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[Gossip] Growing underground tensions

Word is spreading of great unrest and dissension in the underground towards The Ghost Dragons Syndicate over recent events. The setup job the Ghost Dragons played upon a group of Mercenaries from the underground has caused quite the stir. It has effected much of the undergrounds trust towards the local syndicate combined with other speculations.

The revealing relationship of Mr. Hughes and LT Coraline Sirius has equally played into this growing unrest and resentment. The public…


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To Secure A Bad Bot!

Somewhere inside north Insilico City lives the notorious criminal Abbot. Usually this machine will not show up unless it is given some kind of incentive. This is where the mercenaries come in. They have been hired by the syndicate under the false pretense they are there for security when they are in fact bait. Using the harvesters they plan on attacking and creating quite the spectacle hoping the robot will appear. Hopefully he can be taken alive since the Ghost Dragons have plans for…


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Club Aftermath Announcement

The Club Aftermath sends out it's greatest condolences to the victims of the horrible terrorist attack with occurred at the memorial party.  The Club Aftermath brief case bomber is still at large and has yet to be apprehended.  As so many of you are aware…


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[INN] A Brief Statement On The Arrest Of Adam Caine

Following the arrest of IPS Director Caine and the article published by Stormy Weathers, INN reached out to Gemini Cybernetics for further information. While Gemini refused to discuss specifics or provide any further details while their investigation is still pending, a liaison for the company, Wilhelm James, did have this to say:

"Sensationalism is the bread and butter of any reporter. Like most stories floating around out there, there might be some truths in this one, just as…


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the IC and OOC Separation

Two common roleplaying acronyms: “In Character” and “Out of Character”. The fastest way to destroy roleplay and create out of character(aka bad) drama is confusing reality with roleplay.

Why it is SO Important to Separate IC from OOC:

There is no way to stress the importance of separating the two. Confusing them…


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A Question, Mr Director

What Are You Really Doing?

"Dear Adam

I fear for your ambitions to a degree i would rarely disclose openly so I will be as direct as you are accustomed to coming from me. Our company is not swayed by profit or untapped markets...

...So in short what you do have to offer us is the two things money cannot buy and that is influence and power. We are willing to negotiate for a foot hold into the underground for the purpose of cataloging the…


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Bringing Sexy Back!

That's right, my fabulous friends. Eve, that stunning AGIS Queen herself, was flying through the skies on a sleek and chic hoverboard created by Hyperion, lucky girl! My beautiful readerloves, please forgive, for I cannot know one stunning Eve beauty from the next though i hear those gorgeous glutes are in high demand around the City. That is a talent that i would buy by the bottlefuls! 

Back to the fabulous focus, it is amazing to see that woman fly with ease, to fall would be a SUCH…


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ACR-13: A Statement

Insilico, East District, June 23rd, 2484; 3:00 pm.

ACR-13, the Insilico Private Security asset that was acquired a few weeks ago, suffered a considerable malfunction last night during the events of the Memorial held for the AI designated as Millia, which unfortunately turned into the unit going haywire momentarily.

As not only stated by the witnesses, but also shown by the video feedback and pictures taken, it briefly…


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INN News Flash: Last night's memorial to sentient A.I. Millia turns explosive!

INN affiliate Star Raven here!

A party thrown in honor of those who loved, missed, and worked with her; Millia was found out to be an illegal sentient A.I.. IPS "decommissioned" her, but it seems her memory lives on in mayhem & destruction in The Aftermath.

The A.I. hunter unit, ACR-13 was caught in the explosion and malfunctioned, causing more damage to civilians by shooting everything in sight.

