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Ghost: West Test Chamber: Repairs Protocol

[16:55]  6H05T-Prime: looks at Anitya

[16:55]  Anitya blnks, once twivce and thrice, " ...... Ghost?"

[16:56]  6H05T-Prime: //Designation Unit 6H05T-001: Affirmative//

[16:58]  6H05T-Prime: //Facial Recognition: Anitya S#&*@($^@(, Doctor:*ERROR* corrupted data//

[17:00]  Anitya tilts her head and nods, "Satkaryavada ... Anitya Satkaryavada." The doctor hugs herself, tight, tilting her head, "Corrupted data ... you ... you have been through some hard times,…


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Night Shift.

   It was a calm night, fairly crisp, & cool air seemed to have gripped the city this particular evening. Porter thinks to his self, "Well I suppose I should expect this night to be a sleepy one." He would sigh deeply, & finish putting on his tactical gear, & Standard IPS Uniform. -Walks to the window in his flat, Over looking The Citys Southern Sector. Again he speaks to his self, "Lets go." -Turns on heels &…


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Test Chamber West

[21:38] Cervantes Rexen: you're the experiment running around..

[21:38] 6H05T-Prime: lands and looks up, tilts her head

[21:38] Cervantes Rexen looks down, expressionless.

[21:39] 6H05T-Prime: //searching facial recognition files...*ERROR* Data Corruption...Hello//

[21:41] Cervantes Rexen gazes, still expressionless at cyborg before him.

[21:41] Cervantes Rexen: "Good evening." [21:42] 6H05T-Prime: meets your gaze , just as…


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Test Chamber North (Ghost Prime)

She crawled through the maintenance tunnels, avoiding the IPS drones, programming recognizing them as the enemy as she crossed into North IS.

//Entering Test Chamber North, Initiating Test 008-10K12//

>this isn't a test chamber, we're in North>

//Test Initiated...Sending Notification to Governing AI...*ERROR* Lost Connection to Governing AI, Attempting to Re-Establish//

Ghost climbed out of the vent, and…


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Ghosting (a 6H05T-Prime blog)

She crept out of the junkyard in West, systems having repaired after that run-in with the gangers, where she took the shotgun to the chest.  Internal clock read it had been a few months.  Fortunatly she had been buried in trash, the street butchers and cyberjackers hadn't stripped her down for parts. 

//Internal communications with HQ not found, attempting reconnect// 

She ignored the voice, it had said the same thing every hour since she woke in the mourge.  6H05T had…


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In RE: The Matter of Stacey Dent

(The following is a slightly edited RP log. The meeting took place in cyberspace.)

Inara Nasenyana:  “Commissioner, please direct Officer Dent to log in.”

Roahm Whitesong: “Before that, ma'am, I'd like te make a recommendation on Dent's behalf.”

Inara Nasenyana:  “Yes, go ahead.”

Roahm Whitesong: “I recommend that due te her service record before this bein’ above board, an’ because she did use non lethal ammunition te tag Demetra, that all charges…


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In RE: The Matter of Trinity Cross and Marlowe Fisher (1)

(The following is a slightly edited RP log. The meeting took place in cyberspace.)

Roahm Whitesong opens her eyes as she enters the conference area set aside, “Ma'am,” she says with a nod.

Inara Nasenyana:  “Thank you for connecting promptly, Commissioner.”  Inara raises a brow as she takes in the Commissioner’s appearance. “I assume I interrupted you. Is this Fisher?”

Fisher looks about, then settles into an at-ease position eying Inara…


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In RE: The Matter of Trinity Cross and Marlowe Fisher (2)

(The following is a slightly edited RP log. The meeting took place in cyberspace, a few days after Part 1.)

Inara Nasenyana  watches as everyone logs in. Her eyes flicker over to something unseen and she seems to be listening to someone, then she nods her head and returns her focus to the group. “Good evening, Commissioner Whitesong, Director... Mr. Fisher. We are meeting today to discuss the sentencing of Mr. Fisher and Ms. Cross.”

Roahm Whitesong nods as the…


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Marlowe Fisher's Sentence...


In re: The Matter of Trinity Cross and Marlowe Fisher


Notice: Previous service record taken into consideration.

Notice: Previous employment contract terminated; defense null.

Notice: Assault on an executive and/or acting agent of authority of Gemini Cybernetics, Inc. is a capital offense. All other charges and defenses are hereby superceded.

