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What goes around...comes around. [MONSTER LOG]

((This is a collection of the events from last evening, thanks to all who participated and stayed up all night with me! :D This consists of several logs from various people.))

[23:44] Gulag Mekanic‧ finishes assembling his rifle and lines Markham's head in the scope of his rifle.

[23:46] Markham Zero‧ sits on the edge of the walkway, enjoying the night air. He glances down to check his watch a few times. Reaching for his… Continue

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Net Chatter

//Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...


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Earlier this evening an unidentified IPS Officer was shot, and critically wounded, by unknown assailants in the vicinity of the Central Mall/Consumer Complex. Please be advised that the area has been closed to all civilian traffic pending a full investigation.

Anyone with information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible is asked to contact their local IPS representative immediately. A substantial reward has also been jointly authorized by the offices of the External and… Continue

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A Hell of Our Own Making: Interlude - the Maker of Monsters

"The difficulty of governing the people arises from their having too much knowledge."

-Lao Tzu, from the DaoDeJing

:Video recording - Some sort of auditorium. The room is filled, with all eyes directed toward a very small and frail gentlemen. His unkempt white hair and bushy eyebrows give him the look of a kind…


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And so she arrives.

*Start Transmission*
He waited for her transport at the spacedock, having finally got a hold of her at the right time a few days ago she was ready to leave as soon as he left. The transport landed slowly as not to bump anything wrong inside, remembering the jarring shock he got when his first transport landed, he had to crack a smirk knowing she was on the transport. Rather it be a mad dash or just a hurried shuffling out of the place the citizens left then she stepped out, wearing a… Continue

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Numero Uno

[11:47] Markham Zero stands in front of the St. Psion apartments checking the address in the PDA. A certain nervousness unusual to him starts to get the best of him. Taking a deep breath he proceeds up the stairs of the building with a grumble, "Figures there'd be no elevator."

[11:50] Ziebzen Avril hears the buzzer to her door and pulls up the visitor on the monitor in her bedroom. It's a one way feed not disclosing her identity to the person outside but… Continue

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There's times when I really hate sending these e-mails. Very rarely does a person invoke my wrath but it seems he's been asking for it. I didn't really want to let the power get to my head but I think this time he deserved it. It's almost as if he has some kind of strange obsession with me. I guess that happens when you're in a position of power such as I am. But such is the consequence when you try to fuck with someone so obviously. First is was the drugs,… Continue

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So I talked to a few people

*Start transmission*

Alright so I have found what I'm going to do. After speaking and getting some information about it I have decided to be a Information Mercenary, doesn't mean I'm going to be spying just yet (for all those that were wondering) but I think right now I will simply be a extra pair of eyes or ears for people. Of course those that help me I'll see if I can help them out. Forming a network is my first priority.

Doesn't mean people…

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Dr. Ang Faith, Chopwagon Files #1285J: Xiang Shim

Dr. Ang Faith, Chopwagon Files #1285J: Xiang Shim

An antique gynoid shell at a chance meeting at the Ant, agreed to come to the clinic for a systems scan, was apparantly recently reactivated, run in with locals almost caused more damage.

[21:54] Angus Faith: here it is, my mobile clinic

[21:55] Angus Faith nods to the stool "please have a seat'

[21:55] Xiang Shim: Perhaps I should warn you, Doctor.

[21:55] Xiang… Continue

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What I think I want to do...

*Start Transmission and Recording*

What I think I want to do is create a solid intelligence network. Just a simple "Hey I'm looking for this" sort of deal and I'll keep my ears open as I walk through the city. After all information is important in a city, but utilizing the information somehow makes it valuable. Perhaps a sub-faction somehow but as is I'm just going to help friends, because helping them now may possibly aid me in the…

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The Age of Alchemi

Ashling gets a short message in her communicator from Aunt B. reading "Meet me at Fus10n please".

Scarlett had been at The Blue Ant, which had been surprisingly packed for a Tuesday night. She checked her watch, waved goodbye to the other patrons and politely made her leave. She walked to the East district and to the elevator for the brothel. Upon entering the door she noticed a familiar… Continue

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Call me Zero

[Down at Reakt0r: Ziebzen enters in on Fifth watching a new dancer for auditions.]

[21:18] Markham Zero wanders in quietly and hesitates at the door. His pale eyes peer through his specs as they land directly on Ziebzen, staring for a while. Finally realizing it might be taken as creepy he diverts his gaze and wanders to a seat.

[21:19] Fifth Aeon: Get with Betz Dagger. She runs the girls and will cover this day to day shit with ya.

[21:20] Nina Iridescent: Yes sir.

[21:20]… Continue

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Close Encounters

I saw her at the Reakt0r. Very briefly. She was even more surreal in person than any monitor could make her appear. It's amazing to think she was the same scared little girl I found all those years ago in that bathroom. She touched my hand, congratulated me but she had no idea I'm even alive. I don't think she even remembers me... or does she?

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Geez, it never ends. :(

day 2 Log in: CannibalisticRagdoll Aie

Humans, we've still got it. Always had it.... instinct. I was born with it. I live with it. It's mine and I am me. They've always called me a wonderer. I'm nomadic because I want to see everything. I've lived in this world as poor and as barren as any man could ever be. I may not make a lot of money....but I was never known for that... I was known for my keen sense of instinct and experience. This is how I've travelled so far.… Continue

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So I met a pixie

*Begin transmission*
Well not exactly a pixie like in a fairy tale. But a cyborg woman called pixxie. Walked into reactor and she was there greeted me very warmly and proceeded to dance on a pole. She was very friendly and I learned a few things from her. I have a friend in insilico now and another I bumped into who was here before I was. Now I've noticed that I may have to store my blades somewhere safe and pick up a new handgun or rifle, for defensive purposes of course. I'm… Continue

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Welcome to INSILICO

I've been in this city for hours. The vast expanse like a dreadful prison surrounding me like a cage, making me claustrophobic. The buildings loom over me like they would in any city but they are all the more intimidating when they bare the logo of the corporation you fear most. I tried to leave that all behind but all these goddamn years I was left with nothing. Why was I running... hiding?

I could always seek refuge with that other corporation Tokuma. But after meeting the freaky… Continue

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My Start

*Start Message: Time 8:26 PM EST*
Landing in Insilico from Gemini was certainly interesting. I have my credits what few I came with, but my main items that I used, mainly my handguns, were deemed "Dangerous" to carry on the transport so I left them with my wife. Why did I come here you may ask, its simple really. My family comes from a long line of explorers and being insilico is one of the oldest cities still existing it defiantly brought my interest to it quickly. First thing I… Continue

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Mr. Goldman; Mr. Grayman

It is a cold night on the surface of Earth. Marshall, our hero, stands next to the concrete pillars that had once represented man’s ingenuity, after the invention of canning…

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When you love them let them go. If they love you they'll return.

I spent my life running from them only to return to the lion's den. All because of her. I heard she was here but I wasn't sure. I don't even know if she will remember me but she is the last person I have left in this world...

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