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Wandering the Streets

The cyber scanner hums in my hand, i browse the readout. My headware is linked to my PDA and its running cross reference on the credit balance sheets and the manufacturer inventories. Its boring and time consuming, even with an optical computer. The photons zoom and interact, shaking hands across the networks. Forged identities and front accounts peel away in layers as the software i paid an arm and a leg ( literally, the hacker needed both after a car accident) for dig into the networks data… Continue

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Monday night net

Moto sat crosslegged on the floor of her flat, her chrome skin reflecting the floor as she plugged the cords to the input plugs on the base of her neck.

She had been back at Insilico with a couple days before she needed to return to Mars, and after dancing at the Reaktor last night, more out of habit than need of the money, she had come back home after hanging out with Aemeth and Elspeth at the Buddah Bowl, getting up to base on all she missed while she was away.

Then came home,… Continue

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[17:24] Xander McMasters wanders in and down the ramp from outside.

[17:26] Ziebzen Avril 's apartment had been quiet all day. After last night she stayed home from work to rest. She lies on her bed face buried in the pillow.

[17:28] Xander McMasters wanders around the house, "Ziebz, you home? stops by the large Gemini computer, " What chu lookin at?" then continues…

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NING Login Issues

Dear community,

some of you might not be able to login with your respective accounts. The NING team is experimenting with anti-spam measures that could be the reason for the login issues. Please be patient and wait for a day. If you are still not able to login go here and feel free to… Continue

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What Snake?

[23:15] Mio Vespucciano: that snake is cool,. ^^
[23:15] Vissy Adamczyk: "What snake?"
[23:17] Vissy Adamczyk: "Oh this...he's a synth. Heck I cant afford a real snake"
[23:17] Mio Vespucciano: *raises eyebrow at Vissy* "A synth? Whats' a Synth?
[23:19] Vissy Adamczyk: "Synthetic. Like a gynoid, but an animal gynoid"
[23:21] Mio Vespucciano: *nods in agreement* "ahhhhh I see"
[23:22] Eldritch Commons: 'Gynoid, what an awful…

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The Chop Shop!

Is it time for a new look? Or do you just need to unwind after a rough day in INSILICO? Over at the Chop Shop Salon and Spa we offer a wide variety of services from hairstyling, makeovers, laser manicures, eye tinting, and nanite body augmentation. Select a style that fits you in the luxury of our full-service salon. Please see the menu below for a full list… Continue

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[17:57] Ysanne Korpov: Avril, nice to see you, I wanted to talk to you abour Aemeth and your log

[17:58] Ziebzen Avril nods leaning on the edge of the balcony with a concerned gaze. "She is not safe at all..."

[17:58] Ysanne Korpov: no, but I have a plan

[17:59] Ziebzen Avril: What do you suggest...?

[17:59] Ysanne Korpov: oh... speaking of Aemeth.. she is below us, jump on the bike

[17:59] Ziebzen Avril deftly hops up… Continue

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(IC) Lawsuits Her

(Yeah, bad pun)

Eden storms out of the courthouse. All that is inside of her head is one word being repeated at top volume: "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK................................." as her lawyer follows behind, barely able to catch up with her.

Lawsuits suck, that's all she can say. Now she has to pay off the all the court costs IN ADDITION to the "damages" to the DEFENDANT.......that's just.....fucked up........

Eden stops at the curb… Continue

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Alien energy transference is bad, m'kay?

While drinking in the Blue Ant, Ford met a "dark matter particle energy being" by the name of Mu, who claims to know the location of large quantities of precious metal on the planetary surface. In return for this information Ford has agreed to seek out "docile subjects" for "energy transference" - a process that has been described as pleasant, but potentially addictive and in some cases, lethal. Ford has certain moral qualms about becoming an alien drug dealer, but so far these have been… Continue

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Personal Records LOG : Blue Ant Bar 19:43 - Subject Jenn Torrence [WANTED]

[Personal Records LOG uploded to IPS headquarters..]


