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Vissyisms [While skirting the no-spam rule]

[20:26]  Vissy Adamczyk: "OH MY GAWD! AAAHHH!"

[20:26]  PlanetOfHats Resident: sup vissy

[20:26]  Vissy Adamczyk: "Zeeb is ALIVE!"

[20:26]  Ziebzen Avril: I am?

[20:27]  Vissy Adamczyk: "I'm looking RIGHT AT HER!"

[20:27]  DrScythe Resident: ...

[20:27]  Cinndreia Messmer: nah thats like one of those elvis sighting

[20:27]  Vissy Adamczyk: "She got reinstantcarnationed as a bananazai tree, right in front of the menorahmal!



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[20:34]  Joah Menjou: "Sounds like that new Director just signed the death warrant for a whole lotta folks...."

[20:35]  Joah Menjou:

[20:35]  Joah Menjou: "Rich folks, that is."

[20:36]  Janis…


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Gemini Corporate Announcement - 01.09.2481

*The screens around the city flicker out from their normal routine of advertisements and the familiar voice of the GNN announcer cuts through the static*


"This is a GNN exclusive brought to you from the desk of Director…


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The Human Condition.

"Get to the point." She exhaled impatiently.


"She has apparently, for some time before… recent events of which you have not informed me, been a part of some kind of organization. It is her claim that this organization has infiltrated Tokuma for months, apparently propping up this branch of Tokuma in the face of TWF. She claims this organization is in a position where they can destroy Tokuma if they wish to do so. However, she said that they do not want to, as Tokuma…


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Back to the Well, 2

Fifth squeezed Joah’s hand once more, then offered her his arm, taking her hand and placing it just above his elbow so that she could feel every change of his movement and follow. They walked and walked and walked until Joah had no notion of where they had been or where they were going. From time to time, Fifth would place one arm behind her back and step slightly behind her, as if they were walking through a narrow space, or he’d instruct, “Step up,” or say, “Just a little to your right,” and… Continue

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A letter into the Dark



It has been fifteen years since you disappeared. Fifteen years and not a day goes by where I don’t miss you.  Sometimes when I close my eyes I can still hear your voice, Otouchan’s…


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A Trip Abroad

*Greetings. How is your trip?*


Urdith smiled -I'm in Autistic mode in a cargo carrier somewhere over what remains of the Atlantic ocean. This is a very dull trip, even with the Thousand and One Nights.-


*Which night have you reached?" SR-47 wandered Urdith's tiny apartment, tucking away stray boxes, cleaning where he could. It was kind of him to give an old bot a hiding place from the authorities in Dubai. Insilico was hostile territory for the cartels back…


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Orpheus and Euridice - Part Three

The tripartite temporary personality of Salvor, Chun, and Vaarda's ghost reviewed its work, thinking;

Cleaning out the last of the control mechanisms cost them some memories, but not ones they will miss;

They have the ability to be functional in society, they can have friends, and they have each other,

We do ?!?   The @#% we do !

Of course; Who else would want an antique assassin with a personality forged in fifty years of war ?

Besides, I need the two of you as a… Continue

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First, and only, Entry - Goodbye all

Well, erm, kinda pointless, but for those who do care, I have decided to leave Insilico. I had some good times there, but after the death of Laura, things just weren't the same, and with the absolutely bad experience with the first and only mass RP my new character got into, in which she was almost totally blanked, meh, it's clear I don't have what it takes to roleplay there. So, I've left.


Hope all your segregative issues get sorted here, getting bottled up nearly every…


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GNN: Statement From Robyn Chubachi, Gemini Cybernetics Chairwoman

"With the opening of Mansi Station on Ceres, Gemini Cybernetics and its shareholders now look to a future of increased presence beyond Earth's orbit and the Terran Sector. Yet we can not do so without first acknowledging, and rectifying, an oversight much closer to home...


