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Asset Protection

"Why do you think you're still breathing, Static?"

Ford sits at his office desk, chewing at his lip as he stares into the middle distance. He's supposed to have finished the costing report for the TK220 "Happy Hour" Liver Enhancement about an hour ago, but he hasn't been able to concentrate all morning.

He's telling himself it's the hangover, the comedown; too much partying and not enough sleep, and that's partially true, but it's not the whole story.

"Why do you… Continue

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Quoteables #11

[2010/04/17 19:27] Teinja Kamachi: If you want my body, and you think I'm sexy, c'mon I already know! If you really want me! Just reach out and touch me! Or better yet just touch yourself! -synth line-
[2010/04/17 19:30] Vissy Adamczyk: ♫♪ I said I'm sorry but im out of K-Y jelly,♪♫
[2010/04/17 19:30] Vissy Adamczyk: ♫something something so the next line rhymes with jelly♪♪
[2010/04/17 19:30] Teinja Kamachi: -synth line-
[2010/04/17 19:31] Teinja…

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Quoteables, Other Worlds (#10.36)

Some things just need to be archived, even if they are just inside jokes.

[19:52] ell Keneinan: hm. electrician's tools. *tosses them in rucksack*
[19:53] Vissy Adamczyk: If they're KLEIN, they're MINE
[19:53] ell Keneinan: ain't gettin' mines!
[19:54] Vissy Adamczyk: prolly Walgreens anyways.
[19:56] ell Keneinan: they *are* kinda dirty
[19:57] ell Keneinan: but they're mine all mine!

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Blind Date

[19:32] Betz Dagger runs her hand over the bike. "Maybe I should get one of these."

[19:40] Betz Dagger points her blaster at Fifth as soon as the door opens. "Don't make any sudden moves."

[19:40] Fifth Aeon comes out of the storage room in the back, gun having already been drawn in advance of his entrance "You got a lot of balls for cunt, showin' up here."

[19:41] Betz Dagger shrugs, keeping the gun on him. "Well, I came here talk to you, not kill you or anything. You were very… Continue

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The Messenger

[Fifth's Garage...]

[11:00] Fifth Aeon poked his head out from underneath the vehicle "Oh...damn. No skirt, eh?"

[11:01] Ziebzen Avril comes walking down the stairs, her steps are nearly silent in the equipment she wears. A voice comes out of the suit, scrambled and mechanical. "I figured it would be better to make myself less obvious. The less I am seen around you the better. Just be careful, I think she knows something is… Continue

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Not A Fan of Needles

[12:44] Ziebzen Avril enters the medlab, curious to see if Hibiki was still here of even if he was ok. Seeing him over on the bed she approaches quietly.

[12:45] Hibiki Ochs 's proximity sensor lightly chimes, announcing an approach. With a flicker his visual sensors come alive, scanning the room. His motivators weren't yet up and running, and he was still locked in the embrace of the hospital's machines. But he was almost done… Continue

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Residual Data Pt. 3

[Part 2]

The sun was starting to die and the giant terminal was beginning to lose light. Marcus hopped over the counter of the closest food stand as Avril made it clear to him that she was getting hungry. Her couldn't bare for her to tell him that again. It was getting slightly repetitive. He couldn't fathom how she had any appetite left with all the rotting corpses littered everywhere. He guessed that it probably… Continue

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Dragon's Wing: A story told in a Desert....sort of.

[In keeping with my attempt to appropriately entertain those who deign to even bother and read these stories, starting with this particular one an accompanying soundtrack will be provided. Please refer to the song cues found in [] during the story to enhance the experience. I hope you enjoy.]


A few years ago.

Tokuma Heavy… Continue

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Party Crashers

[20:44] Betz Dagger walks in, attaching her Gemini pin as the door closes behind her. "Evening, Miss Avrilen."

[20:45] Ziebzen Avril hears the voice and stops typing on her datapad.

[20:45] Ziebzen Avril slowly turns around to look over at Dr. N. "Good evening, Doctor."

[20:45] Betz Dagger smiles darkly and approaches her. "Working late.. are we?"

[20:46] Ziebzen Avril nods a couple of times keeping her eyes locked on her.… Continue

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On the table, MedLab, Insilico South

The whirring motors soothed me somehow. I'm not really sure how to explain a soothing feeling when your body has no functioning nerve endings. It's just the idea of the function that sort of gets you off. You hear it, your sensors pick up residual vibrations that tickle gyroscopes that send choppy, bumpy readings to your virtual equilibrium and boom...a soothing rumble fills me to the core.

