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Agares Tretiak - Character Sheet

║║▌█ Agares Tretiak ▌█║║

Rank: Lieutenant 1st Class (Retired/Inactive)

Faction: Freelance

Division: N/A

DOB: 03-15-2447 (37 years old)

Race: Human - Augmented (Type IV*)

Gender: Male

Serial: [FLMA37-1492]

Occupation: Private Investigator/Ex-Soldier

------ Attributes ------------------------

Intelligence: 23

Perception: 28

Endurance: 20

Agility: 12

Strength: 26

Charisma: 21

120 points to spend no stat to…


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Random Moments

Role Play is interesting

  • When you get the unexpected message about meeting somebody in 20 minutes and you've not had time to setup the airbags below the windows yet.  (Brass tacks in ivory towers)…


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InSilico's Private Dick

New Investigator Opens For Business

"Lost soul, seeking adventure and employment. Questions answered, lost things found, truth assessed" The man smirked as he spoke, requesting a classified ad that sounded mildly pornographic in a gypsy fortune teller sort of way. Agares Tretiak is new to our fair City, a Private Investigator, looking for jobs of all types of espionage, with a willingness to be flexible, if the price is right(insert eyebrow waggle, dear…


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(Pt.1) - The Voyeur.

Prologue:  The following is a re-imagination of a story first visualized a few years ago. The events, opinions and definitions mentioned are only representative of the back story of the characters within and should not be considered as, or referenced to, as part of InSilico lore past or present.

Definition of reality in English:

1 [mass noun] The…


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Late Payments

“What? That wasn’t part of the deal.” The man insisted, trembling with a mix of anger and fear. The large, warehouse-like room was bathed in a dim red light coming from somewhere above the catwalks overhead.

“Incorrect.” Said one of the hooded figures without turning to face the man. There were three of them but the one speaking to him had a unique golden plated hood and was arguably the most human looking, in that you could at least see flesh.…


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((OOC - Leave of Absense))

(( I'm still dealing with trying to find a RL apartment to move into, and as it is getting close to crunchtime with still little to no luck I am getting a little too stressy and dis-connected to spend much time online on SL.  Seriously, you would think people don't want money, as 99% of these places never even answer the phones or, when you leave messages, call back.  In the meantime wish us luck on the continued hunt, as we are supposed to be out of here July 2, and though we *may* be able…


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The cockpit interior had always seemed uncomfortably small, sized 'spaciously' enough only for the limited shuttle flight crew of three if they were still sitting, with the awkward inclusion of a fourth man as he stood in between the seats ahead. From departure to the actual flight, the individual dressed in the sot grey suit, contrasted against the jumpsuits of the flight crew as easily as the two worlds that their space had been before, and after departure from the city. Barring the… Continue

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Caine's Journal: Dream's End

Caine's Journal, June 12th, 2485.

I’ve dreamt for almost two weeks. And at some point, the idea of not waking up was a very appealing one. While I was recovering, I heard what some people close to me were going through, the state of affairs with Spectra and, by extension, Omega. It was…


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OOC Blog: Cyberpunk Comics

Hey Star Raven here, I know we all cyberpunk/dystopia fans, but did you know of some comics in those genres out there?

A very cool tumblr post lead me to some really bright gems for this:

Happy Reading :D

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*1.544mb/s/PGP1MB/SS enabled. Seriously?.*

And as it turns out, it is not to be. I've been re-assigned to Hangars Liquides. As a practically abandoned city, the Council of Matrons has voted that it be investigated for a soft-invasion/mass-migration of the ASC.  You on the ground know this better than I.



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