It is with that traitorous mistake ever present in mind, and with a renewed sense of hope, that the Board of Directors of Gemini Cybernetics hereby announces that Skye McKenna will immediately…


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GNN: UBC Announces Opening of First Ceres Outpost

To mark the finalization of all outstanding development contracts, and thus the conclusion of Phase 1 planning for Operation Summer Dawn, the Universal Banking Corporation has officially announced the opening of Mansi Station; the first manned outpost on the dwarf planet Ceres...…


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Back to the Well, 1

(This event occurred after Joah was released, but before the viral outbreak.)


Joah dipped her mop in the bucket, depressed the bucket's wringer mechanism and pulled the mop free. As she began to methodically clean the storeroom floor, the mop’s soapy tendrils whorled damp figure eights on the dark metal planking. She found the motion soothing, and as she watched the swirls of water paint the floor, she found her mind drifting back to the fountain… to the well… she…


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Genesis - In the Beginning Pt. 3 - Rat Race



Genesis - In the Beginning Pt. 2 - Revelations


London, England 2118


Xiram held the small white rodent in his hands gently, walking it over to the laboratory maze.  His hands clutched around it provided a small…


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Orpheus and Euridice - Part Two

The Code Lock swallowed their key, paused for a long moment, and displayed:

Code match, checksum 666, keyphrase required. Salvor typed in the quote:

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Chun grinned at Vaarda's last joke.

The room contained a computer console of eccentric design, with two headsets.

The message glowing on the monitor said; Final identity confirmation requires

cerebral scan; Please don the headsets.

He said 'Crazy - No way you are doing this'.… Continue

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Russian Luck

Father, you had a name for it.  You called it playing roulette with an automatic.

Is this what it feels like?  Is this really it?  I wish I knew, because I've never felt like this before, this collection of jitters, this tummy full of order Lepidoptera.

The apartment is empty now; and yet,…


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209 drifted in the node, circled by windows showing the security feeds from the drones in West.  And one showing the 'El Hombre Mecha Grande' championship in Nu Mezico.  Wearing her visual representation, today she had a gant mass of neon green hair, held up by 8-bit cherubs.


She had organized her personal node, giving it an up and down, an appearance, for the most part, it resembled a glowing blue room, with furniture assembled from faintly glowing…


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Orpheus and Euridice - Part One

Chun looked up as Salvor came into Vaarda's family memorial,

looking like a damned soul who had just received a day pass

from Hell. The Secure Storage key he laid on the table read

'Seventh Circle Storage - Eastern Facility'.

He took off his stealth suit, put on his combat armor, and

stared thoughtfully at the weapons wall before choosing a

small machine pistol and a short sword and turning to go.

She said 'Your decline has clearly reached the stage of… Continue

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Genesis - In the Beginning Pt. 2 - Revelations


Genesis - In the Beginning Pt. 1 - Forgive Me Father


Xiram stood up from the table as the priests all finished their meal together. They had all shared a peaceful supper together discussing the state of the congregation.  Xiram stared down at the neat pile of chicken bones collected on the side of his plate, stripped neatly of any traces…


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Genesis - In the Beginning Pt. 1 - Forgive Me Father

2115 - Sheffield, England



"Father forgive me for I have sinned..."


Every time this was said it almost felt like he was asking forgiveness for himself.  The words echoed in his own mind, along with the voice coming through the other side of the confessional booth through the screen.  The priest asked the man for his sins and…


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Vissyisms [Sleep deprivation]

[20:44]  Vissy Adamczyk: can I wear a thing in a PG sim? Need to go to a shop

[20:44]  Vissy Adamczyk: thong

[20:44]  Vissy Adamczyk: not a thing lol

[20:44]  Mei Blackheart: you can wear it in a PG sim, it just won't work

[20:45]  Gaea Morpork: All the naughty bits need to be covered, I think ... a bikini or equjivalent is OK

[20:45]  Violet Yuheng: all naughty bits

[20:45]  Gaea Morpork nods

[20:45]  Violet Yuheng covers vissy head to…


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