground. Which is where I'm at, at the moment. Normally I try not to do things, like fall to my death. I don't like dying, not in general, I try to avoid it. 

The broken window above me had been nicely treated just moments ago. The beautiful curtain and trim…


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09232484: Meeting with Hughs

Had just finished moving the slab to a new spot to avoid the apparent urban reclaimation project at the Shades, and was speaking with Nyusha, when Johnny came up.  After some idle chatter, he had stated a Mr. Hughs from Nexus had wanted to meet.  Apparently the same Mr. Hughs who was dead then surprisingly arrived back in town fit and hardy.  Had accepted and followed Johnny into the Skygate.  Hughs was waiting in a nicely furnished room surrounded by crates.

Seeming fairly healthy.…


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Chasing Ghosts

A blue green shimmer crossed the canopy, and she looked up. Circuits made a move to simulate human awe. Speckled white crests and spiderwebs of shimmering pearl crossing the Europan surface.

"Another world captured." She said in the empty halo of the cockpit.

The ship shuddered as the pre-programmed burn began to initialize. She tilted her head slightly, actuating the landing checks for a hands-off approach.

The depths of Agamemnon opened up below…


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Tales Of A Child Soldier: 5.- This Is Just The Beginning

2467. Industrial Sector. Carpathia III.

Razvan had never felt so scared before. And alone.

Nightmares would follow the "incident" for years to come. How Azem guffawed at every attempt of humor, how he forced his hand to touch him. But what Razvan would remember the most…


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Meet the INSILICO Game Masters (GMs)

Every roleplay sim has Moderators (Mods) and Game Masters (GMs). We are here to; build, script, help renters, enforce lore & rules, resolve questions & disputes, and help you in anyway possible. Please come to us with any questions!…


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Star Quality - ((The INSILICO Store)) Updated 9/23

Hello INSILICO, as you all know I love reporting on the daily lives and events of our citizens on this world and Mars, I took some time out to make a little shop located in Central INSILICO. (Was located in East & South)

We are still adding wares bit by bit. But all proceeds go back into the sim.…


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MGBN Report: Interview at the Outwash

Legend: (( ooc, ( char name, -background


The Outwash.

It truly lives up to its name. It lies outside among the gravel, dust, & bones; the remains of Wayfar colony.

The colorful, yet elusive owner of the Outwash, Tink is a strange character. She converses with stuffed rabbits, serves up a questionable “special”, and survived numerous attacks by the D’naa.

Today on Mars Global…


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Security Services Laws and Regulations


Corporate Laws and Regulations

This section contains GEMINI corporate laws and administrative regulations that regulate private security activity, control the corporate procurement and use of private security services, and subject companies to potential legal liability in GEMINI corporate courts. It also contains an explanation of GEMINI's use and oversight of private security providers.

Agency Regulations

In addition to corporate laws, private security…


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09172484: Diner, South Insilico, RE: antique drone

Omega sat in the diner sipping a coffee, shortly after the announcement that IPS was getting suttered.  So far she had seen an android proclaiming itself Lawson, another claiming it was Jesus and another on a seperate street corner proclaiming itself Odin.  All three were quickly shot down by random gangers and stripped for parts.  Aside from that, there seemed to be little chaos in the city.  Until a drone hovered into the diner, and after a few moments of whirring, grinding, and shouting…


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Master and slaves

Today I swore an oath to my master. For practical purposes, that is what I have done. I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not proud of it. It is, what it is. It is my way of surviving.

You, like I, live in a world that we do not control. Most of the time we do not understand it. We have two thousand seven hundred and thirty three channels of video entertainment. We have news and sports. We have jobs, families, friends. We are happily distracted from the world, though largely ignorant…


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AGIS Security Needed


Here at AGIS we honor our agreements and offer ex IPS agents full coverage for the next six months. As part of their severance package those who worked for the security company will benefit from our medical coverage which also included cybernetic…


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Tales Of A Child Soldier: 4.- I Am The Dragon

Late February, 2467. Industrial Sector. Carpathia III.

Iced water is poured on a deeply asleep Razvan, followed by loud banging on a metallic bucket, Razvan gasps at the surprise and immediately tries to gain composture. "Hey! Fucking runt, rise and shine! Your day's starting already! Report to the…


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Gemini Announces: IPS Shut Down

A couple years ago Gemini Systems announced that it was transitioning to a new style of management, one which it called the "Consolidated Operations Directive." As part of that on-going initiative, the company has been systematically shedding itself of excess and consolidating its core divisions under a more unified administration; which today has entered into its final stages with the announcement that the Joint Services Division will formally merge together as a singular entity known as…


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