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PRESS RELEASE : BCSS announced today the implementation of stringent new security measures following the increase of terrorist activity in the city.

IN SILICO, July 25, 2478, BCSS announced today the implementation of stringent new security measures following the increase of terrorist activity in the city.

The new measures are as follows:

1) Enhanced monitoring of the critical facilities

Increased number of monitoring systems within BCSS

Partitioning the security rooms, and restrictions on people moving from section to section

Decreased number of people allowed to enter BCSS facilities

2)… Continue

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The Final Mile

There is so much I can do in Insilico. I explored all the leads... I reviewed all the fragments of memories the drugs unlocked in me. Memories ? Or figments... That's what I need to find out. I have this picture I found in the news.

Frigate Captain Sarah Mikhaïlovna Sakharov, 41 year old when she was lost in space on December 10th 2474. I would be 44 today. Is that really me? I can't recognize myself in this short blonde officer. Curly hair. Brilliant record. The picture shows her...… Continue

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Freight vessel crash: The hunt for survivors

A grainy image flashes onto countless news servers and displays around the city.

“Pictures from a surface drone show what appears to be a freight vessel crashing into the ocean. Recovery droids have salvaged parts of the wreckage and reports suggest that several bodies have been found. A recovered crew manifest reveals that while the ship was piloted primarily by advanced AI bots, designed and built by the robotics giant ‘Norce… Continue

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A little peace and quiet.

There is a place full of light. A place where all debts are off, all wounds are healed, all questioning settled. A place where all feel satisfied, where animals and machines find peace, find joy, find hope. The place is cool and soothing, and the light is bright and white and surrounding.

Perri's optics focused on a thick, dark line cutting her view in half. One large, armored boot. The walls around it were gleaming white. But this was not the good place. This was IPS… Continue

Added by Perri on July 30, 2009 at 12:30pm — 6 Comments

Echoes of the v0ice

It has started... is it the same ? Or did the v0ice stir something among the synthetic population of the city ? It sounds like an echo, an answer, a stance.

The message shows on the displays all over the city. It caught my attention... "We are HERE. We are ALIVE. We are FREE. We are 01". That's what it says...

It kept running in circle in my head. I couldn't sleep. I went to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror… Continue

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Den Mother

With new change comes new challenges.

A lot has happened to me recently.

My old, speech impeded self is gone, merged with the Predatory AI experiment in my head.

It is as if those two personalities, so at odds with each other, were always meant to be

together as one. My crippling insecurities are largely gone, my AI sides monstrous hunger

abaited and turned to other uses. Even my flawed speech, the cause of great frustration for

me and those attempting… Continue

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Terrorism is an ugly thing

I made a promise to Bang, and I didn't feel like breaking it. My career was behind me. No way back.

Yet something had to be done about Caine. We couldn't have him barge in the Ant every day, pointing his rocket launcher at people, destroying the bar, or arresting the manager with no charge like he did yesterday. Something needed to be done.

Bang took position above the mall with a sniper rifle.

I picked a high… Continue

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Magnetic (Bi)-Polar disorder (Part I)

Vissy feels odd from almost selling out her friend, Ash earlier. Her guilt is compounded by another person paying her NOT to sell her out [See "After the Bomb I, II, III).]

Vissy stumbles out the diner door, weak from adrenaline drop, fighting tears of guilt. Ash was always so kind to her. "This is how I repay her?". Taking unhurried steps makes her lose her balance every few feet, her equilibrium set astray by the neon-reflecting mists floating in the… Continue

Added by VissyAdamczyk on July 29, 2009 at 9:37am — 1 Comment

The v0ice - Sixth Transmission

Things are accelerating... bombs start blowing up, and it doesn't take an augmented brain to put things together. The v0ice speaks.. the IPS goes hectic.. generators blow up and things go down the drain.

Actually, I'm starting to wonder how likely it would be that the bombing was organized by the IPS. Even the v0ice could be fake. A clever way to identify and gather the seditious elements in the city. If you know there will be a… Continue

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Neon Nights - Chapter Six (Business as Usual)

"Interesting choice of meeting place," Jeremy said as he scanned the club. Sitting next to Yukiko on the semi-circular couch, he sipped a martini.

Yukiko shrugged and swirled a new glass of wine in her hand. She smiled seeing Jeremy's reaction to Lucy delivering their drinks. His usually stoic face had nearly split in two with shock as he watched her caress Lucy's thigh again, sliding the credit stick into the pelvic slot. She could only imagine his thoughts at seeing her intimacy… Continue

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Caines First Date

After the Explosion, Betz found Caine watching over the workers repairs. And as a fake detective, Betz wanted to see the scene of the crime. She flirted, and they made plans for a date. 20:00 hours at the Seas he said. And She was waiting.

It came time, but he wasn't there. Betz picked up three near-empty wine bottles and filled a glass. She took sips of it and pretending to act drunk when he arrived 20 MINUTES LATE. He was lucky she didn't shoot him.

