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A New Prospect


[Location: Gemini Cybernetics Main Offices, Office of the Internal Director]


Syr Eiren looks around impressed and a little overwhelmed by the environment.

Ziebzen Avril smiles gently as she waited ever so patiently for her arrival. He was escorted in she greeted him, "Good…


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"Clusterf*ck much?"

"Clusterfuck much?"


At the sound of the smooth, female voice, Inara slowly turned around from her work. She’d been studying shell trust balances, her back to the door, leaning over the screen on the Oyabun’s desk.  She hadn’t even heard the woman come in.


"Apparently all too frequently,” Inara replied. “Hailey, I presume?" The woman who stood before her was compact and muscular, with mahogany hair pulled away from her face. Dark glasses obscured the woman’s…


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Old Shields, Part 1

Caitlin barely heard the roar, saw the flash as her Viper plasma repeater unloaded a hundred bolts of high-energy death downrange.  Her eyes were tracking trajectories as she tried to eyeball her aim, mixing functions poorly, allowing herself to be distracted and frustrated with each bolt that flew wide to hit the specially treated backstop rather than the holographic targets.  Finally she snarled as her smartlink licked in, superimposing crosshairs that automatically caressed the trigger…


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Sisyphus' First Steps

He stood on the edge of the docking bay, tapping his toes to no beat.  A dull roar of traffic...a few isolated bleeps of peoples horns and maybe the soft hum of his own frame was all he could hear underneath the city.  His tapping toe was less than an inch from a straight plummet to the churning, deadly waters of the surface.  The darkness was suffocating if you looked at it too long.  Something about looking into the abyss...He recalled.  He did a look…


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Datapad Entry: June 28th, 2481

So, I guess I'm fired. And this time, no running back to Gemini when the going gets tough. No more promotions to be had, no promotions to be made. The bastards even took my show. Oh god did I love that show like I carried it inside me for nine months.


But, I have to say that a part of me is relieved. The other part of me is scared shitless, begging me to run back to Ziebzen and beg. I don't think I could ever do that, beg for a job I was beginning to hate. Then…


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No More Chances Left

Iris Creighton: Incoming call from [TIGHTBEAM TRANSMITTER ID-34896]. Accept? [y/n]

Avrilen Ziebzen (ziebzen.avril): [Y]

Iris Creighton 's transmission is scratchy and cuts out occasionally, "Hello, Director *static* Iris..."

Avrilen Ziebzen (ziebzen.avril): Miss Creighton, this is Director Avrilen.

Iris Creighton: "He*static* Director Ziebzen, I apologize for the call quality."

Avrilen Ziebzen (ziebzen.avril): Would you care to explain to me why you are on…


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Just Save the Matches

Joah was excited. YeYe had been in a exceptionally good mood as the two of them had cleaned up after the evening rush, while NaiNai had made the bentos for the next day’s lunch crowd. YeYe and NaiNai had bantered and joked like the old friends they were, and though most of the things they found humorous went right over Joah’s head, she enjoyed working and listening to them talk. It made the Bowl feel like home to her.


When they had finished, and NaiNai had headed back to her…


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The Mousetrap, Part 3

The alarm blinked steadily behind Inara’s eyes. She didn’t get out of bed, but she didn’t bother to shut off the persistent blinking either. Its rhythmic pulse provided an almost soothing counterpoint to the throbbing of her head. Last night had been a disaster of overwhelming proportions.  How could the Oyabun had been so foolish? And she’d had no time to prepare. Had Cain not been such a loose cannon, had their information been sound, the whole trial could have been averted. A few payments…


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Hypotheses of a Hermitcrab: Doll on Duty

(Adventures of a Dollbot)


-Log 04-

Location: Atomic Comics

Time: N/A



The doll trips its way through the doorway, arms waving for balance. Righting itself inside, it hops over to the desk pink braids bouncing with each jump.


A female voice suddenly cheers from the doll's collar. "Boooomer! Bessie! I'm hoooome!"


The doll hops up on its tiptoes and peers over the counter, glassy eyes blinking. "Well, this is…


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[Insilico, 2481.06.27] A sensory log, captured by the eyes of an anonymous citizen of the Western sector has been leaked to NHK today. Contained therein is damning evidence of an assault by a Gemini Cybernetics Incorporated employee on a defenceless resident of Insilico West.


You see her on your screens each and every night; her brash manner and 'homely' smile projected into your residences by GNN. I refer, of course,…


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The UBC Trade Credit (represented by either the symbol at left or written as Cr.) is the only legally recognized form of currency within the InSilico setting. Not only is it the foundation of the entire corporate economy, it also has a universal value that is guaranteed by the UBC's vast…


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Brain Candy

Caitlin lay in bed, breathing a sigh of relief.  She'd finally stabilized the systems of her new body after eighteen hours of work following the installation of the parts she'd gotten from Boomer's secondhand parts.  So now, eight hours of programming work, six hours of careful interlinking of systems and protocols and four hours of thunderclap migraine later, Caitlin was exhausted mentally, if not physically.


As the pain faded she began poking at the new Logic unit,…


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GNN: Ninkyo Dantai Leader Arrested

Hibiki Ochs, public face of the Ninkyo Dantai, was taken into custody on a range of charges, including suspicion of murder, after an IPS raid on the Skygate Hotel & Spa earlier this week. Also taken into custody following the operation was Mr. Och’s personal assistant and counsel of record, Inara Nasayena.


Although the details leading up to the investigation are not yet available to the public, the charges levied against the suspects were of such severity that the…


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Second Chances

Markham Zero swaggers into the Reakt0r and gazes around


Iris Creighton, laying on the leather seat facing the ceiling, swivels her head over and see's Markham. She doesn't really know how to greet him, she she just sits up and waves, not seeing her hair is frazzled in the back.


Markham Zero gives a lazy salute up at Betz, "Hello Betz."


Betz Dagger waves back at Markham. "Hey sweety. Come to see me without underwear on?"




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Personal Log Roahm Whitesong - 6/25/2481

Roahm walked into her office and slumped into the chair at her desk. Rubbing her eyes she switched the computer terminal to audio dictation mode as she reached and grabbed a cup of tea...


Gods below its been so busy lately i havent had a chance te update this thing since who knows when. heh probably sometime before Eden i still feel no closer te findin her then when it happened. lets see te update, i'm now captain of the IPS, seems insane how fast i…


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What did I do...?

Standing with his back to the door of the IPS, Markham heard a soft tap on the glass of the front of the North Station.  Turning, her recognized the visitor and waved her in.  It was Iris.  He had not seen her in quite some time.  For the past three months or so he had been relocated to Gemini Prime to assist in the training of troops to be relocated for the Summer Dawn Project. He almost felt bad for not staying in better contact with her, but that was how life was in his line of work--you…


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"ALANIS, what is it with me and men?"

"What do you mean, Madame?"

"Me, and men. I always choose the wrong one."

"Perhaps you should explain, I was in a rather compelling Pong tournament with a Neo-Tokyan reception A.I."

"Well, I met Markham agai-"

"Did he tell you he was a homosexual?"

"Wha- No! That's only happened once..."

"Okay continue."

"Well, okay. I met Markham again at IPS North and we chatted about… Continue

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The Mousetrap, Part 2

Inara sat silently, watching officers and reporters mill around in the lobby of the IPS station. In her hands, she cradled the cup of lukewarm coffee one of the officers had given her. The coffee’s taste was still bitter in her mouth. Though her face was calm and placid, her mind worked furiously as she considered her options.  She’d been waiting under IPS compulsion for over four hours, and as best as she could determine, the interrogation of Mr. Ochs was still going on although it was…


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