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Where are you?

Walks down the eastern portion of insilico the synthetic rain, hitting his reddish hair, this woman elektra ..or ellie now, seems to have been evading him,he looks ahead out over the eastern sector, aas he sits down 

He closes his eyes some for a breif second " where ever you…


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New Duty Post

Fresh off the transport, still reeking of recycled air and ration packs and I step into this? Whew. Puts things in perspective, that's for sure. Got a few butterflies in the belly, wondering if I made the right decision. That's some tight air space up there, tighter than any Martian box canyon I've ever buzzed…


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Nearly 1 Year....

-He can be seen sitting in fusion sitting back enjoying a drink, taking it easy for the night-  "nearly 1 year i have been in the city and what a roller coaster ride it has been...from being a smuggler on arrival with crystical, to joining iss for a while, and re discovering who i am." his armored fingeres, gently hold the glass of scotch " then the battle with harvesters......... the trouble with cale and his return. " chuckles "even meeting a few a.g.i.s personal. " he looks at his aichi…


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034 - Six Months and Ten Days of Light

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-05-23  ▌█║║

I let the water run down my body, and the mind wander off. I was back at my apartment in the city, after returning from another trip to Mars.

The only thing I could think of was whether I could find her at AGIS.  

Tried to focus. In a few days I would have to travel to Shoda.   I would have to split my time between the city and the station.

I looked down at the…


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║║▌█ PR155-1774 ▌█║║ 

Rank: Entry level 

Faction: Reakt0r 

Division: Dancer 

DOB: 01.01.2468 (current year 2484) 

Race: Android (robot/machine) 

Gender: Female 

Serial: REFA68-6977

Authorized Local Agent: InSilico…


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Peaches McKenzie

║║▌█ Peaches McKenzie ▌█║║

Rank: Contractor 

Faction: AICHI 

Division: Engineer 

DOB: 06.05.2463 Gemini (current year 2484) 

Race: Human (with minor augments) 

Sex: Male 

Serial: AIMH63-2120

Back from outer space.

His parents fled to the stars, unable to afford the high…


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-stood in a dark corner ditching his body suit, before slipping into some actual clothing, he looks ahead fixing the tie before coming into the light, leaving behind his attachment to the underground, he sets the bodysuit on fire looking down to it, as he slips his new gloves on, looking down at it, he then walks away with out saying a word, moving toward the east sector of insilico…


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β͵ Blight

“There is a large rift forming in this city. This is too apparent in yesterday’s events at Terra Firma. Too much still needs to be collected to take action as of yet,” Elektra recollects to herself as she sips her coffee. Dark and bitter, just how she likes it, tingling her tongue and sending a slight burn down her throat…


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Path to redemption?

he walked along the corridors of insilico now unmasked and deweaponized, he thought back to the words his brother spoke to him 

Derrick Sullivan: "She played us against you want to live under someone else's influance or do you want to get your self straight again?"

Cale Sullivan: reaches back removing the rail gun handing it over to derrick "I want to change....but i can't do it on my own" 

Derrick Sullivan: "then loose the mask…


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Who are you? the encounter with elektra

-Stood on the balcony of the k9 club in his rebuild and redesigned armor, having made complete repairs, he clicks his visor scanning the visual area he stood there with his arms crossed he raises a brow-

"What buisness with someone from neo-tokyo have with me......and she acts as a lesion from a outside security…


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AD: Free Mars-Earth Travel Vouchers!

To celebrate Mars' closest approach to Earth this past weekend, AEON Holdings is offering free standard-class travel vouchers back to the city for all InSilico citizens currently stationed on the red planet. NO STRINGS ATTACHED! This offer will only be valid for the next two weeks, so act now to reserve your seat on the next flight out!

"With Mars moving further away with each passing day, and Conduit travel out of reach to most citizens, there is no better time than now to come… Continue

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Not all of us are evil....

(due to upload problems with site refere to link below for images)

When an attacker is found...the only responce is knocking…


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The Second Sullivian and the breif encoutner

ooc: pic credit goes to maz from her blog

-During the duration of hunting down the second human attacker of that ai he…


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I Can't Feel Nothin' At All

(Highly recommended listening to the audio if not familiar with the musical inspiration. Full resolution images available on Flickr )…


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Personal Log KIFH44-0179 2486-5-22 "Shadows"

The shadows of INSILICO run deep and dark. Deep enough to hide whole communities of transients, eking out existence off the books, barely a step ahead of being ground under the boot heels of the elite. And dark enough hide the crimes of monsters that would otherwise wither in the sterilizing light of exposure. I have witnessed but some depth and breadth of these shadows and the monsters that they cloak. And yet my experiences have barely scratched the surface of this ebon metropolis. In the…


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Hidden Gems

OOC: Still can't be around at the moment. The luxury of internet. At the moment it is still very unreliable. Writing to try and keep in part of the story, be in the background.

Please don't assume your character knows what I have below. This was more in hopes others will enjoy it. Hope you are all having fun! Can't wait to get back. Till then, I'll just keep writing, posting when I can get/find good data waves.

There might be some grammar and spelling corrections in the…


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The Hunt

-His foot steps echos threw out the city, remembering that ai from the terra firma, he stops for a second the hues of his mask glow red scanning the area, he grips his hand around, around a metal pole, playing it back hearing the spitting and sputtering from her audio file for the breif second, his veins push out, ripping the pole off its hinges, he places it over his shoulders, that reddish glow coming from under the hood,-

" There are things that are tolierbale....and things…


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The dust has settled for now

- He sits in the tech department of aichi going threw his armor's power cell to see what could be salvagibale  from it.but the entire component was fried, something fell out of his armor, he picked it up, looking at it from a breif moment, an old picture he used to carry with him, his looked hardened as he crumpled it up, bouncing it off the wall as it lands in the trash bin he places the power cell beside him-

"Should of seen that coming....the attack was from the inside, "…


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It Begins

-after making his escape from last nights altercation he makes his way back to hobotown wih an angeda now after witnessing last night his boots echo thru out hobo town the criminals rapist and everything in between down there in hobotown look up to him as he walks by, one of the criminals attempt to pull a knife,…


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We'll Meet Again...

The Drifter found himself in the Blue Ant once again. He decided to take a seat in the booth again, this time in the seat where Holly typically sat. Holly was one of his very few trusted friends in Insilico, and now she was gone. Not dead, but rather, having fled Insilico. He cannot help but feel a creeping sadness come upon him. He did care for this cyborg, she was his friend. He had her on comms, but she was still very much gone. Therefore, he was in essence, very much alone. He sighed, and… Continue

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