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Dr. Faith's files: interesting night


Message from Dr. Lockheart was received on my wrist terminal, Miss Raven, the clonejob, had traces of nanomaterial in her bloodstream during a recent checkup, she asked me to run some tests.

The west medbay being somewhat renovated, and I was told made much more patient friendly, I assigned the Nurse system to send a message maning an appointment.


Miss Raven arrived, and we proceeded (the sensors for the scan were old fashioned, but I hadn't yet rewired my own…


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The Director's Commentary May 30, 2481

I had finished up my interview with the new recruit Vince Duke, the former Tokuma gofer.  I seemed to have lucked out since they were too preoccupied to give him the opportunity of REAL work and his potential had been overlooked.  The idea of being their delivery noodle boy while waiting for a substantial job was insulting to him and not going to get the bills paid.  I could tell her was focused and eager to work--not simply because Captain Torrence threatened to kill…


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Worst night of my life. Part 1 of 2

Not too long ago Maria went to Doctor Chessa at the MedLab in West for a genetics test, throught the test it was found that her Genetics had been tampered with in some form, but whether the tampering was harmful or not has yet to be seen. But within the blood samples that were taken inactive nanites of unknown origin were found floating in her blood stream. Chessa set Maria up with an appointment with Doctor Angus because of her study of nanites in…


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The Oyabun's Right Hand

Inara followed Mr. Ochs toward the Skygate Hotel, then up the winding stairs to the nearby cafe’s balcony, which overlooked a wide expanse of the city. An artificial breeze blew, mimicking the feeling of cool night air. Mr. Ochs walked to the balcony railing and leaned over, gazing at the flickering lights, the neon and the expanse of buildings. “I love the view,” he said quietly. Never turning to look at Inara, he leaned on the balcony rail. “So your uncle wants me to give you a job.… Continue

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Runner of a different kind

She was moving at speeds well beyond safe tolerances for a human being.  She would need to recharge after the fact, but the exhileration racing through a still all-too-human brain thrilled at rocketing across the skyline from girder to girder at over 160 kph.  The gravity generator on her black shared Caitlin's electric blue glow as she slammed the hammer home.


Optics both in her eyes and in her visor worked in tandem to give her a full-on analytical view of her run/flight…


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Random Happenstance


I was walking through Central again, that main area where all the different shops are. The flashing lights didn’t seem as enticing this evening. I wasn’t really in a mood to waste creds on ridiculous fashions or some other new fangled techno-gadget to plug into my eye socket or any other orifice, for that matter. I was feeling better since I left the Vasc mining facility, and I decided I would try my luck with the transit system, again. Maybe I would find somewhere else that would…


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Memorandum No.3.




The contents of this memorandum is strictly PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL, intended only for senior Tokuma Heavy Industries staff. Do Not Distribute.


The intention of this memo…


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Ordering the Hit, with a side of Arson.

The following conversation is a rendezvous on Phobos Station between a Hitter and a client. Their names have been redacted for secrecy. Little did they know the catastrophe their meeting would cause, or was that the plan all along?


The Client docks their ship on Phobos Station and heads towards the Hempen Jig bar. This town was a lawless pit of vandals and ruffians. The sign said no guns. A mockery of the violent streets. The client knew it was just there for looks. The low…


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1. Escape.....

Aten panted as she crept across the scrub land between the hospital wing and experimental lab...screams echoed, clashing in the vastness between, but she continued, it was normal!

After 3 weeks in the hospital wing, her mind set on her escape plan, through the pain of having thrown herself off the highest point in the facilitate, she was finally back to health, although as far as the doctors knew, she was still in a coma; the concoction of chemicals she had managed to procure had…


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A Night at Atomic Comix - Part 1

Joah switched on the light in the storeroom and turned on the water in the sink, waiting for it warm up a bit. She pulled her black hair back in a ponytail, which she stuck on the top of her head with a barrette, and shucked off her shirt. Sometimes it just felt so good to get cleaned up, she thought, wash the grease of the Bowl off her skin. She stuck a soft washcloth under the water and lathered it with one of the citrus soaps NaiNai’d given her. She loved the soap… it reminded her of the…


