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The Debate

Candidates Discuss Political Views in the Rain

East was sectioned off last night as crowds gathered to watch Zion Volos, Nyusha Yamasuka and Ophelia Faith discuss why the Citizenry should choose them. Each was given time to answer questions directed at them before being allowed to debate with one another. Eve Dimitriaski hosted the debate and was divine perfection, even in the rain that delayed the opening statements.

Each candidate was asked to make their…


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Umbrellas and Other Passing Thoughts

Well that had gone well.

He was sprawled out, damp and tired, on his outdoor couch overlooking East thinking he should have brought an umbrella. Rather than looking down on the event space he'd chosen to lay on his back and look up at the small roof that currently sheltered him from the rain. After the debate had finished and he'd stuck around long enough no one could say he 'ran off' once they were over, then he did just that. It had been a long day and he was looking forward to…


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Caine's Journal: The Mind Is Vast And Infinite

Caine's Journal, March 29th, 2485.

I believe I have done it. No compilation errors, no logic errors, no infinite loops either. The program has been on hard testing for the past ninety-six hours, with all the scenarios I could think of, with every exception and…


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((Blah blah the usual.))

Lunhilde sat slouched on the couch.  At this point, if it were of a lesser material, she is sure it would bear permanent slouch marks of her here, and some small part of her brain appreciated that.  In it's own twisted way she was considering it artwork.  It was something she created of which it's only function would be to make the next person notice, "Someone spends too much time here."

She was reading the little bottles today.  There…


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Prologue 1: Two of Two


"And another point to the Fedo Fighters! 12 to Fedos to the 13 for the Orkridge Boyz. Oh-Bee has possession of the orb,…


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Character Sheet

¦¦¦¦ Salvor Wyrdan ¦¦¦¦

Rank: None

Faction None; Will join Underground as cover.

Division: Not Applicable ?

DOB: 20 Nov 2380

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Serial: CCMH80-1946

------ Attributes ------------------------ *

Intelligence: int   20        120 points to spend

Perception:  per  30        no stat to exceed 30

Endurance:  end 10        or fall below 5

Agility:          agi  30        Attribute:

Strength:      str  …


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Audio log

((This audio-log is stored on an object on Lunhilde's person, and can not be otherwise accessed.))

"Ever have that feeling that's like.. your couch has some agenda against you?  These days it is harder and harder to get off of it.  I can't say the holoscreen is all that entertaining.  It's background noise, you pick up bits and pieces of it, really .. likely usually the subliminal stuff.  But it's comfortable, even alone, when everyone else is out of the house.…


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It was pretty bad timing to be out of town for a few days of work, considering the campaign and all. On the other hand, it was pretty good timing to be out of town for a few days of work, considering the murderous android roaming the streets. It was a matter of perspective, really. Either way it would be seen as an excuse and likely cast in a bad light, that didn't matter though. The money was decent, a debt would be repaid, and it would no doubt be...…


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[OOC] Bid'nisTrip


Hey folks, I'm going to be out of town for work starting tomorrow and, as it turns out, I will not be bringing my personal laptop along. So, I likely won't be around in-world, but POST ALL YOUR RPS TO NING BECAUSE I'LL BE SO LONELY. Or don't, and I'll get over it.

Have a good week everyone!


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OOC note: RP time limited

Starting tomorrow, I will be in crunch time with work for the foreseeable future. My RPing time is likely to be extremely limited or non-existent, and sleep and bathroom breaks aren't looking promising either.  -Na0

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Prologue 1: One of Two

((Just a backstory stuff of Kestrel and Hilde, this information in unobtainable unless through Kestrel's cyberbrain. This does not affect current or future RPs but is written to serve as entertainment and an idea of where these two came from))

Vricktor Crum rolled his neck as he was signing docking forums at Dock 17, located on one of the many orbitals dotting the ruined Earth. The jump suit he is made to wear was itchy and uncomfortable, its fresh out of the box and he never…


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((This audio-log is stored on an object on Lunhilde's person, and can not be otherwise accessed.))

"There is this trainer I had a few years back, who used to be really insistent on paying attention to signals from your body.  That like any machine created by the greatest of experts, it had its own detectors, and failsafes, and that as we were once prey animals turned predator .. he went into teeth design for like a solid two hours, as if this would back up…


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It's Not Over Until...

After work, campaign poster photos, drinks with friends, then some noodles and chatting with Kestrel, Zion had decided to head home earlier than usual. He had a new toy to play with, after all. He hadn’t been expecting it to be quite as big as it was, which wasn’t a terrible concern. Not as much as how they’d go about using it.


Bella had already contacted him about putting together a question list, and…


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Event Horizon

*192kbps/PGP1MB/SS enabled. Warp Speed, Mr. Sulu.*

I sent you the news about the JSD ruling on the Skygate murders. I've a hypothesis about them that I want to test before I share it, but I will say this:  A military professional who's had a relationship with Adam Caine as strong as theirs would die of shame at the sloppiness of the op to kill him. Whatever else is true, the JSD picked the dumbest, most easily disproved scenario…


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Riders on the Storm

Bella's smile grew like a chesire cat's as she read the lastest INN News Report Update on the Skygate Murders.  It was almost word for word her theory of the case.  She wondered if they copied and pasted items from her Official Report to send to INN.  Would be most efficient.  The thought made her laugh as she took a sip of tea.…


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And then some...

A: You there?

B: Yes.

A: I've been waiting a little longer than you promised. Given the expectations imposed, can you guarantee that this information'll be satisfying?

B: Yes.

A: Your one-worded answers aren't reassuring. I prefer having details, y'know?

B: The encryption for this channel is not the finest, so I…


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JSD Report: the SkyGate Murders

On March 3rd, 2485, an Eve unit entered the SkyGate Hotel lobby and murdered 4 people, including one of her fellow units, Eve m.32. In a joint effort, AGIS and JSD opened the investigation to our locally licensed security members, including those with registered bounty/AI licenses. The investigation was set on a short timeline, the intent: find the motive and identity of the killer.

After sorting through all the reports, these are the conclusions that we and AGIS have designated the…


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Analysis: Social Interaction

Disclaimer: this is all within S.E.R.A's personal datalogs. in order to actually know of this IC one must either Hack S.E.R.A and find the allocated file or have access to NyCorp/Nyusha's personal server for it is where it is stored when the unit goes for either Servicing or updates... or have Sera talk about it (good luck with that xD ). this is all mostly because the user (me) is bored and wants to write something =P



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Caine's Journal: Smoke And Mirrors

Caine's Journal, March 17th, 2485.

Things are shaping up nicely, after a few assurances from a few different people, I was able to go back to work, I've been gathering so many ideas that I am sure I'll need some sort of assistance. That's an idea for a future…


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Messages and Random Thoughts

[2485/03/15 23:20] //Kes// Where are you currently?

[2485/03/15 23:25] //NY// IN a dumpster Mr. Kestrel.. don't ask anymore..

[2485/03/15 23:26]  //NY// About why I'm in dumpster.. anything else go ahead..

[2485/03/15 23:27] //Kes// are you?

[2485/03/15 23:29] //NY// I'll survive. I've been through worse. It could have been worse. much worse.

[2485/03/15 23:33] //Kes// Do you need help?

[[communications session dropped, can not…


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