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Down Time

Tess squatted in a tunnel on the lower maintenance level under the city and turned the small black device over in her hands, inspecting it. She’d built this simple, tiny creation. It was almost like a pet to her now; she’d taught it to do tricks. She had designed it from various DIY blogs on the net, purchased the cheap parts from some blackmarket dealers for cents on the cred, and sat hour upon endless hour alone in…


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Flesh and Bone

It was one of those rare occasions when Xiram had made a trip to his personal laboratory in the INSILICO Gemini headquarters. I had a favor to ask of him that I'd promised to my lover and I knew this wasn't going to be easy to persuade him to take his precious time out to actually do something like this. He had already brought me back from the dead and I was pressing my luck asking for another favor so soon. If he said no then we…


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Bombs Away...

***Note that 6561e614-960b-4a83-a12b-402bdb2dc789 = Abeus Madruga***

shade looks around nervously...Walking down the ally at night wasn't exactly fun, but the nearby homeless often would get sick, with DR. whitesong now cordinating the medlab, it became routine to look for those that may be in ill health, considering the rise of crime recently.. Walking by the power plant door, DR. Darkstone looks to kellys faveroite spot to sleep, a local hobo, and upon moveing some of the…


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Contemplation on a monumental task...

[[Synopsis: Arbitor thinks about the consequences of unifying his personalities]]

[[Mood Music Above]]

First of all, could it be done?

The unification of three shards of the true Arbitor. I mean on paper is well and good and should have been done years ago. But in actuality? White feared that somehow everyone's collective needs and wants would be reshuffled and re-dealt it would be no primary and secondary anymore. What…

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OOC Discussion: Theme and Scene Music for your Characters?

Hey folks.

For me the loss of the NING playlist was rather devastating (i had such plans! ) - mainly because I have such a strong affection for music. Classical, R&B, Rock, Country, Eurodance/House, Foreign, Showtunes, - you name the genre and I've probably got a CD somewhere or a mp3 sample. Music enriches my life.

With that said, there are times when i'm in the midst of RP or watching others in INS and i can't help but shut off the ambient sound coming off the station… Continue

Added by Genya Omizu on September 29, 2010 at 12:00am — 15 Comments

An Apology

Ziebzen Avril silently approaches and stares up from under the dropship watching Xander for a few seconds and then wanders in inside to sit on the couch.

Xander McMasters leaves a smear of grease over his forehead wiping the sweat from his brow, using a hammer he continually taps away at a wrench trying to loosen a part, moments later a crack noise can be heard followed by some swearing as he holds up a broken part with a… Continue

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A Surprise Vist At Atomic Comix (In which Fifth gets passive aggressive. SHOCKER!)

[13:38] Ziebzen Avril stops by the outside of the comic store and sighs as she sees the closed sign. "Oh for crying out loud..."

[13:41] Fifth Aeon watches the security feed on his PDA with a slight chuckle "...least one of y'all ain't illiterate."

[13:42] Ziebzen Avril steps over the trash in the way and decides to knock for the hell of it.

[13:42] Ziebzen Avril was about to knock but the door opens up and she peeks inside.

[13:43] Fifth Aeon: "Well well, if it ain't… Continue

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A Hell of Our Own Making: Interlude - Belly of the Beast

((OOC: Tonight's musical accompaniment is performed by challenging American composer Philip Glass.

Depending on how fast you read, you may be prompted to advance the score a little ahead once you reach a section of the story. Please watch for the next OOC sign.…


Added by Genya Omizu on September 26, 2010 at 9:30pm — 1 Comment

Who takes care of you?

[[Syn: A quick little window into Arbitor [white]'s mind currently]]

Those words....echoed in his head

Who did? Did anyone really? Did he allow anyone past his defenses?


