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Where RU?

Conversation overheard at the Bowl discussing RU-84….


Kristin smiled as she cradled the tea bowl in her hands, breathing in its steaming fragrance."Nice to not worry about being bombed while you try to relax for a change."


Joah nodded as she picked up a rag from a pan of soapy water and began wiping down the counter. "That's sure true," she said with a smile.…


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[Insilico Community Report]: Two Insilico Establishments Joining Forces

Starvation.  Its an unacknowledged problem facing various low-income families of Insilico and those members of our citizenry who have fallen of the grid.  While the great Titans of the City, Gemini Cybernetics and Tokuma Heavy Industries, continue to "renegotiate" their relationship - the citizens of Insilico continue to suffer from this continual menace.


Many have wondered if the situation will continue to deteriorate now that rumors of an impending "cake shortage" has…


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One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Fumes and Filth create the dense odor in the air, and tons of scrap metal and discarded plastic pile on the grimy floor. The Junkyard was a place of trash, scraps, enormous rats, and the lost and homeless.. From amidst a pile of black garbage bags, each sleek and shiney like oil, tufts of white hair stick out in contrast. Covered in filth and obtaining the odor of trash and discarded waste of the junkyard, was a discarded prototype.

Her metallic eyes were lifeless, her white hair,… Continue

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Shot Up, Burnt Up, Blown Up

Joah had been busy wiping down the counters when she noticed a tall white man in fatigues settle down at one of the front tables. She tossed the rag she’d been using back into the pan of soapy water and headed over, a cheerful expression on her face. “Ni hao, welcome to the Buddha Bowl!” she said brightly. “What can I getcha?” She truly loved her job.


The man looked over and smiled pleasantly. “Hello. You must be…


Added by Joah Menjou on April 27, 2011 at 10:44am — 8 Comments

GNN: UBC Announces Operation Summer Dawn

In a presentation released to various corporate interest groups today, the UBC unveiled Operation Summer Dawn; the proposed second phase of the Mars Terraforming Initiative. The following is an authorized excerpt of the plan as laid out by Dr. Simon Reynolds, Chief MTI Science Advisor.

"In order to maintain the seasonal similarities with those of Earth's past, and provide a more consistent climate over larger time…


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The Skygate Hotel and Spa

And poof, he's gone.  Just like that Abbot was gone from people's minds and RU-whatshisname may as well have been too.  Hibiki swore.  The prize had passed and his main opportunity to imrpess upon the people the need for a proper criminal organization was dead.  He needed a new plan, and he needed one now. The momentum had built behind him for weeks and all his careful planning had gone unused.  He kicked an errant can on the sidewalk with his boot, sending it sailing in a lazy arc…


Added by Hibiki Ochs on April 26, 2011 at 7:34pm — 6 Comments

Public Broadcast: Reconstruction in Western Sector


Sergeant Tsunenaga, THiSec and (right) security footage of construction sites.


Tokuma Heavy Industries Insilico…


Added by Juliette Tsunenaga on April 25, 2011 at 9:45am — No Comments

OOC: InSilico wins BOSL Awards 2011

The BOSL Awards 2011 were held last saturday and i was nominated with InSilico in the category best overall sim. I have been on the road over the weekend but could attend via Skype and video feed, and guess what.. We won.

I was told we received alot of votes and want to send out many thanks to everyone who voted for the sim and all the people that have been so much…


Added by SKiLLS on April 25, 2011 at 6:00am — 22 Comments

01.The Handler


Added by Stark Osterham on April 24, 2011 at 2:47am — 9 Comments

The Vow Fulfilled!....Sort Of.

"I make this solemn vow before the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas that I, Genya Omizu, will enshrine Great Amida himself within Insilico so as to offer both enlightenment and liberation to all sentient beings...."

-Genya Omizu - Aoki Temple, Neo-Tokyo



....and at last he had completed his vow..... …


Added by Genya Omizu on April 23, 2011 at 11:30am — 2 Comments

Gulag caught and punished and discussions on proto 1 and doctor N

Roahm was walking down a dark road in the west sector when the call came over the IPS broadcaster that Gulag was spotted in central Insilico. She was determined not to let him get away as she sent a message over the comms to IPS letting them know she was enroute to Director Ziebzen's location. 

