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Still no word from Linden Lab as to why all of this happened after all INSILICO has done for Second Life in general. Heck we are on their business cards and promotional videos in ads and meetings! What I do know is that the higher up Lindens did not even know about this until informed. Whether it is a trigger happy Linden on a spree (has been happening a lot lately), or people targeting us out of spite with false reports, I'm sure they are looking into it out of confusion. Please be civil to…


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019 Drunken fabricants and Cold Fish Humans

Dart Hellsland Journal - 2486-02-26 - Drunken Fabricants and Cold Fish Humans

I had got used to spend time behind a coffee at Terra Firma.  A pad wired to my neural network  provided a safe way to get enough processing power without having to access the systems at home. Without them, I would normally stay on autistic mode, not relying on the heavily monitored city public network or the global interlink.  While apparently, corporations left citizens to their own devices,  approved…


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Insilico is down.



Notice Sent by: StarRavenSAT Resident

Insilico is down.

Due to circumstances, we don't understand our sim owner, Skills Hak, was banned from SL. LL took no time in shutting down all her sims including INSILICO.

If you wish to get…


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018 Loose Ends

Dart Hellsland Journal - 2486-02-21 - 018 Loose Ends

After the story of the cloned body parts, there was a deceiving calm, a certain stillness in the city, only unsettled by some graffiti that had appeared over the walls of the ISS offices in the South  and East Districts.  There had been no murder, the body parts just an expensive exercise of cloning by a mysterious augmented man who claimed to have created them to test ISS reactions, on behalf of their associates. …


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Are we ever free?


     The Synthetic lights up a cigarette and takes a long drag. A flick of her finger and a drop of ash on the street. Her hands hold her arms like a desperate cling to warmth, but it's a futile attempt. Hard heels clicking with every step. She strolls past chattering crowds into the empty…


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Rembrandt, the Provocateur

She had fondly dubbed the vandalous unidentified subject as "Rembrandt". It was a fondly sarcastic name at best. One to which she and others could indulge in a little humor over, in the midst of the crazy going on in the city.

He had graffiti style tagged both the old Nexus…


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Our Light

Lawson has returned to this great city of InSilico. Give him your support, for he has saved the city before, he can do so again. Having tackled those who…


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017 Body Count End - Parley under the Rose

Dart Hellsland Journal - 2486-02-15 - Body Count End - Parley under the Rose

The space port was deserted but for a solitary freighter being steered towards the docking platform. I was watching over the scene from a dark corner,  when I noticed a cloaked figure approaching the passenger area. Our mysterious hooded man, who had finally agreed to hold a meeting with ISS, was leaning on a long chair under the transit information board.  He noticed me, but remained…


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016 Body Count - Hacking into a Rose

When I arrived at the ISS office,  Nyusha was in deep conversation with an agent.  She raised her head and greeted me with  "Good evening Mr. Hellsland."

"Good evening Ms Yamasuka. I think you got my message. Good"

She nodded briefly "Yes, I did.  Just uncertain when is the best time or…


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015 Body Count - Building the Bridge

Whatever his reasons and objectives had been sending these messages and tests, at this stage our mysterious augmented man seemed to be the only one who could shed more light...if he wished to. Although he seemed more interesting in collecting information than in sharing it, it was obvious he was also eager to see ISS reaching some conclusions.  Everybody seemed to want answers, but we were coming to a dead end.   Nevertheless, after our meeting the previous night, ISS was starting to open to…


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Small World

Walking into the crowded Blue Ant, the sounds were subdued, the smell of the booze and tobacco, mixed with whatever else people smoked now-a-days, wafted in the air. The figure kept his sweater hood up, as a hand went out to the booth. Gripping it, the patron paused, listened, and keeping keen for any vibrational movement on the material – nothing. It was empty. Sliding in, the man took a seat with a sigh. Exhausted and vainly trying to wipe his face of sleep, careful not to take off the…


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014 Body Count - The DNA of a Dead Agent

The next morning I woke up with the feeling of having two red iridescent eyes fixed in the back of my neck. Went to the ISS offices, but were deserted. I could guess Nyusha was not idling on her thumbs.

I spent the morning trying to analyse what had happened the last few days. Everything seemed to be a test.  A test to measure the greediness of the average citizen...I chuckled at the thought of  me as example of the average citizen...and a test for the security forces, held in…


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ISS Files/ Agent Joseph Clops/ file # 066/ The Litterer case

ISS Report

Author Agent Joseph Clops

 file #066 Litterer Case File .

20 :42 01.019.2486

Bodyparts found in South and East Insilico.

Hand with rose and note on doorstep of Nexus building: East IS.

Card quote:" I am the most valiant of beasts,

and most valiant of men is he

Whom I guard standing on this stone tomb".

/quote apparantly from a spartan poem about King Leonidas written by a greek poet Tyrtaeus?

Security footage…


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013 Body Count - Breakfast at ISS

Rio had left for home, and I was alone faced with a dilemma. What to do with the bag the stranger had left, and its gruesome contents?

Why did he want these things delivered to ISS?  Was there any connection with the scattered body parts in the city?  I could understand that with these looks, he did not want to show up at ISS but ...why asking the first person he had met in his way to the ISS office? And why giving them the choice to keep them, taking them to ISS or even…


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The cages were more like tombs under the city. Away from a being that can hear a person cry for their mothers or uncles. The few trapped inside the rusted, soiled confines were either numb, submissive, crazy, or utterly confused as to their current whereabouts. Their destinies, not what their mum had inspired by the books read to them before they went to sleep. That’s if they had a mum. Their story fell into another’s hands. No longer anything they thought they were. Existence: their primary… Continue

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Skaggi finds a bot

[18:11] zaku the buster bot (rinomon): walks over and sees a organic hi there zaku says

[18:11] zaku the buster bot (rinomon): i am unit 1990 you can call me zaku

[18:12] Scaggi Bob: "wheezes and stares at the droid "Wut wezz gots 'ere? A junk-man?"

[18:13] zaku the buster bot (rinomon): turns his head unit to the side

[18:13] zaku the buster bot (rinomon): junk man he says ?

[18:14] Scaggi Bob: "yah, yoose made of them junkzz, 'tose bot's like them whatzzz comes…


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012 Body Count - A gory gift

Only a few weeks had passed since I had got involved in the JSD labs hacking. Apart from the fact that JSD had seen AGIS coming to buy the city, the only other interesting piece of information I could find was an email mentioning some weapon grade nanites found in the IPS building after it had been blown up.  And a reference to certain container where the nanites had been stored.  Who had bombed the IPS building, and why Eve was so interested in the information found in JSD labs?  And, why…


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011 Fifteen, Sixteen, Lights, Shadows and... Moog

One of my  wanderings around the city had taken me to an area of empty streets, not far from The Shades.  It was a sort of red light district, next to the industrial area, where female shaped bluish neon-looking lights created intermittent flashes of light and shadow.  It seemed weird that in 2486, five hundred year old neon-looking advertisement was still used. But people had used torches and candles for thousands of years, and it was still considered classy in the late twenty first…


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