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Caleb Stewart Profile

║▌█ Caleb Stewart ▌█║║

Rank: N/A

Faction N/A

Division: N/A

DOB: November 8th, 2465

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Serial: UGMH65-3777

------ Attributes ------------------------ 

Intelligence: 30% 



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Digging Up The Past

Stark found the floor in the dimly lit room where they threw him. His eyes searched the area and locked on the silhouette of a man sitting behind the desk. He could hear his helmet being tossed on the floor next to him and roll around while he raised himself up taking in the small details of the room. Pressurized reinforced windows were the only source of light in the confined area and the room had a sad melodramatic tone to it.


The figure behind the desk was his size, slim…


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Falling Into Enemy Hands

   It was almost noon over the wasteland of twisted towers that once composed the colony of Wayfar. Long slender shadows cascading through the cracks of broken streets and upturned ancient vehicles half buried in the drifting iron rich sand. There was a series of signs from an old parking lot that reminded the lone figure walking the streets of a kind of grave yard and one didn't have to look hard to see skeletons of Martian citizens scattered around the once thriving community. The hooded…


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No Turning Back

Hughes ruffled her hair, he was one of the few people who could be this close to her without risk of her lashing out.

"You know this is going to end right?"

She looked up at him, a tinge of sadness in her eyes.

"I know. We'll have tonight and the night after that until you have to go back right?"

"Yeah we will, just remember I have to do some things I'll regret when I do go back."

The smaller woman placed her head on his chest with a heavy sigh.

"I know,…


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Shadows of The Past

Operation Hidden Truth


Location: Neutral space – 1km from Pirate outpost

Ship: Modified T4 Heavy Gunship

Local Time 02:00 AM

Tristan Hunter was in what was once a missile bay, it had been retrofitted to act as…


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Off Guard

Falling. There are two ways of doing it. Either simply let go, close your eyes and appreciate every microsecond of the wind caressing your hair while you fall down and enjoy the ride until the very blunt end. Or be stuck in denial, screaming, looking for futile ways to get out of an impossible…


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Lady Godiva

Cerise held up her new skirt and looked at it with distaste;

She had never liked being required to wear one as a girl,

and _really_ did not like the idea of wearing this one to

comply with a client's concept of 'proper dress for females'.

Still, the woman had agreed to meet with her, a concession

probably more difficult than her own, considering the rigid

restrictions on 'wanton dress' and the downright xenophobia

of the woman's isolated matriarchal…


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Pieces in the Sand

Poole gazed out the hab, watching the sand buffet the window again, Hughes was still laying in bed with a careful eye on her.


"So," she echoed back, turning to walk back to him,

"Storm ending soon?"

"Yeah....about last night...," her nerves were showing, breaking eye contact.

"Between us, no one else."

"Thank you," she whispered, resting her head against his as the raging sands finally started to weaken.


July 20/82

She shaped my…


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Recycle Bin Rantings


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A Dead Mans Affairs

   The diner was dimly lit with a sickly high contrast neon light that illuminated the worn yellow paint on the walls. Bock was leaning forward in his seat trying to read through the news video on the paper thin display between his cup of coffee and a plate of half eaten silver dollar pancakes. It droned on about recent fires, a handful of casualties and local security insurance discounts. As far as he was concerned it was nothing more than seasoning on a shit sandwich; Well performed by the…


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Shadows of Mars

Poole sat on the top of the watch tower, below Richard Hughes talked with one of the site foremen.

The whole mission was strange to her, Hughes had asked to deal with her specifically when it came to VASC interactions.

Her time with him in Insilico had seemingly changed him to her eyes, the once bumbling and squishy person that managed to captivate her twisted interests had the makings of a monster like her. For some reason that scared her.

July 10/83



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Arsonist Bounty!

WANTED Alive For Crimes Against Gemini (the City)

A 2500cr bounty has been issued for the capture of the lead arsonist who attacked several local business late Saturday evening. According to the surveillance photo, the leader can be described as female, wearing a white hood with a red mask. Protrusions on top of the hood appear to look like horns. An additional bonus can be negotiated for…


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Old West

Scorpio watched her boss Cerise work and wondered how to get her to

talk about the old days in West, back when Tokuma ran the sector.

She nibbled nervously on a fingernail as she schemed and then nearly

jumped out of her chair when Cerise looked up and screamed WHAT?

Scorpio knew _that_ tone of voice; It meant her boss was in mad mode

and wanted the truth, now, so she simply asked: What was West like ?

Cerise blinked, and as she looked back into her past her…


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This one's weekend was a complete burnout


The seemingly guilty little android quietly creped back into the sleeping penthouse,…


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Not Your Kind Of People

"We are not your kind of people, You seem kind of phoney, Everything's a lie. We are not your kind of people, Something in your makeup, Don't see eye to eye."

It's hard to imagine that the events happening a few hours ago were actually real, that they were actually happening. Earlier, he had arrived to…


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The City Burns!!

Fires Break Out Across Insilico! Is Nobody Safe!

Earlier today, many of our fair city's business were attacked. the culprits were reportedly led by a figure wearing a red mask with a white hood and were using some kind of low grade incendiary device to attack buildings and vehicles with extreme prejudice. IPS currently has no suspects though former director Caine was seen running from spot to spot, even attempting to rescue the underground citizens before working to put the…


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The Urban Hunt

"Stop trying to protect me. That is not how it works. You don't protect me, I protect you"

He had stayed on the bridge long after she had left, just learning forward, his arms on the rail, ignoring everything and everyone else. The artificial wind rustling his hair as the temperature…


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Nobody Survives

one step then another, boots light on the metal as she ascended. those eyes, coal black and glittering, slid around the dim room, preferring the shadows to the light. she knew the dark, the light made her shy, created the mask. for a moment she caught sight of her reflection, empty gaze meeting silvered....bright ivory hair, hungry ebony gaze. the mind that lurked beneath it seeming to mock her before disappearing, easing back to watch from the distance. fingers tugged through messy locks as…


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Tae and the Helper (part II)

Few of the avian species remained in existence, their numbers a fraction of that a millennium ago. Carrion birds still survived below,as a testament to nature's tenacity, feeding on the detritus of the ruined surface. A handful of exotic birds lived under the careful watch of the wealthy, oblivious to their role as status symbols. In a city of New Durham's standing, occupying the upper percentiles of longevity, technological and financial potential, limited projects existed to allow some…


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Character Sheet

║║▌█ Manis Lane ▌█║║




DOB: 07/09/2456 (27 Years Old)

Race: Baseline Human, Asian

Gender: Female

Serial: AGS- 64782-H7

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 10

Perception: 10

Endurance: 25

Agility: 25

Strength: 30

Charisma: 20

120 points to spend no stat to exceed 30 or fall below 5

Attribute: Stat +0 difficult / +20 medium / +30 normal



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