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Meeting the Oyabun

Inara gazed into the mirror in the dressing room of her suite. Three-quarters of an hour, she thought, as she applied gloss to her lips with a small, precise brush. I’ve plenty of time. He’d said for her to meet him at the Buddha Bowl in West Sector. She could take a transport, but it seemed best to walk from the Skygate. She’d been in the city lest that 24 hours and getting a bearing on her surroundings was  a top priority.  She picked up the black silk scarf on her dresser and draped it…


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Van sat outside the Tokuma Towers and watched the well heeled of Insilico come and go. She had heard about the 7000 creds a week Penthouses and had come to the conclusion she wouldn't be happy until she was living that sort of life here in the city.


Preferably as the well kept girlfriend of a powerful city dignitary.


Earlier that night she had been propositioned standing on the street looking for an address. She couldn't blame the man, her clothes…


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The Captain

I ran into the police in the lobby of the SkyGate last night. An IPS Captain.


I had seen this woman before at the Buddah Bowl. We had talked about her disgrace in having been suspended, the fact that she knew some people that might help me get work. We had spent a good hour talking. There was even an attraction, I had thought she was going to ask to see me again.


This time however, she acted as if she had never seen me before. If anyone else had been there, I…


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Eyes On East



He sighed heavily, standing on the light fixture, socket wrench in hand.  The Setsukas were on the fritz, all sleeping in their little bays.  They looked so cute, seven identical gynoids all resting.  He cursed their cores as he tightened the last lug with a yank, the hydraulics in his…


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West Side Story... A Survival guide to myself.

Eight months in Physical therapy...  You'd never know it by looking at me.  Hell, you might even think I wasn't human at first glance.  I've gotten used to the stares though, but i haven't gotten used to being mistaken for a droid yet.  I swear the next guy who asks me where to slot the credstick's…


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Welcome to Neo-Tokyo - part 3

The venue where the fundraiser was being held had been constructed mostly with bronze-coloured, elongated glass panels which seemed to catch whatever bit of light touched it. Marvelling at the sight of it, my self-appointed companion guided me at the elbow inside where we greeted by one of the geisha-like ladies I had seen around the city more often over the past few days. The white painted mask was both welcoming as distant and I wondered why women chose to follow that path. Then again,…


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I better get a job soon


It's been nearly 4 weeks since I got to Insilico and I haven't landed a gig. I had to give up the fancy schmancy sky pad I thought I was going to be able to afford and move into a place called the SkyGate Hotel. It's a lovely contradiction of a fabulous spa, a plush lobby, and rooms reminiscent of the interior of transport pods.


I had been hopeful when I saw the hottest strip joint in the city was hiring. What I didn't know was they were about to tear it down and…


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Dr. Faith's Files: Virtual Research

**Video feed follows the glowing featureless figure as it flies through the right atrium of a human heart, stopping near the sinoatrial node. the gowing figure speaks up**

Dr. Faith: Nurse, increase magnification to the X level


Nurse: Yes Dr. Faith


**the atrium and SA increase in size until the figure looks like she is floating near a small island of a sinoatrial node.

from this view, there's some discoloration in the node, and walls of the…


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North Side Sentiments

I found myself walking through the winding corridors of Central lost in thoughts of solemness. One foot in front of the other, not really paying any attention to my surroundings. One step, another step, and yet another. *click-clack* *click-clack* My hazy gaze focused downward to my feet. As my heels hit the grungy metal ground, the sound reverberated off the naked walls around. The sound brought me back into the present only for a moment. I glanced over my shoulder, half expecting to see…


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Welcome to Neo - Tokyo - part 2

I spent hours strolling the streets of Neo-Tokyo, marvelling at the multi-colour, multi-cultural experience that was evolving itself around me. Suited businessman accompanied by Geisha-inspired women walked the streets as if owning them. Young teens hung about in groups, wearing what looked like headphones with sunglasses attached to them. It was later I learned they were some kind of Virtual Reality devices that enabled people to step into a world of their choosing. Just another drug, I…


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