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Raw Roleplay Setting

INSILICO is a dark futuristic metropolis, slowly floating several thousand meters high above the clouds. One of many cities, serving as the last airborne asylums for the small extant human population since the earth has been flooded. Each of them is connected to its own reactor farm on the bottom of the sea with long, heavily guarded cables, protected against eco terrorists and different groups of rebelling cyborgs and labor-androids trying to take down the cities.

Surrounded by huge… Continue

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First day as a resident in the NE tower.

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New World SLURL: Insilico, Premiere Cyberpunk Metropolis

A more detailled review from Hamlet:
He visited the city after his post last week to see it with his own eyes and i spotted him on my radar, standing there agape and looking up to the skyline. I took him to the penthouse just for the view! Was very nice to meet him.

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Insilico on Massively

Insilico - future city:

The future is made of the same stuff as the present.

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Find Truth™ In The Stream

For Immediate Release:

News Clipping - "The Voyant Institute, previously of Saijo City's Infocalypse community, has announced their intentions of opening the organization's new headquarters in the floating city of InSilico. Founded by Erik Commons XXXXXXXX the Institute teaches "Voyanticism" XXXXXXXX. This belief structure is built around XXXXXXXX analyzing massive data streams, in search of XXXXXXXX "The Truth".

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Photo Widget Bug

The photo widget seemed to be causing a browser lag with a scripting error. I'll check on the Ning Developer groups about it. Have disabled it in the meantime but will turn the video widget back on, so feel free to use WeGame to film your Insilico Experiences, then share them with everyone here!

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Please be a good neighbour to your fellow shopkeepers.

We reserve the right to change the rules.



commercial: 375 L$ / week for 50 prims

residential: 275 L$ / week for 50 prims (northeast tower)

375 L$ / week for 50 prims (7 seas building southwest)

400 L$ / week for 50 prims (white full furnished prefabs)


- Wear your… Continue

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Rez Magazine Review & Interview

"When the landmark image rezzed, I'll admit that I thought it hadn't been taken inworld, and it piqued my curiosity enough for me to head over to INSILICO (153,131, 3615) to investigate further."

Thus Voodoo Buwan, writer for Rez Magazine, and an in-world friend of mine, found our beloved floating city and fell for its many high tech charms. Check out his article & interview with sim creator Skills Hak.

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New World Notes On Insilico

New World Notes, Wagner James Au’s SL blog, has a new article on Insilico just posted. Well, to be more exact its really an article about another article that was written recently by our friend Voodoo Buwan, but we still appreciate the attention, even if he calls it a Dystopian Metropolis Shopping Mall, which it sure ain’t.

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