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The package had arrived earlier in the day, Dr. Faith had been taking a nap due to her failing health.  R&D Drone Unit 3 and 6 had travelled to the dock to accept the item and equipment from the THI Cargo Vessel "The Kuma".  Loading the cryotube to an autoloader, they brought it to the lab.  Once there, the cryotube was moved into position, the assorted wires, plugs, and life support attached, as 6H05T-Prime drifted silently in the next one.

Once the cryotube was connected, the…


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Ann studied the readings today, taken from 6H05T Prime.  As usual they were hard to make out, the recorded memories, mostly resembling a quickly moving ball of darkness and shadows, the recent ones were clearer, Professor Winter's and Ann's face, The inside of the cryotube, Anitya, the Bowl, the older ones were more difficult, a dark spiderlike mass, likely the rouge Widow that had killed the Jane Doe 6H05T used to be.

    The new android, Lilith, she had going through therapy…


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Just more Vissyisms, because my page is full.

Lost a lot of things I say (which I record to laugh at later), but I'd hit the 1000-character mark, which doesnt always give a warning before deleting. Just for me, but go ahead and enjoy if it's your "thing" ♥

[14:20] Poked (pokey.pussycat): *waves*

[14:20] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): hiya

[14:20] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): gotta go in like 5 mins

[14:20] Vissy Voltaĝe (vissy.adamczyk): doc

[14:20] Poked (pokey.pussycat): Alrightie, take…


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No Pissing on the Cake!!!

Cake Pissers; Heroin OD Resuscitation; Petty Drug Theft; And Ordering a Goddamn Burrito!

tralala Loordes: Squints underneath her Helen Keller tint sunglasses at the two guys near the door..."Boys...welcome to the Diner...yah hungry?" "Coffee? Beer? WD40?"

Lowcash Ronin moves his head around as he…


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Needs must

With her freezing hands jammed deep inside her pockets and her head held low Sugar despondently made her way over to the Bowl once again. This was the third time she'd been here today, the 14th time she'd made the trip since she'd spoke to Joah, not that she was counting or anything. Why offer a job for christ's sake if you were never gonna be around to get the person started she thought angrily? Of course she couldn't, shouldn't, blame the girl. She had been nothing but helpful and…


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The Apartment

Steel hard.

If one closed one's eyes, it wasn't hard to imagine the feel of the frost, hear the emptiness in the ka-shumf of the bulkhead door. A click, a hum as the lights slowly flickered on, the whine of ballast waking up until all was painted in shaded grays. Turn on the light. Turn off…


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Activation of Lilith

((this was an RP with Straitsilver, unfortunatly I don't have the transcripts and hate paraphrasing, so this is mostly concerned with what was going on during the RP rather than the actual RP, and kind of whoes where Ann gets alot of her non-Tokuma equipment, how the lab manipulators work, and how she can build robots so quick))

The new research lab was dim, as Ann preferred it when working.

The R&D wing was a new addition to Tokuma Plaza's…


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Someone skinned my brother yesterday, taking both his eyes and his skin, yet leaving him alive. When they finally found me with a "client" and took me to him he had finally stopped screaming.and pass…

Someone skinned my brother yesterday, taking both his eyes and his skin, yet leaving him alive. When they finally found me with a "client" and took me to him he had finally stopped screaming.and passed out. Small mercy. The sight made me sober up quick and quit puking. Hell, it was a mind stopping sight, brought back a shitload of memories.They're going to keep him in a coma as they rejuvenate him. He is just a feverish piece of drugged infection till they succeed.

Guess his past…


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The Lady of the Green: For I am Greater than the Gods and the Buddha

((OOC: Part 2 of the Lady of the Green  Once again i would like to acknowledge my collaborator.  Thank you.))

Minutes.  Hours.  Days. Weeks.   Time seemed to blur completely for the young man.

In the daytime he would wake and work her fields, slowly mending the terror a single man had wrought upon this pleasant garden and the whole city.   A gentle touch and eternal patience coaxed the revival of growth and green.   

As the evening fell, he would…


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Too close for comfort

Shit thought Loopy shit, shit shit... this is the last thing I need. Today had been a complete catastrophe She'd only just managed to evade capture. Her position was precarious, her time left in this city limited. 

It was all Edwina's fault of course, it was always Edwina's fault. The concept of staying under the radar,of blending in, being as invisible as possible was completely alien to her. Why did she always have to push things? Being a smart ass and getting one up on someone was…


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=*illegal broadcast*=


Last Login: April 28st, 04:13:23

>telnet -a -b ABSOLUT

>enter login: Circuit

>enter passw: #######


>login accepted..........

>no trace detected

>backdoor node access crack.................

>backdoor security bypassed...................

>enter remote network IP: net.334/usr/Monitor - channels 10 - 75 co.sys-network/20.442.632.514

>node cracked, open node…


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