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Caine's Journal: Crimson Battlefield

Caine's Journal, April 30th, 2485.

I still haven't seen anyone from Triton, it's been three, maybe four days since I landed here, I know there's VASC, Nomads, and even D'naa at it, don't know exactly what the heck happened, but I know that it's a full blown conflict now, and there might…


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Journal Entry

*1.544mb/s/PGP1MB/SS enabled. Seriously?.*

The D'naa are at war with VASC. 

And I'm stuck here.

Am I a war horse who, even with no stake in the war, and no rider still musters out by reflex when the trumpet sounds? Yes.

Do I find myself…


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Miki was claustrophobic, squeamish, and risk averse,

so he asked himself what he was doing in a skinsuit

with a multitude of invasive medical connectors, in

a small sealed and shielded cyberdive room, about to

make trouble for himself by stealing information from

Gemini. The money was not _that_ good, so it must be

because _she_ had asked for his help - emotions - Bah!

Miki felt an unbearable whole-body squeezing sensation,

endured an endless moment…


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Mars Rover

As he sat in his 'command center' of an office, seemingly slouched lazily in the chair as the computer did all the work, the various screens displayed everything from INN news feeds and social media to network traffic and system security analysis output. A file opened on the main screen in text showing what appeared to be, even to him, computer gibberish. But was it? Yes, in fact it was. He smiled. Step one, complete.

A quiet series of beeps behind him drew his attention away from his…


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Caine's Journal: The Red God's Disciple

Caine's Journal, April 26th, 2485.

My new friends will have to excuse me, as that private meeting with promised beer and pizza will have to be delayed.

I had heard about issues on the Red Planet, the place had always been a war zone, but it seemed that this…


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Pest Control

The workmen finished bringing the crates labeled 'MARCH" into the lobby of the Skygate Hotel, Amanda 'Nemo' Axiom watched as they unloaded off the dolly, the last crate.  These pidgeons were running this place for long enough.  "That's the last of them?"

The workman nodded.

"alright."  She tapped on the screen of the pad she was holding, as each of the crates opened up, showing red glowing eyes.   A pidgeon landed in front of one of the crates and peered in ,…


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Hot water, pelting and with the peculiar atmospheric scent of reclaimed pre-precipitation, streamed down around her, pattering across her shoulders and the back of her neck and head, streaming down to the floor. Past the black locks dangling wetly around the edges in her vision, Rhiannon watched with distracted fascination as each drip tumbled to the tile floor with a little splash.

A little thing she'd started to take for granted, she realized. Plumbing that works when she taps…


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Caine's Journal: Ghosts

Caine's Journal, April 23rd, 2485.

Someone complained tonight about the rain. I am not sure if such thing should even be taken into consideration. It's sad, it's beautiful, it makes you think, and if you're not careful, it'll drag you down to dark places. That is what makes it so…


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A Irrelevant Gentle Afterthought

Burning smog slowly leaked from worn dried out lips while the man slowly unbuttoned his oil soak trench coat, trying to cool the drying sweat falling from his brow. Chris looked about the so called underground and all she had to give as his artificial hand from time to time found itself safely resting inside his worn down pocket, lightly petting the safety lock on his old steel friend.


The stail hopeless repulsive air of the underground…


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2nd Meet with Citizen Rep Zion Volos

//Vid begins again at someone's eye view as they enter Kasbah, looking around to the people crowded inside, helping themselves to free pizza and drinks.//

[20:07] Nemo (ginzo.aeon) comes in and takes a seat in the corner

[20:08] Ivy BAE Lin (aldheide.dragovar) perked up at the offer of drinks, and made a very pointed and quick effort to move closer to the bar. "Uh." She cleared her throat, and beamed as pleasant a smile as she could. "Are drinks complimentary or am I…


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It was late… or was it early? In any case, he needed sleep. He’d been sitting in his office watching summaries and streams of data flood the monitors since before lunch. With Richard spending so much time out of town he’d been easily pulled into other things and his other job, better paying job he might add, had gone all but forgotten the past week or so. Now he was trying to spend the first bit of free time he'd had in a while catching up on things he'd put on the back…


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March Intl. Aquires Skygate Hotel

New Announcement from March International, We have recently aquired the Skygate Hotel, As part of our 15 step plan, No current tenants or guests will be removed as repairs to current electrical and plumbing, and pest issues are made.

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Caine's Journal: A World Apart

Caine's Journal, April 17th, 2485.

He won. As hoped, as expected. We got a new Citizen Representative, the first one if I understand correctly.

Seems I came back just in time for a party NyCorp was throwing for the victor, whoever that may have been, it would…


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Payment In Full

It's not a common thing to watch the severed index finger of a man's right hand fall to the ground with a feeling a satisfaction. That is, unless you're name is Betz Dagger. Of course, that moment only happened after the shrill scream of the man in question losing said finger. Some might wonder why she'd do such a thing. Other's may think she does this all the time. Has her reasons. Has her reputation to keep and all. 

This particular story doesn't start with a finger, though.…


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OOC EVENT: Live Filming for Drax Files INSILICO

If you wish to be in Drax Files INSILICO, bring your cyberpunk self over on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th! Filming in the morning and evening.

-Remember to wear a LOW script count, & we reserve the right to clear the sim.

-We would rather have YOU in the film than extras, so please come on down on those days.

-Please wear your futuristic, modern, and cyberpunk gear.

-If on Mars, you need a space suit to breathe.

-Don't rez anything…


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Character Sheet for Miki

Note; This is an attempt at a low level Syndicate character;

I am not sure I applied the pluses properly, but I am sure I

will hear about it if not.  :P

¦¦¦¦ Nezumi Miki  ¦¦¦¦

Rank:     Shatei (Younger Brother)

Faction   Syndicate: Ninkyo Dantai

Division: Insilico South

DOB:      20 Nov 2450

Race:     Human

Gender:   Male

Serial:   NDMH50-1946 = CC G R DB - RND#

Syndicate +s

Skills:  LockPick10%, PickPocket25%,…


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Eye Of Insilico: Ruckus at the First Whine and Dine with Zion Volos

Tonight was the first of presumably many 'whine and dines' with the new Citizen Representative, Zion Volos.  Pending technical difficulties, the EyE was there in time for Mr. Volos to field various questions, primarily pertaining to AGIS and the Eves, and less about Gemini.  The Eye correspondant helpfully asked about why Gemini's park's grass makes her feet itch, and again was deferred to AGIS, rather than Gemini, the owners of the city park.  

The city meeting was interrupted when a…


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Gunmetal Tower

Strolling through the glass tunnel far above the ground level of the East District, with the sound of rain prattling against the outside, he made his way up the stairs and turned left into the club. For the first time he went not to the bar for a drink, but straight for the elevator near the dancefloor. Stepping on he waved a hand through the holographic chevrons that were the button and the lift moved upward. A place even closer to a bar than his apartment? Why yes,…


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║║▌█ Trallion Suen ▌█║║

Rank: None

Faction: Underground

Division: NA

DOB: 2454.8.2

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Serial: UNMH54-5501

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 20

Perception: 30

Endurance: 10

Agility: 30

Strength: 10

Charisma: 20

------ Skills ------------------------------- **

Knowledge...............50% (int+per) 20+30

Medical....................50% (int+agi) 20+30



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INN Report: The Votes are In!

And the votes are in folks! Zion Volos is our new Gemini Representative to the city of INSILICO. May his tenure be long for however that is!

Runner up Nyusha Zoryana graciously gave him a party, while Dr.Faith was nowhere to be seen. After toasts, food and partying of course a firefight broke out. Welcome to Gemini Mr. Volos!…


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