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All work, no play, and dull boys.

It wasn't a long flight, as flights went.

It had been awhile since she had to shake out the gas masks, but otherwise, eveything had been delivered in order. Sanctum has always sent things in good order. It was best that way; that alleged human touch, a pretense of care - and one less excuse a contractor could have - being the lack of required equipment.

It was going to be a relatively simple job, and should be part time at that, leaving more than enough time to…


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Found in Family Hour

“why are you so afraid

I feel your sadness …


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Lost in Family Hour


Messy almond hair, swayed lightly through automatic spring breezes; as the owner, a young pale tan skinned, grayed eyed man stared down into his…


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News about INSILICO!


Many mediums across the grid strive to be, or have, what we have accomplished & keep on accomplishing. A long lasting and memorable simulation within Second Life.

In this blog I will post various articles from such about our sim or mentions.

Real Travels in a Virtual World:



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Caine's Journal: Dreams And Nightmares

Caine's Journal, May 26th, 2485.

Hondo City in Japan, this time. It took…


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Moving Day

Admittedly, she was a little more comfortable with the move than she was expecting.

The penthouse in the Seven Seas was pretty empty with Kes and Cupcake running "other work" (nothing like having two employers - really - you'd think in this day and age no one would have to work a second job, but anyway...), and after actually putting on the headset that ran the news, Lunhilde was somehow not surprised that things had heated up right by what was literally her old front door,…


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Caine's Journal: The Calm Before The Storm

Caine's Journal, May 22nd, 2485.


After working so hard, seeing the enthusiasm in everyone, and how through they were, the satisfaction of seeing an important assignment done ahead of schedule can't be matched so easily. The package was submitted…


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Absent Friends

***300b/s/PGP1MB/SS enabled. Ionization is Bad Tonight. No Pictures, Please***

I've mentioned Richard previously. The word is, he's gone. Nexus folded, with rumors of gunfire and senior executives crossing paths. I'll probably never see him again, but wherever he's gone, I wish him love and happiness. 

Still, there have been a lot of nights when I'm sleeping alone that I try to understand what I felt... and feel... toward…


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[Witty Blog title]

The short video of the hooded figures in the shades ended and Zion stared at the “Watch again?” on the screen for several second before letting out a quick “huh” and a very slight shrug. This was one of those times where he was perfectly happy no longer being in security. Not because he’d never seem a gang of people team up on someone before, but because anyone choosing to use a ridiculous weapon like a scythe was probably wasn’t all there in the…


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Voice Recording 003

[Start of Recording]

[There was silence for a moment, before Razzy's shaky voice could be heard, though she was speaking quietly, as if whispering to avoid being heard.]

N-note to self. That man with the golden helmet-thing is... is not a friend. Th-there I was, going for a walk... and there he was. I thought he was being... well... friendly, but he... was just being creepy. So I tried to…


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Creepy people

She had seen one of them in the Ant, when the girl called Ivy was saying something about a creepy guy in a hood. Frankly she thought he looked ridiculous, like a wanna be grim reaper.  Then she had headed out to head to the Ant for a drink after overseeing some modification to the spa equipment, leaving Adeel to keep whatch and make sure none of the chemicals spilled.  And saw a group of them, all gathered around that girl she'd seen around, Razzy.  Who's gotten one of them in the knee with…


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Hostile Gang in the Shades!!!

//Correspondants in the city have sent the EyE footage and sightings of strange, hooded individuals sighted through out Insilico, Aside from largly creeping out the populace, they hadn't seemed too outwardly hostile, until tonight, We received to our server, firsthand footage of a gang of these hoods apparantly attacking a citizen!  click below to watch the footage://

<Vid begins at street level, first person view of walking across the parking lot towards the 'Sex Bots'…


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Conesequences and beginnings

Never trust someone who will trade or ship anything, no questions asked!

God only knows how I ended up in a pile of cargo in the docks of InSilico. At least they were gentlemen and didn't find my credit stash. Need to find my contact and get on with it. I have settled into an apartment, and have been scouring the sectors, but the damned city is empty most days. Still trying to adjust to the time lag from the trip.

Need to find work. Have stopped in at the reaktor club.…


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Mysterious Ship Patrols InSilico

// This part is information which is fair game for In Character knowledge //

A mysterious transport drop ship has been seen cruising around the city at various altitudes recently.  It has been sighted above the park in the Northern district, In the corporation district of the East and…


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Caine's Journal: Red Wine, Dark Meat

Caine's Journal, May 17th, 2485.

Progress is being made, at an even faster rate than I had anticipated. I had a meeting with the team earlier this week, it's a compact team, but very capable as well. We have got our first assignment from Omni Tech, they were very specific regarding what…


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Voice Recording 002

[Start of Recording]

So, um... Razzy. This is Razzy. These recordings are going to be things that can maybe help you remember if you... um... start to forget things again. So... uh... yeah, here we go.

[The sound of footsteps could be heard, as if she was walking and talking, pacing back and forth.]

You woke up here in this strange city, broken teeth, blind... alone as you were used to.…


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She sat coiled, on haunches like a cat. The notion of being feline didn't sit all together too well with her though. She was a bird. A giant, mechanical bird, hooded. Both owl and vulture, waiting to swoop and dive and snatch at prey, pluck-pluck-pluck it right up.

/I could be both/ she decided. Both for when the time was appropriate and wouldn't you know it was always the right time to simply -be.-

Rising and uncoiling and standing to her full height, she twitched.…


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… Darkness… Lexus was standing in darkness she could hear a person talking or was it two, but she didn’t fully understand what was being said.


“Catastrophic failure…”


“She’s beginning to come around…”


Was she dreaming? No… The darkness began to fade, she was awakening. Her eye lids where so heavy it took every effort to open them. She blinked several times, the light was so bright it hurt. She could make out the silhouette of two…


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Voice Recording 001

[Start of Recording]

-y, how do ya record sound on this thing? I wanna start recording some things in case I... um... start forgetting things again.

[Muffled speaking]

What do ya mean, press the button? I already did press the button! Here, let me try pressing it ag-

[End of recording]

[[Any recordings found here are on a personal device…


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Idle Hands

Laid back in what appeared to be a chair roughly made out of scrap his eyelids slowly slid back to reveal his black eyes staring far off into the distance. He looked surprisingly comfortable sprawled out on the pieces of metal and plastic, one arm resting along a beam protruding from the pile and the other propped up on a knee, fingers moving idly from in his peripheral vision. A shift in his gaze and a glint off the amber metal of…


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