He shook his head and hopped off the chair picking up his datapad being thankful that its waterproof up to 50m he looked at the…

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People are very communicable. In my understanding, people communicate many parts of their lives to other people. Living within the vast networks of cities, there are vast networks of people. All similarly connected and connected by their similarity. These people communicate ideas, religions, and governments. They further document these communications in inspirations for art, design, fashion, architecture. These little mobile nodes communicate diseases, deception, and death. All of human…

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It was a cold lonely view out my window as I stared at the Bleak sky. It was a view I was getting used to. I was able to get most of my work done from the terminal in my apartment so telecommuting was becoming second nature to me. Moving from PR into Internal was such a drastic change for me. Usually i was used to being in the public eye constantly. Part of me missed it... but part of me was comforted by…

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Ash meets Arb Part II

[[Syn: Final part of the scene of Ash meeting arb's personalities]]

[Retaliation of White]

[white puts blue down and immediately red is against the opposite wall in a choke hold pushing against him "Don't you ever fucking do that!" blue moves behind ash

mumbling something with…


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Ash meets Arb

[[Syn: Ash meeting Arb's personalities in his head]]

Ashling Alchemi walks into the living room and sees Arbitor on the couch. She walks over and lays down next to him, curling up into a ball. She doesn't know if he's real or a hologram at the moment. She smiles up at him

and whispers "How did it go?"

Arbitor Waverider: "I got arrested" he grumbles shutting the book he turns to her…


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Helping Luce

The doctor had been out driving through the streets to get some fresh air when she noticed a lone individual walking along the road. He had shaggy black hair and a scar across his left eye beneath which his eye glowed a eyrie blue. She pulled to a stop as she noticed the IPS uniform he wore, so she could introduce herself. She was still relatively new in town and thought that knowing at least someone in the IPS would be helpful.

Before she could say anything he spoke to her, "Evening…


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The Golden Tattoo

"Remind me why I do this again?" Vissy says to Vissy's face backstage at her dressing mirror. Dragging hard on a vintage-style cigarette, her eyes close enough to have the mascara hold one in that position. A drunken wink.

She rubs her eye, smearing it a bit. She does it to the other to match. She used to cry every night; having to work at fus10n - not just to 'make ends meet', but to just have one end itself. The makeup blotch was the same this time, but drier. No more…

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Waverider Corporation

[[Synopsis: Details of the company Arbitor's last name is on. The who and basic history.]]

/* Start Transmission */

"The following is a documentary on the Waverider Corporation: "Maintaining Safety through Science" "

The corporation started out as LifeSafe Sciences, a genetic enhancement laboratory that focused its research in increasing attributes of humans both pre-natal and post-natal situations. Originally it was…

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Remind me why I do this again?

/*Start Log*
So I finally got released, as expected I wasn't linked to the rebellion. Which was good. The whole "Multiple death sentences" was the word played across the place. Though I'm sure Hain wouldn't like that too well.

In other news, I think the Internal Director was a (borrowing a word from Luse) frackin' idiot. She fell exactly into the mindset that was intended for whoever was funding them. As a DECOY! I see that trusting people with not screwing with…

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Lynn's headbanging

Lynn Tetra smirks and twitches, the back of her skull making occasional grinding noises from the kick
Ziebzen Avril arrives and approaches.
Illusive SecretSpy stands behind the chair keeping the pistol aimed on the back of Lynn's head he glancesback and nods
Ziebzen Avril steps gracefully in her armored suit and as heavy as it looks her footsteps can barely be heard. there is a slight gravity displacement as she walks.
Ziebzen Avril: Bring her…

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Interrogation Tactics

Hain Heliosense: "Escort the next suspect in please"

Illusive SecretSpy…

Added by Tess Buccaneer on September 19, 2010 at 7:46pm — 11 Comments

Preparing for today

He took a deep breath, sitting on the bed after dropping off Ash at her house he went back home and slept. Waking up he got out of bed and did his morning routine then headed down to the weapon room.

"Weaponmaster, I want the new present luse gave me the .44 magnum and my favorite rifle, we have the rubber rounds for the rifle in place and the stun rounds that luse gave me last night loaded up and ready right? Also it will be a good idea to have one live fire clip and speed…

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