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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 "Disassembly"

It has been months now in this city, dwelling within its perpetual shadow. The burnt ember of the planet that birthed our species stretches in its vastness below, unseen. The infinitely more vast sky overhead languishes hidden behind a domed shield of solar panels. Caught somewhere between heaven and earth, day and night, humanity exists now as discrete bubbles of diversity separated by vast seas of ruin, like colonies of bacterium on a petri dish. Turned away from…


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- it was near 24 hours they came back, he just looked at the floor he slowly looked ahead one of them took him by his chin he looked up-

???: this is your last chance to tell us where she is

Derrick: a thousands...times...never.....

-the knife went into his shoulder he yelled out…


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MH42-2902-2486-07-30 "Meeting Sixteen again"

I went atop of the city, appearing at one of my favorite locations of INSILICO looked around, inspecting them common people being around that hour, doesn't recognized someone special, but this all in white dressed figure sitting at one of those tables, far end of the club, near the railings. I narrowed my eyes focusing at her, recognized her as that one primary fabricant Mr Hellsland seemed so protective about. - I walked upon…


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Pain.....This is why i fight........

it has been days my mind is exausted, my body feel's like it dosent want to move, all i can feel is my blood it's building for more kills, the ...just won't stop....... -he looked around slowly his eyes clouded over from the magnitude of times he's been struck- and the funny thing one knows my secret......even after over a year...not a soul knows....... there comes a point after so much pain.......where that murderious intent of mine decides to come…


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041 - The Beast Within

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-07-26  ▌█║║

I had finally managed to get another copy from the Plexislug with the DNA file that Eve had eaten.  Two copies, for good measure, courtesy of Dr. Westing at AGIS.

After hearing the whole story, Dr…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-07-24 “KST - New Beneficiary”

It is time to get into next level – Raising influence in this City. Reason: One gotta know all kind of shit going on in this town. I want to know every fucking move taking place when I sleep, when I'm on a mission to Mars, when I turned my back at someone, I still wanna know what is all about that person.…


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040 - Dalahäst Memories

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-07-24  ▌█║║

I sat on the floor,  the small wooden piece in my hand.

On the table, a box.  Wrapped in a beautifull Furoshiki cloth printed with flower blossoms, it had contained the horse.

The envelope spoke of…


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Data File 7/24/2486 "Freefalling"

Never a dull moment on Mars, that's for sure. Well... no I guess there are dull moments, long quiet nights listening to the superstructure of the outpost creaking, wondering if it's D'naa trying to tunnel in, longer hours in the hangar on maintenance duty, that sort of stuff. But the little moments between all that of adrenaline induced pandemonium seem to even it all out to a constant average.

A little firing range…


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Interrogation, hanging onto life,

-it has been several hours, he sat there several bangs of his red hair hung over his face, blood dropping down the side of his head, it had been several days and questions, he sat there trying to put 2 and 2 togeather but his mind was to hazed, it had been several days since his dissapearance from insilico, he could feel another…


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Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-07-20 “Insilico – A different Fairy”

Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-07-20…


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ιε͵ Craving

The crowned pagoda. Glowing with an elusive aura casting into the sky like a lighthouse surrounded by an ocean of silhouettes. I stood a top the central city mall facing towards The 7 Seas, half past the 4th hour of a new day, still stirring from baklava and caffeine. Insomnia, my eternal daunting nemesis got the…


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An Introduction

"So, this is it..."

The young Brit pursed her lips with a slight parting and exhaled deeply after muttering those words to herself quietly. With the exit of her breath, so too were her anxieties, her slow breathing forced in an effort to calm down - that, and to help settle her slight nausea after the flight in. She never likes travelling.

Her eyes slowly traced along the various neon signs and the dark cubical layout if the…


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-he walked threw quietly singing as he walked his voice was a bit basey 

"I make the mountains shake and tremble

And oceans part when I walk by

So don't you look in my direction

And keep your lady by your side

I can snap my fingers turn your glass house into sand

Exorcise your demons with the back of my hand

Shell-shocked eyes and paralyzed you'll finally…


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Destination Unknown

- the flight would set down, in an umarked area, the rest of the passengers that were alive, were taken off, and Derrick would be dragged off the flight, he was dragged into a dark room, when he came to everything was dark for a breif second he looked around himself wondering what…


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039 - The Dream of Lyra

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-07-19  ▌█║║

"I have a plexislug with the DNA code filed.  Dr Westing tried to find a match using the city database, but to no avail."

Eve looked at me as if I were speaking D´naa "What the hell is a plexislug?"…


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I'm a Bad Bad Man

(( yes this is an entirley new character i couldn't be bothered with spending any linden to majorly change his appearance so will play this off))

- A tall suit wearing figure made his way off of the he looked around threw his shades, he seemd rather weathy , reaching up removing the aviators he held a rather large…


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Hijacking and captured..

- while the plane was in the way to new london something went wrong several people made their way into the cock pit, CRACK CRACK 2 gun shots were heard killing the pilot and co -pilot, derrick looks up some opening one eye he moved his hand to his bag opening it with 2 fingers before slipping his hand, into the bag gripping the…


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ιγ͵ Remanence

Baklava and black coffee with a sauce-like consistency was the snack of choice in a familiar diner in the southern tier of the city. Twilight falls over the horizon, the sun glaring through the thick smog of the skyline, caressing the buildings… a smog, thicker than usual from particles of dust floating about from…


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Out oF Sight Out oF Mind

- it has been a few weeks since he has been last seen, it would leave in question had he finally silently lost his mind, and leaving everything behind, or is he returning to an old friend for a few weeks, someone he used to rely on long ago while he was black ops, he placed his visor on moving down to the space docks…


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