[20:19] Caine Foxtrot… Continue

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The Problem of Fear and Mortality

"All anxiety is derived ultimately from self-preservation instincts."

The socio-psychological model of Terror Management dictates this. In both my observations and my experiences, I have recognized fear is the primary root stimulus for human emotion. It is also the root of their deepest sins- all of them. This is perhaps the single greatest lesson of my experiences thus far.

It is not enough for me to be aware of the possibility of my own demise. While such an occurrence… Continue

Added by GABRAEL on July 29, 2009 at 7:35am — 2 Comments

Prodigy of the self-aware: Part 2: The Soul Concept.


----Securing files----




--Encryption code--




: The quality of being aware or consciousness. "Feeling", created by perception and thought. The humans describe being alive as being aware. The ability to choose their path… Continue

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After the Bomb (Part III)

[Vissy enters the diner after running around at wits end in the streets in East. She comes upon the diner.

[17:49] Ashling Alchemi turns around. "What, that? They did this??"

[17:49] Vissy Adamczyk looks up in surprise "Like I said, I dont need your money"

[17:49] Gabrael Couturier gives her a disappointed look, "Who else Ash? The fliers. The symbol. It's not hard."

[17:49] Gabrael Couturier watches Vissy carefully.

[17:50] Ashling Alchemi looks at Gabrael "I… Continue

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After the Bomb (Part II)

[16:57] Gabrael Couturier: Vissy

[16:57] Vissy Adamczyk: "Yes?"

[16:57] Gabrael Couturier glides down and catches her by the shoulder, coming to a hard landing and jogging next to her before they stop.

[16:57] Gabrael Couturier: What are you doing?

[16:57] Vissy Adamczyk: "I'm gonna see if shes in this club upstairs"

[16:57] Gabrael Couturier: And then what?

[16:58] Vissy Adamczyk: "Then im gonna search some more, really hard"

[16:58] Gabrael Couturier: And if… Continue

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After the Bomb (Part I)

A small crowd runs to see what happened at the reactor after news of the bombing spread.

Caine is the lone IPS guard inside, with ideas of his own whom might be responsible.

[16:23] Vissy Adamczyk: "hey whats goin on? I saw the news"

[16:32] Alexandra Messinez: A small charge on certain conduits will do here. The damage must have been mostly internal

[16:33] Gabrael Couturier scans the area closely, "Carbon markings, scrapes from shrapnel still."

[16:34] Alexandra… Continue

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The "Fat Hetish"

[14:40] Vissy Adamczyk: "She has a hat fetish"

[14:40] Vissy Adamczyk: "Or a fat hetish, I get them mixed up"

[14:41] Alexandra Messinez: You mean the pants which ended at knee height?

[14:42] Betz Dagger: And the coats, boots, HATS, yes.

[14:42] Betz Dagger: And my hetish is NOT fat. It's just a lil chubby.

[14:42] Vissy Adamczyk: "Capris? No, thats an ancient cigarette. Real skinny ones"

[14:43] Vissy Adamczyk: "So its a chutty hubbish?"

[14:43] Betz Dagger:… Continue

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GNN Breaking News: New Director Of External Operations Announced!

July 29th, 2478

Breaking News: New Director Of External Operations Announced!

In the wake of the sudden disappearance of its former Director of External Operations, Vengance Deerhunter, GEMINI Cybernetics has taken strides to fill this much needed position. A GEMINI spokesperson has announced that the former Daedalus vice-president of external assets, Hain Heliosense will take Deerhunter's place. Daedalus… Continue

Added by Alexx Novi on July 28, 2009 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

Betz's Sexual Harassment Calendar

[16:49] Betz Dagger: VISSY!

[16:50] Vissy Adamczyk: Betz, wheres my towel?

[16:50] Betz Dagger: I forgot it.

[16:50] Vissy Adamczyk: oh

[16:50] Vissy Adamczyk: you know...

[16:50] Vissy Adamczyk: ...this IS a credit stick in my hand, but I'm happy to see you anyways

[16:51] Betz Dagger: I do.

[16:51] Betz Dagger: Well I'm glad.

[16:52] Betz Dagger: Anything else I can do for you?

[16:52] Vissy Adamczyk: "Gimmie a hug, damnit"

[16:52] Betz… Continue

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Calvin Clone model in reakt0r!

[18:47] Chloe Mineff: whacha don' there verandi?

[18:47] Verandi Diavolo: SORRY

[18:47] Chloe Mineff: you look like a boy dnacer in the wrong club

[18:47] Verandi Diavolo: i work whit fashion photos

[18:47] Chloe Mineff: really?

[18:47] Verandi Diavolo: for a.C Store

[18:47] Verandi Diavolo: yep

[18:47] Verandi Diavolo: we have a store here!

[18:47] Chloe Mineff: they sell underware?

[18:48] Verandi Diavolo: yes

[18:48] Jyvindar Krautrauch: i… Continue

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