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MGBN Report: Cyber Style with Andi Curtis

Welcome to another Cyber Style with Star Raven!

Today we are reporting on Andi Curtis! ((OOC & IC))…


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MGBN Report: Cyber Style with Enki Landfall

Hello and welcome to another edition of Cyber Style with Star Raven!

Today MBGN is showcasing Enki Landfall's flat!

Star Raven: "What is the theme of your…


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" ... Okaasan?"

" ... Hai?"

" ... Can you hear it?"

" ... Hai. I can."

There was a long quiet, as they looked across the cityscape, silent for a long while - long for one, impossibly long for the other. Telltales flickered, like sparkling diamonds across the horizon, some flaring white, some flaring red ... some fading to something darker than black.

" ... You have always been able to hear Her crying, haven't you."

There was another silence, this one…


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    Tokuma Heavy Industries continues to manufacture nothing but top of the line equipment for the ongoing and truly massive undertaking of terraforming Mars.

    Over the course of the past 8 months, Tokuma Heavy Industries has seen a myriad of changes that have prompted a necessity to redefine its presence within Insilico, and now on the Mars Civilian Colony: Wayfar Outpost.

    Thusly, many new positions have opened up under the T.H.i. umbrella. Listed below…


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Entry 4 - Personal Log-

Its been a few days since I have seen him. I have been spending my free time learning Tai Chi and other forms from Meta. I went by there the other day and enjoyed some tea. There we talked about my past and what I did know. Meta started talking about proverbs that at first didn't make a lot of sense. We started talking about how I may end up hurting people with that I have been experiencing with my episodes. I was frantic and yelled that I would never hurt him... that I would never hurt...…


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Sandra Shine had held the belief that she was ready for anything service in the Insilico Private Security would throw at her, whether it was being shot at, being insulted, having to serve with beings more akin to robots than humans, jurisdiction shenanigan, or even cold hearted corporate politics.

Yet here she was, laying on her bed inside her appartement, staring at the ceiling in the shadows, a cigarette she had barely touched now dying on her right hand. In her mind a…


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Cyberspace Crypto Jutsu Ryu comes to Insilico

  For the first time in a very long time, a flame burned in the dojo temple. Running the dojo, and teaching his art would be a work of passion.  But, having a legitimate business to launder money gained through the fulfillment of underworld contracts in cyberspace information acquisition was also a requirement for a relatively hassle-free life in Insilico.  At least, until an anonymous cryptocurrency could be established within the…


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Report 8-13-2483

//Database ID# C.08.12.2483.Sh

//Prepared by Lieutenant Ellie, InSilico Private Security

Situation» Incapacitated vagrant discovered at entrance to Skygate Hotel. Physical wounds barely perceivable, marked by millions of mini-lacerations like 'pinpricks'. Initial scan of subject showed deteriorated nervous system.

Action» Subject kept under supervision at South med center. Readings suggest nanite damage. Our database has incomplete info on this sort of weaponized tech.…


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(Pre-Insilico) Profile: Iga-mono "Metajunkie" Monomi bio




Alias:  Iga-mono "Metajunkie" Monomi

Age: 87 years

Eyes: Blue



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the Roaches: tossing a Wretch in the works.

Roaches: Insects of the order Blattaria or Blattodea, of which about 30 species out of 4,500 total are associated with human habitats. About four species are well known as pests.…


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Found In the Center

A thinning trail of smoke chased after Cervantes as he walked down the the street, puffing on his blunt. The ambient noises of the city around him held his attention more than the direction his feet were carrying him. He stopped at the intersection, checking for traffic before crossing the street, turning left, and heading for the giant drop off that was Western Border.

His eyes scanned everything ahead of him as he strolled forward, hands buried in his pockets…

As he emerged out…


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OOC Post

I am currently out of town till monday evening. Hope everyone has a good week. See you all in a few days.

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Dont be cruel....

There where six of them, just run of the mill street thugs, just six guys who saw someone they took as a rich man in a poor area and thought they had scored a pay-cheque...each drew a weapon of some form of description...mainly assortments of junk or knives. Very menacing indeed if the man was indeed just your average run of the mill business man. But this man, on seeing the weapons just smiles and after adjusting a few straps drops the holster that holds his…


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Entry 4 -Peronal Log-

After an interesting weekend. One that had me learn a lot about him. I had begun getting nightmares more frequently. Flashes of horrible  scenes  that when I wake up I feel uneasy yet remember nothing. I had one particular bad one yesterday. I felt so wound up that I decided to run. In a way this helps ready my for my  training. I need to make myself useful on the ship. So I ran. All over town.

I stopped by the Blue Ant for some water. It is there I met Meta. A kind older man…


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Entry 3 - personal logs-

Tonight was the night of the party. I had some money left over and decided to wear something better then what I owned. I made sure I looked good I didn't want to disappoint him. I tried to stay close but he was too busy to interact with me. I tried to listen, but I only heard a little bit. But what i heard was disturbing. I think hes a junkie.... Why him? He seemed like he was better then this. I also overheard that there may be side effects though i don't know what. I plan to…


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Entry 2 - personal logs-

After waking up from a night of binge drinking I certainly felt the pain from my fight. I must of fallen down the near by stair well as I had very large bruises and it hurt to walk.

 I called to him on the com to come find me. when he did he was geared like he was prepared for war. He was sweating and erratic and irrational. I did whatever i could to calm him down. He seemed distracted by a a medical vial i had found. He started to talk nonsense and I slapped him trying to…


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[INN Special] Profiles Of A City: IPS

This is Reporter Takenawa, bringing you gradually into the life of Insilico Private Security. In addition to a few uncovered details, I have also interviewed one of its members, an IPS Sergeant, by the name of Johnny “Elvis” Graves. While being informed, keep in mind that IPS enforces Corporate Law in Insilico, and should be…


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and now a message from our sponsors

In place of a standard advert break between the programming a short infomercial comes on, the logo of Caliban Incorporated fading into the screen. The logo cross fades into an image of a woman of slight build with blue hair on a white background...she begins too speak in a…


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An Angel For Insilico

[[Here's a little side event that took place during Dem's wonderful Aftermath Rave Party on July 26. Short little adventure, but it was pretty fun. Hope you all enjoy. Minor adjustments before posting, no fancy sprucing up or whatever. You know how I do.    ;P   ]]

Auntie (scarlett.warziders) walks to the back and plops down on a couch. She breaths in the smell of hookah, weed, perfume, and sweat. "Whatcha being unsocial back here…


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Entry 1 - Personal Logs-

Since a few days ago waking up in the gutter with no memory I have been wondering the streets of Insilico. I am unsure of how or what led to me being here. I have talked to a few kind strangers but have not been getting far. Once stranger tagged along with me and even helped loan me a little money and we went to a rave. The music helped me forget for a little bit what my life had turned into. I was trying to enjoy myself when I was heckled at by a few town locals. One of them refered to me…


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