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Melt carefully sits on the couch at blue and pulls out her pda. The events of the last 24 hours swirling around in her mind in fragments like a jigsaw puzzle not put together yet. With a sharp intake of breath she begins to type.

"Darlingest Cos,

Yup. Me you want the good news or bad news first? I guess it dont matter you cant tell me here anyway... Ok wellll see ash wasnt respondin right, an so she was layin on the bed and when atrus an i went back to get my… Continue

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PRESS RELEASE: BCSS and ITI announce strategic alliance

IN SILICO, August 31, 2478: ITI Secured Transport Inc., a division of ITI Armored Services, Inc. operates a fleet of specialized armored aircrafts and hovercrafts that can service any floating city as well as perform shipments to and from lower orbit. With over 40 years of combined experience and terminals in twelve different cities, ITI offers regularly scheduled, on-call and specialized movements of high value, sensitive, regular and irregular cargos. From these locations, ITI's vehicles… Continue

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Melt moans slightly as she wakes up, and forgetting, pushes herself up into a sitting position on her bunk. With a sharp intake of breath, she curses then looks above her, hoping she didnt wake her new bunk-mate. Melt carefully feels around in her boot for her pda and with a relieved sigh pulls it out and fumbles as she slowly turns it on and types out a letter.

"Dear Cos,

Im sorry! I shoulda told ya! But i didnt think it would be that big a deal, see? well, you know i… Continue

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Day 1: Emergence : The Blue Ant

::muses at the hypocrisy of humanity and it's flawed morality:: 'Prostitute, drone; labels spoken with contempt, indifference. Humanity's arrogance will be it's own destruction and deservedly so. The Android collects her data and leaves the bar::

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Becoming III

(Arena rock, distorted ragga. "Now that I understand this right, let me take it to the mic..."

The only bit of code in Perriwinkle's head that hadn't been written by her or The Maker had been kept free to run its course. With errant transmissions and calls to her listening points around the city, the software was running just as it had been programmed to run. It just wasn't transmitting or hearing what its creator had hoped…

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Becoming II

(Noisy punk guitar. A male voice screeches, "Your future dream is a shopping scheme..."

Multitasking. Very soothing. Perri's voice wasn't the only part of her that needed a change. Her legs, her torso... it was time for repairs. Improvements, upgrades. Credits were moved, schematics sent.

(A gospel singer roars over long, low, bass guitar chords, "Crawl from the warm water." "Water…

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Becoming I

(An acoustic guitar and a ragged male voice leak through a small, round speaker, "You'd better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone..."

Perriwinkle had been working on her voice again. Though she wasn't fully aware it was "again". The program she'd written over a year ago, utilizing the speaker at her throat and recorded voices from her time on the streets, had been erased by an agent of IPS during a recent… Continue

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My Story - Part Seven (Overseer)

Elara and I stood side by side on the balcony, eyes scanning the casino floor below. Our primary duty while at home was dedicated to floor security. It wasn't a bad gig really. Stand there overseeing the floor, look menacing and gorgeous at the same time, and deal with any problems that arise. While most of the tables and slots were inhabited by tourists ignorant of the shadow looming over them, there were those that had the potential to stir trouble. In the ruthless business of money, sex, and… Continue

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CheerNo ★ New Hair Styles

Three new hair styles. CheerNo★ keeps creating vanguard new hairstyles just for you.

Available too at the mainstore along with the extense CheerNo★hair collection.

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The Holy Economic War

Core took a look around. She'd been walking in the dark alleys for a while, far from the busy traffic roads of InSilico. She was positive she wasn't being followed. She had taken all the usual precautions.

Facing the entrance of the old shipping warehouse, she couldn't help wondering how much longer it would remain private. The cover was good. The place was belonging to an export company from the surface, which in turn was belonging to a private security company BCSS held a majority… Continue

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My Story - Part Six (Elara)

Hot soapy water soothed my aching body but did nothing for my raging headache as I leaned back in the elaborate tub and closes my eyes. My memory was still fuzzy and it was frustrating as hell. All I knew was I had woken up in my bed with a bandage around my head. I reached up to touch the bandage and winced as the tender skin underneath flared. I remembered coming home and seeing Himalia but that's it. When I had gone to see her she had already left with Atlas on an off world meeting. Atlas'… Continue

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Goodbye, Noodles

Melt pulls out a small pda that she begins to type on pausing to stretch. The glow of the pda barely lights up her face..the rest of the room is covered in a shroud of darkness.

