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The Return

-Armored foot steps echo threw out the east moving looking forward he lights his cigarette as normal that familiar brownish hair becoming wet by the synthetic rain of the east. but hardly being regonizibale after leaving a while ago some perspectives have changed he returned with one goal in mind, as he moves toward the aichi office quietly, his red and black armor glistenting in the lights. he re activates his com, with it going online, he moves forward knowing what he must…


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Derrick Character Sheet

║║▌█ Derrick Sullivan ▌█║║

Rank: Aichi Employee

Faction: Unaffiliated


DOB: 2455

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Serial: FRMH-53-2454

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: 20


Endurance 20



Charisma: 20

120 points to spend no stat to exceed 30 or fall below 5

Attribute: Stat +0 difficult / +20 medium / +30 normal

------ Skills…


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Sim Update - Opening Assessment

Well, after a bit of a delay and a hiccup (Note: enable Allow Direct Teleport), the InSilico sims are now accessible to the public again.. 

Getting back in after being locked out for so long, our first priority was to just take a look around and make sure everything is as it was before this whole drama started. Aside from scripts being turned off in some regions, lag from everything coming on at once, and a few lists being cleared out; everything remains intact...and it WILL…


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AICHI Solutions Advertisements


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A Message From AICHI CEO Jeanne Y. Aichi

║║▌█ For Immediate Release ▌█║║

29 March 2486

For the past several days, the fate of Insilico has hung in the balance.  Could our city be saved?  Or would we be cast from our home -- the only home some of us have ever known…


Added by Jeanne Yuriko Aichi on March 29, 2016 at 12:30am — 3 Comments

A More Optimistic Title

After meeting with the Lindens in regards to InSilico's future, we have been able to come to a deal that will hopefully get us to a point where we can keep the sims open into the future, and with any luck...self-sustaining again. It's going to be a lot of work, and no doubt there will be some issues along the way. Yet this was the best of possible options to get InSilico open again soon...and within the control of those that have been involved with it for years.

I'm not too…


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Don't forget me.

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A Sad Title

A Disclaimer is a disclaimer...and as such, please understand that the thoughts below are my own in light of the current situation.

EDIT: Linden Lab seems to be cooperative in keeping the sims alive so far.

If you'd prefer to hear the words directly from Skills herself:…


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Sim Update

Hopefully I'm not out of line for responding to this, but to cut down on at least some speculation here...

Skills' account has been banned. This has already been stated and we know that much as fact (even if the specific "why" of it has has been left up in the air by LL vagueness). I've seen the notice as it relates to the ban, but will not otherwise comment on it as that is up to Skills (who is understandably still trying to sort this all out). It was not for financial reasons…


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024 - AICHI

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-03-21   ▌█║║

Surrounded by the rhythmical sound of the artificial rain, the old Nexus building was a good example of the fugacity and evanescence of human efforts.  It had been owned by a Richard Hughes who, as many others, had climbed the city ladder to eventually fall,  cut down by the ruthless law of the survival of the fittest.   

After Hughes, the Nexus building had been the headquarters of IPS,  and even later,…


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Deconstruction, Reconstruction

Trotting up the steps towards the Fusion, the pit of Richard’s stomach slightly twisted. He walked slowly into the place he once owned, tracing his fingertips along some scrape marks left behind by fragmentation and/or bullets. Hell the first night he opened the place, it was nearly an all-out war. Rapping his knuckles on the replaced glass, near the taxi pick up and drop off. All new from the bombing, still the culprit ran free.

His hand was guided by the railing, which he stopped to…


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Second Life SciFi Con People's Choice Awards!

UPDATE 4/9/16

We won 3rd place Best in Theme! Yay, thanks so much for voting!



At the landing zone for the Second Life SciFi Convention is a kiosk asking you to vote…


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023 - Life at the PROTUS Outpost

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-03-15   ▌█║║

I woke up in the morning and, for a brief moment, I thought I was back at the Gripen compound. The electronic low humm was less audible from the barracks, but the metallic look of the walls, and the dim lights had a very familiar feeling. I…


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Sixteen took her time in making rounds. Since FIfteen had been wiped, the workload had reduced nominally. Finally, she was doing as she was programmed. A feeling that both delighted and left Sixteen strangely sad.

The receptionist approached, "I was told to give this to you for input into the system manually. Something of a hiccup caused it not to be automatically transfered, so it was couriered a few hours ago." and handed a manilla folder over. How very retro, Sixteen…


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[The Delaney Quartet]: The Goddess of the Market

Of Thieves in White Collars, Champagne Cultists of the Last Goddess, the lure of the Red Planet, and Corporate Pragmatists who roll their eyes at the fever dreams of their masters.....

.....oh and something about a Pineapple...


The Atlas Society - a minor UBC Shareholder…


Added by Genya Omizu on March 15, 2016 at 8:27pm — 1 Comment

Log-Entry MH42-2902-2486-03-14

I had a rough night in dark corners of the streets. I could close barely an eye. I somewhere found a non-living corner, where, like a Punk I on a bench, tried to find some sleep. The city is larger and louder than I thought. An unusual image of city noises and flickering lights of advertising...I gotta get me a newspaper.…


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Grand Opening: 「AICHI」

The AICHI Group (「AICHI」) is pleased to announce the official grand opening of its corporate headquarters in the East district of Insilico.  AICHI currently operates three business ventures within the city, overseen by CEO Jeanne Aichi and CSO Chilka Aichi.

AICHI Solutions

The core business of the AICHI Group, AICHI Solutions is Insilico's…


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022 - MARS!

║║▌█   Dart Hellsland´s Journal - 2486-03-06   ▌█║║

As Tae had anticipated, AGIS got Fifteen restored to life. I met her at the vast AGIS lobby, together with her twin sister, Sixteen. Dressed in a brief and rather sheer leotard, she was the same dark beauty of before. And still, and a completely different being.  Her mind had been completely wiped, then restored to factory defaults. The once feisty and bold fabricant was now a polite, obliging, almost meek…


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IS trans system ...hacked?

I was checking the transit system and clicked on it... if I didnt know better I would say its been hacked... but avi was transformed... maybe 50 prims loaded on, all kinds of garbage... O a, still getting a count down of some kind in my chat window... ideas of how to get rid of this count down or.. what the count down is for ?

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Cookie's Diary - 2


Dear diary,

I finally snuck out to the Mess Hall tonight. That candy bar I smuggled in only got me so far. And I forgot about it being in my pocket, so I had to lick melted chocolate from the wrapper. Oh well, tasted the same!

Dart was down there…


Added by Riowyn on March 11, 2016 at 3:11am — 2 Comments

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