A masked…


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Remembrance Memorial Ends in Pain

How One AI Continues to Show What a Danger Sentience is to Our Community

Last night Aftermath was lit from floor to ceiling, the hosts were calling greetings and the music was flowing along with the drinks. But the idyllic scene, filled with toasts to the fallen 'friend' was not to last. A small figure parted the lights, pushing its way to the center of the bar and proceeded to make its thoughts known about the whole idea:

"'If I was a machine with a heart I would be…


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Incident At AI's Memorial

Insilico, East District, June 22nd, 2484; 12:05 am

Tonight, a memorial was held for an Artificial Intelligence designated as Millia. An Artificial Intelligence that was deemed Sentient and therefore, terminated after it refused the reset process. This subject has brought controversy and commentaries from different levels of the Insilico society. The fact remains, Sentient AI's are outlawed, and IPS has a responsibility to deal with them accordingly.…


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Where Have All the Checkpoints Gone?

An Abrupt Departure of the City Wide Security Points

Just as unexpectedly as they arrived, those translucent blue walls and robotic sentries have disappeared, leaving many residents scratching their head in confusion and concern. Does this mean the city is declared rogue AI free? or is there a more insidious method of dealing with them being put into effect. No one can claim that ACR 13 was ineffective at doing her job, one IPS Agent even stated that since the checkpoints had…


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Kiss of Humanity

She was tracing her finger tips around her lips.  Her mind flashing back to how suddenly Eve seized the moment, pressing lips to hers.  She had almost forgotten what a kiss felt like.  The major seemed and felt so real, it scared her. She had avoided Eve for so long, deep down she knew it was to avoid this kind of confusion.  She was pondering just how human Eve really was?  Was she seeing these human like qualities in The Major; because she wanted to, or because they really did exist?  At…


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Eternal Doubts

               "In the end, we will remember not the actions of our enemies, but the actions of those we call friends.                                                                      


The little android rests its weary head…


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Eternal Darkness

Fayte returned home with the box of her mother's things. She had gone to AGIS and retrieved them just the night before and stayed out drinking her sorrows away and never returned home till now. She set the box on the table and opened it. Inside were her mother's clothing and armor she was wearing when she died. Along with the clothing there was her datapad, a few magazines from her favorite pistol, and a portable hard drive. Fayte sighed heavily and just looked at the…


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Rising from the Ash




    My name is Cervantes Rexen, and I was once the Director/C.E.O. of Tokuma Heavy industries. Now, I'm little more than a long shadow cast against the red sands of Planet Mars. I've returned to the dust, once seated at my lofty desk atop prestigious towers..

The D'Naa were swift, and of course, they were thorough. Wayfar didn't stand a chance. We couldn't keep up with their tunneling activities. Their seismic…


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'Subject Five' - document 5A

Password: *****

Date: 18/5/2482 - 8:29 A.M.

Log Entry type: Status Report

Log Entry by: Dr. Larry Kipin, Transplant Surgeon - General Surgery

As of three o'clock we were notified that another procedure was needed to determine the damage more thoroughly. In order to assess this, additional staff attended to supervise. I'm not joking when I say that almost all of the department heads were literally supervising at the same time. Alvaro, Powell,…


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Drinking with Antron, figuring out IPS and THI situation.

Nyusha pours herself a stiff drink from behind the bar at the Club Aftermath, stares out the opening across the divide towards the neon lights of the Blue Ant.  Snatches up her drink and crosses over to the bar.  At least she'd enjoy some time hanging out with Antron.  She always enjoyed…


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I guess I should start with I'm sorry.




Subject: (Blank)

I guess I should start with I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I ran into away, sorry I never called, never replied.

There really is something wrong with me, who I am, what I am, and who she was.

I guess I should explain a bit better.

I'm a fake, a…


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Hot Date in East

Cerise was in an unusually foul mood, as one of her subordinates

had just found out the hard way; He was holding his bloody nose

in both hands and calling weakly for a medic.

She found herself licking her lips at the sight of blood and

muttered a low curse as she realized the source of her anger

was not the bloody fool who had forgotten to notify her of

a newly scheduled assignment, but -someone- else entirely.

She apologised to the man with as much…


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