I was laid out on the operating table, my back sliced down the middle and cracked…

Added by Hibiki Ochs on April 28, 2010 at 10:00am — 1 Comment

Registration re-opened.

If you haven't yet noticed, new Sign-Ups are now OPEN again. We've removed the need for approval by an admin to become a new member of the Insilico Ning community site. May your data run wild and free.

Added by в21 on April 28, 2010 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Back in Insilico

Moto finished tapping on the datapad, just finishing up with the installation on the blank gynoid body, picked the shell up cheap and was wiring her for remote functions. She headed to the mall to get some clothes, when she got a transmission on her partitioned channel "Mars? what do they want with Mars now?"

Added by Motoko1207 OHare on April 27, 2010 at 10:47pm — No Comments

pop-up ad running on Insilico's network

*window pops open, obscuring what you actually wanted to look at as the people in the ad scream at you*


Chimera Genetic's FOBBBLEY!!!!!!

the best genetically engineered toy ever. FOBBBLEY is derived from a DNA slurrey of all the cutest animals to be A ROLLING BALL OF CUTE!!!!!

Furry spherical body makes CHIRBLING…

Added by Motoko1207 OHare on April 27, 2010 at 7:27pm — 3 Comments

I Am Afraid... For Everyone (Especially Myself)

[The Blue Ant]

[15:46] Ziebzen Avril: Hey there Els! How's it hangin'!

[15:46] Elspeth Placebo looks downward, appears confused.

[15:47] Elspeth Placebo: I am doing well.

[15:47] Aemeth Lysette watches her. "Are you sure?"

[15:48] Ziebzen Avril: So what is the plan for tonight, girls??

[15:48] Ayumi Arisawa(Spade): What's your name?

[15:49] Elspeth Placebo: Well, I'm glad to see you're drinking, because I need a pretty crazy favor.

[15:49] Daniel "Neo"… Continue

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A.B. Book 1: The Genesis of Ai

The following is a testimony of the history of the last several hundred years, accounted by a very old AI nicknamed "Janus." Janus, is an individual representing a collective of Progenitor AIs known as Ambient Black. About half a year ago, he contacted Risa/B.21 during a virtual experiment involving networked computer systems around the various remaining floating cities worldwide. The original experiment was meant to…

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Six View from Mount Fuji (with apologies to Hokusai)

Ryutaro Heihachiro, Assistant to the Deputy Director of Media and Public Relations - Tokuma Heavy Industries

"You mean the monk? Ah, well, the way i hear it is that Bou-san's transfer from the Fuji facility was due to his failure. You know about the chairman's 3rd grandson right? Keitaro Takana died of some horrible rare degenerative genetic disease. What doesn't add up is the fact that neither his mother or father's family has ever had it. Not a single member in either family… Continue

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Residual Data Pt. 2

[Part 1]

The girl stumbled into the restrooms. She really didn't care if it was the girl's or the guy's room at the moment. She could hear a broken remix of a sythesized woman instructing citizens to check in their baggage and keep a watchful eye over their personal possessions at all times. The recording was repetitive and annoying. It was the only thing she could hear in the place aside from the howling… Continue

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Insilico Staff Update

Hibiki Ochs, Ysanne Korpov (IS.RP Hosts)

Insilico sim is proud to announce two new additions to our staff, Hibiki Ochs and Ysanne Korpov. Please join us in welcoming these two experienced players into their roles as Roleplay Hosts, or, in other-words, experts and authority on role-play… Continue

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The Power Washer, Porn, and Panty Bandits!

[19:57] Ziebzen Avril looks up at Xander with a delighted smile, "I enjoy dancing with you." She keeps her voice low.

[19:58] Xander McMasters grins at Ziebzen , " me too"

[19:59] Xander McMasters: I'm just glad things worked out well an all.

[19:59] Aemeth Lysette: I'd better call it a night. See you guys!

[19:59] Ziebzen Avril peers at him curiously. "What do you mean... you and I?"

[20:00] Xander McMasters: yeah , you know

[20:01] Ziebzen Avril: Well... I mean we've… Continue

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Requiem for a Robot's Soul

"The torch of chaos and doubt - this is what the sage steers by.

So he does not use things but relegates all to the constant.

This is what it means to use clariy."

-Zhuang Zhou

5 years ago - Tokuma heavy Industries - Hashimoto Laboratory/Mt. Fuji Facility

The blaring of the emergency alarm crashed against his skull like the roaring waves of a violent ocean upon an unsuspecting beach. Drops of crimson snaked their way down the… Continue

Added by Genya Omizu on April 26, 2010 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

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