[19:43] Jenn Torrance: "wheres Aemeth"

[19:44] Xander McMasters looks up, " oh Jenn, She was here a moment ago, not sure where she went though"

[19:44] Ziebzen Avril almost startles as she hears Jenn's voice and perks a brow. It takes her a moment to respond. "...I'm not sure. Haven't seen her."

[19:44] Jenn Torrance: "you"

[19:44] Jenn Torrance looks at Ziebzen

[19:44] Jenn Torrance:… Continue

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Moto was wiping down the bar at the Ant after a slow night, when she heard a ping. She checked her mail to see an odd message.

-We have a job for you, you seem decent with a gun, how would you like to try your luck at Mars?-

Moto came off at the spaceport and looked around, there were people scrambling all over, some had the look of soldiers. A man in a uniform came up to her "Name, rank and bio or synth?"

Moto shrugged 'Motoko Ohare, I'm not a soldier… Continue

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My Knight and Shining Grease... and Shit.

((For those of you that enjoy reading sappy...and a bit comical.))

[9:25] Xander McMasters: Fucking Speedy Delivery..

[9:25] Ziebzen Avril opens the door with a not so happy look on her


[9:25] Xander McMasters: wow, nice top

[9:25] Ziebzen Avril just stares at him quietly and answers,


[9:26] Xander McMasters hands over a soggy bag of noodles.

[9:26] Xander McMasters: I wonder when they'll… Continue

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(IC) On Her Return

Eden sits in her seat at the transport terminal. The tacky techno-rap plays over the speakers of the terminal, making everything cheesier. Some families sit nearby, their wailing children demanding their attention. Eden rolls her eyes then puts on some headphones to drown everything out with some Linkin Park. Sure they might be long dead, but she loves their music still! It's like, HER music in addition to theirs.......

She opens the copy of the newspaper she had purchased and begins… Continue

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Welcome to INSILICO

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Making Fun of Shitty Art

[0:28] Aemeth Lysette: [Yet she got upset when I pointed out it was folk art she was doing. Okay, what do you call this? ]
[0:29] Vissy Adamczyk: I call it a Linux Penguin drawn with your eyes closed, then Wendy's© head, same…

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QUOTES 7 - Vissy & Friends

[22:55] Teleport completed from
[22:55] Ashling Alchemi: (( usually acid…

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All good things end in tears

[20:54] LaRio Arai: theres plenty of space

[20:55] LaRio Arai: anyway - drop in a picture upstairs

[20:56] Jenn Torrance: of what?

[20:56] LaRio Arai: anything you like…


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[IC] Faith and Effort

Isha'a, the final prayer of the day, rang through the underbelly of Insilico. Urdith, running legs still on, knelt facing Mecca. He bowed, touching his head to the corroded surface, murmuring the prayer, losing himself in the ritual. There was no call to prayer here. In Dubai, the lower levels echoed with the call. Rust flaked from the ceiling near some older speakers. Here, his personal digital assistant, buried in his glasses, told him it was time to humble himself before God.

And… Continue

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Flies in the Walls

Yeah, ok, I was (not) spying on converstations. With the bugs placed in the Blue Ant bar a long time ago. And i was (not) interacting with the patrons yesterday (or is it the day before?).

Man alive, something new: all the victims of the crucifix killer are all au naturale. as in, NO AUGMENTATION!

Could be something important, i'm not sure.

Also, during one of my "sessions," some voice was reciting some very fancy.....scripture? I couldn't be there, but i know for a… Continue

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[OOC] The Singularity is a Lie

Here's the article Urdith mentioned which says, quite definitively, 21st Century AI is 5,000 Zombie Computers Sending Dick Pills Spam for the Ukrainian Mob.


Added by Urdith Istmal (Andrija Popovic) on March 17, 2010 at 6:00pm — 6 Comments

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