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Data File 8/31/2486 "Plinking."

Haven't had much time for a personal log in awhile, so much going on. Too much to think about all at once, need a little time and space to clear my head. A little range time can provide both. Funny I never really thought of myself as one of those gung ho 'gun girls' I guess, but it comes with the territory here. I don't know if I like to admit it, but I kind of feel safer with something that goes bang within arms reach. Feels like I at least have a chance,…


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First Day of my Big Boy Job

BEGIN LOG ENTRY 2486 08 31 1005

Yesterday I was just an unemployed former security sergeant and freelance security specialist from the streets. Today though, I put on a suit and tie and walked into my office (I have an office!) and sat in the seat with 'Security Director' detailed on the desk. What an incredible difference in my life, from gutter rat to top-tier corp. It's not exactly a rags to riches story (though I've not seen my first paycheck yet), but after all those…


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SK-Nod - 31082486 - IS-Docks


║║▌█ OOC notice / Disclaimer ▌█║║

This is strictly an OOC description of an IC happening…


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The morning after is always the worst. That dreadful bashing noise; like a heavy pounding on a thick steel door…a heavy pounding banging nonstop in my head, reminding me of the mistake I made from the night before, after the Aftermath. Sharp needles prick over and over into my ears, my head, and my leg. My leg… I can…


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Prepare For Battle

Weeks had gone by since his escape from Kojima, since then he made himself very low profile for a while , he managed to salvage his old armor, removing the direct links it had, he crossed his arms looking at it threw his visor, " They are hunting for her......but i know im not to far down on the list myself...i may need some new…


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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 "Shadows have Claws "

For the second time in as many weeks I have found myself putting long unused skills to work; a most refreshing change of pace, even if the circumstances are less than ideal. First Derrick, upon his escape from agents of Kojima. I have not seen him since that night, nor have I frequented any typical haunt, even the temple-like grounds of the K9. I could not leave it to chance that his escape was not arranged; They know of AICHI now, an avenue that might lead them…


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Datalog Jan, 2482

January, 2482

Last night at Qorbit's anniversary dinner, Donovan introduced me to the company -not- as his personal assistant but with a title that caught me -and everyone else- by surprise: The New Director of Sales. Charlene; the original DoS overdid her last splice and grew gills instead of bioluminescence, and can no longer work outside of water. That left me; the only other employee with a Masters who wanted it. I suppose it was a perfect choice…


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A Fine Way To Start Out A Friday

     An airlock hissed to a close behind Riowyn as she stepped through the back door. Her finger came up and punched in a few commands to which the door readily responded, "78 total unauthorised entries since 2484-05-24-TFCCMS2." She reviewed the list, a muttered laugh escaping--did these people read nothing? It especially baffled Rio the amount of repeat offenders despite the clear audible warnings the door gave out. She worked her way down the list and stopped. The tiny…


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Oh, the Aftermath, such an ironic name for the venue. Not a place I usually step into nowadays. Usually, a place I’d know better to step into unless I was looking for trouble. I’d be lucky to make it through to the bar counter without being shoved around and groped by the stampede of dancing monotonous…


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Every time I came back, I always looked up. Somewhere in time, waters like these existed… waters like these of the 7 Seas. The calm they would bring, the endless horizon. It would seem to be something unimaginable; something impossible for my mind to perhaps even understand. Yet, I always came back every week, looking…


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LAR Fabricant Status Audit

Date: January, 2487

Reporting Agent: [REDACTED]

Reason: Requested evaluation of LAR status for fabrication quality assurance.

Fabrication Model Notes: Life Augmentation Rubicon LAR models were designed in adherence of current male beauty standards. LAR model genetics should enable them adapt to many levels and layers of work environment, maintain good to optimal health in order to minimize sick leave, and through implanted memory have excellent social skills. LAR…


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The 2nd Awakening, Derrick's true self

- he was up in the security dvision office laying there in a cold sweat as harsh flash backs hit him hard, he looked up at the cieling, for a few moments, seeing memories of his own brother killing an entire unit, during the time they both serviced in the core, he slowly sat up holding his head smelling the blood and hearing the…


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Not take long in Second Life, but I've…

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LAR-002 | AKA Larson: Character Sheet

║║▌█ LAR-002|AKA: Larson ▌█║║


Rank: N/A

 Faction: Unaffiliated

 Division: N/A

 DOB: 2472 – Looks 30



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Bisa Zuta Life through the window

Insilico. A name redolent of everything exotic, fantastic and desirable.

Yet within the walls of my south-side apartment I have a sense of imprisonment. I look at the exotic fish in my tank and understand how they must feel. Through the plas-steel of my one way window I see the dancing lights, the bustle of life, the fights and the meetings of lovers in the sashimi bar across the road. I see too my own reflection, forlorn. Sad…


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Return from the shell

-the past few nights has been hell for him, he stood there in a shaken state,

his supression chip starting to short out, Jeanne belived the neuro net, that had been installed begun the burnout process,

The memories of the lucky 4 began to resurface... he sat there in the aichi office sitting on one of the couches with a nice hot brewed coffee in his hands,

he saw the news of the press release about the deal between aichi and aeon, he looked forward for a…


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Spreading Stain 2

the chair was cold, not uncomfortable, but it was leaching the heat from her body. she wasn't tied down but the cone of light that spotlighted her felt heavy enough. restraints weren't needed, she could hear the soft swish of robes around her, sharks in the darkness. 

not that she was going to let them know she wanted to pee herself. that was against the, she doubted the Harvesters would care if she did. she briefly wondered if they even had to use the bathroom anymore.…


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[Transcript] 2486.08.20 : Lines of Questioning

////transcript begins////

Haeric Skytower approaches the receptionist after a quick glance around the interior of the premises,  "We are here to speak with  Jeanne Aichi, if she is available to speak with us?"

Sera unit…


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κα͵ Smile

It was another night like any other on the outside patio of the fusion, piano jazz washing over the balcony along the synthetic rain. A glance of the overseeing view of the east district, always in magnificent sight, along with a familiar face; one of the first in which I have seen since my return to Insilico. "Ms. Aichi? Quite a pleasant…


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After fourty years fighting for a mining corporation on Mars, he had been discharged from service.  

Fourty years to lose his humanity limb by limb, to be reduced to an encased brain inside a cybernetic body, whose pale artificial skin could not hide the reality of what he was.…


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