Verdict: Guilty as charged.

Sentence: Death;…


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Plots and Mysteries on a Saturday night....and the silence of one small voice...

Roahm stared at the map of InSilico for a long time, her green eyes staring at the red section that was InSilico west. There had to be a way to get IPS a permanent presence in that sector. Her eyes closed and her mind drifted back to the night before, talking to that woman, Chronicler. Something clicked after their talk, and she remembered the horror Tokuma had brought to the city. Ambrose Fairport…Eldritch Commons…Jodie Keng…Juliette Tsunenaga…Cervantes Rexen…Names that burned in her mind…


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Prodigy of the self aware Part 3:Return to the Garden of Eden


----Securing files----




--Encryption code--



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Rolling Titles

How did you hear about Insilico?
Cruise Control
When can we expect you online for RP?
can't say, I just love to read great…

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Day ? Month ? 2482

The glass chamber sat in the center of the laboratory. The lab itself lacked much of the sterile cleanliness of a corporate lab. Papers were strewn about, machinery was patched together or hastily repaired, an exposed pipe in the Northeast corner constantly dripped. The chamber and equipment hooked up to it was top of the line however.

Technicians swarmed around the chamber, reading meters and attaching hoses, welding, etc. Ann stepped up to…


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"The Artist, & The Unlikely Fanatic."

   [00:26] ρσɹτεɾ αïḋεṉ: ρσɹτεɾ αïḋεṉ runs up the plaza, jumping about the area, he lands on his feet right infront of the THI Medbay, The heathen crouches & Begins to spray on the ground, apparently not aware of the man standing just yards away.



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Hell Hath No Fury...

Jackie Tox was furious.  Days of work gone, shattered in an instant.  Information turned over to THI since it was of little use to her.  Her new assistant and bodyguard, Roai Sionis, waited outside while she fumed.  The naturally built woman had broken a computer monitor, punched a hole in her own desk and sat slumped in her desk chair.  Hot tears of frustration ran down her face.  A key component in her plan to set up her information network was now, she suspected, in the hands of IPS and…


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Howdy Strangers! (ooc)

Just another useless update. =D

I know I've been a complete stranger for the past…I don't know, year? XD but I have to admit, no matter how long I stay away from you folks, I guess I'm still just an Insilican at heart. I've got some more IS inspired art pieces I've been working on, will post some stuffs whenever. Just wanted you to know that I can't stop thinking about you…no matter how hard I try….naked…   >;)

With love:

~Auntie B

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Public Available Data: Michael Stefanyuk

Name: Michael Stefanyuk

Classification: Human/Typical Modifications

Cybernetics: Minor Immuno-boosters due to natural weak immune system.  Nano hemo-compensators as Michael is naturally a bleeder so he had nanobytes injected to help stop bleeding if he gets cut or injured.  Basic Neural augmentation. 


Employment: Previously worked as a department head of collections at ACU (Apex Credit Union), A small banking corporation. 


Further data would seem…


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Big Time Flat-Foot

Roai Sionis is probably the unluckiest man in town.  Once a small time Hacker, he was implicated as the head of a Hacking Ring three years ago, for which he was simply the fall guy.  He spent three years on Mars.  Hard labor.  Not something a bony computer geek of 18 years can handle well.  Two years into his sentence, he was involved in a "Mining Accident."  What actually happened is that he was attacked by another prisoner with mining equipment.  Roai lost his left eye, and his lungs were…


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Brief Lives: Curious Omens Pt. 2 - The Rising

[Synopsis:  The Burdens of a Man.   The Strange Fate of Another.

((OOC: and a difficult attempt at writing in first person pov!))]

You often thought of the moon when we were together.  Whether or not the people of ancient days saw what we see.   Harvest Moon.  Blood Red-Moon.   Vanished Moon.    Temptress Moon.  

There was poetry once in the way we described the world - before, as Keats said, Issac Newton unweaved the rainbow…


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New In Town But Well Informed

Jackie Toxx stood watching the various flying and hovering vehicles zip by from the penthouse window was growing boring.  The Data feed ticking across the electronic eye implanted in the woman's head lead to nothing interesting.  Her Scout Robots were doing little in the way of reporting anything interesting.  Some gossip, stories, and what ever else the unwashed masses were blathering on about.  Her favorite of her five Scout Robots, Scout 136, stood behind her in parade rest.  136 had been…


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