"Darlingest Cosmos,

I didnt sleep very well last night...but dont think it was cause i dont have a bed...i am sleepin in a better bed then i have in awhile! Remember Noodles? I gave her a new home..."

Melt pauses to wipe a tear that is forming in her eye and continues to… Continue

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Laggy Avatars

Avatars are source number one for INSILICO sim lag. Now some will say "but i am always laggy when i look at the mall" - see, those don't even know what lag is. Of course INSILICO needs good hardware for FPS and is considered a high end sim, but i am talking about SERVERSIDE lag. The Kind of lag that freezes the whole sim up to 20 seconds on every singleTP (there's ca. one teleport per minute here..) the kind of lag that eats your letters and chat lines, it makes you drift through walls, pauses… Continue

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Abeus/Silikhan OOC Background

I have decided to follow Vissy's IC/OOC topic suggestion and post a bit more info on Abeus/Silikhan. Though this has been posted in another forum previously, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well. Since the character(s) has had only limited interaction with others (and very few would know of his actions), most of this is just OOC info and is not meant to be a profile of my current IC storylines.

Obviously there are some portions of this backstory that are just…

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Ghosts In Reakt0r

While I'm just a visitor to Insilico, it was nice to be able to talk with some people as they roleplayed at the Reakt0r... short as the conversation was.

I guess ghosts can see other ghosts.

Stark Osterham greets enernra

Stark Osterham: get you a drink sir?

enenra Ghost nods at Stark, "Sure. A glass of milk. On the rocks."

Stark Osterham: Uh just a moment sir

Oku Ghost snickers

Stark Osterham places it on a coaster for Enenra

Stark Osterham:… Continue

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- "How did you recognize me ?". I ordered a jug of water to keep the waiter busy. The old man added a bottle of Yu for himself.

- "I designed your shell. How wouldn't I recognize you ? I built your endocrine system and part of the whole design. You don't believe me ?" he asked, waving his chopsticks. "How thirsty are you ? How much water have you drunk today ?"

- "Why ?" I scowled. My irritation was growing already, and yes I was thirsty.

- "Why ? Because it was… Continue

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My Story - Interlude (BREAKING NEWS)

Tragedy: Young actress quits movie after death of family

Updated: August 23, 2475

NEW VEGAS, Earth (Terra News) - Model, actress, and rising star Amy Okina (pictured below at this year's Solar Entertainment Awards) walked off the set of her latest movie "The Chairman's Wife" today after news of her family's death reached her. Okina, 16, was on a break during filming and witnessed the destruciton of her home while on a video call with her… Continue

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Upstream Journey


The city had become the technology capital before the coming of the giant cities in the sky and the orbital factories. It was now just another abandoned technogical center where unemployment and violence were rampant. Glory and fall of a technological empire. Yet it was an impressive sight when the suborbital jet banked and started its approach over the endless sea of light.

I didn't have time to get a proper… Continue

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Bio: OOC and IC information

I have basically used the same bio for every sim, albeit slightly modified. Since I don't know the exact timeframe we exist in, nor when Earth became what it is, I may yet have to modify some of the origin information to mesh. While it may be plausible that MIT grads could have domed that fabled utopia of higher education, I doubt the other locations could have plausibly rescued their respective institutions.

OOC as follows:

BIOGRAPHY (synopsis):

Born, Newark NJ.… Continue

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Another day dawns, and I carefully climb out of the vent shaft i had picked to sleep in. I look around carefully, dont want any IPS up my rear for sleepin there...its already been a rough past few days for me. I bite my lip pondering if i want to actually go in to work today, I have a bunch of things still to collect I promised a friend....

I pull the list out of my pocket, knowing I have to be careful collecting these items, as "the man" would prolly have me arrested for "finding"… Continue

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