As she arrived at the abandoned shop she spotted Avrilen and waved to her and hoisted her weapon. "Director" she said letting her know that she was there. "I believe he's down there." Avrilen…


Added by Roahm Whitesong on April 18, 2011 at 10:18pm — 8 Comments

Chun the Prodigal Daughter

Well, not really - She shares my mutant heritage, but is not part of my clone clan.

She was the final attempt by our opponents in the War of Assassins to build a better 'Bot.

Damn near killed me on several occasions, and fought a series of epic duels with my wife.

We never did defeat her, but managed to steal her control codes, and give them to her,

making her an autonomous automaton with a cool but human personality marred only

by some traits grafted on to…


Added by Edward Dalton Maner on April 18, 2011 at 6:50pm — No Comments

An Offering

[Location: Gemini Cybernetics, Utopia Laboratory of Insilico]


Aemeth Lysette enters the office behind Ziebzen, looking around and keeping a firm grip on the box.

Ziebzen Avril escorts Aemeth up to the labs. This one is quite different and extensively advanced than the other ones. There are a number of identical looking women making themselves busy around the place at different stations working diligently.

Wraithwire Unplugged stands quietly typing something into…


Added by Z on April 17, 2011 at 10:31pm — 1 Comment

How It All Went Down

((This blog goes back some, to approximately mid-october. It was one of the occurring events that ultimately led to Z's motivation to take over IPS. Zieb didn't exactly choke Hain with his tie but it was something to that affect. Enjoy!))


Hain Heliosense appears to be on the phone " Dr. N...there's an important opportunity for your research that I'd like to discuss with you...the sooner the better. It… Continue

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//Situation Report : Filed by IPS Private Whitesong//

//Time Stamp : 1915 IS time 16/4/2480//

At approximately 1700 subject known as Gulag Mekanic was observed entering IPS north medical bay. Upon officers entry to the premises he was seen tampering with computer consoles and was asked to explain himself. Gulag refused to answer questions, and was summarily read his rights. At which point the offender threw a canister and it exploded blinding me for a brief second which he used to run. Met with Lieutenant Arline while in pursuit of…


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I should have mentioned before that I won't be available for a while. This pass week has been such BS when it came to the amount of schoolwork. And next week I'll be busy alot since I'll be going all over the place. You can inbox message me if you want to contact me, but you won't see too much of me around.

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When the Man Comes Around.

He had faded out of existence. Almost a year had passed, a short distance on the table of time. Yet, in the realm of a man's life, it could seem like an eternity. He stood waiting amongst the crowd, ignorant that the man next to them was once the cause of so much pain and destruction in this city. The constant attack of IPS officers, the drug smuggling, the fighting, the pain, the torture, the anguish. Some would proclaim him a terrorist, and he wasn't about to prove them wrong. His boots…


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GNN: Tokuma Responds To Abbot Claims

A Statement from the Desk of Director Keng, Tokuma Heavy Industries

"While, of course, the Council and I are relieved to see the cessation of the recent terrorist activities caused by the droid known simply as Abbot, we would like to quash the rumours that it was indeed property of Tokuma Heavy Industries or any of its subsidiaries.

Also, our glorious Corporation unfortunately can not take any responsibility or credit for the destruction of the machine,…


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GNN: Ext.Director Heliosense responds to claims of Abbot's defeat.

The External Director contacted the offices of GNN to issue this statement on his behalf.


"I would just like to take this opportunity to personally convey my deepest [inaudible] to the anonymous individual that selflessly took it upon themselves to put an end to the public menace that is...was...Abbot. Not only were you conveniently in the right place at the right time, with no witnesses to potentially endanger, but you somehow also managed…


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Recruited Into Battle

The lights of the Western Section of Insilico cast a dreary shadow across the lower levels. In a darkened sector , high above the usual path of traffic, sits the silhouette of a younger man. His legs dangle over the ledge like the lit cigarette from his lips. Though the West may be quiet, his mind is not; colorful, fast flickering images play over and over again.

    :The Night Before:

Buck shot rains from above him randomly as he sprints through the alley ways. He turns left,…


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