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'Subject Five' - document 4A

Password: **

Date: 17/5/2482 - 2:45 P.M.

Log Entry type: Status Report

Log Entry by: Dr. Thomas Powell, Cybernetics

Today's been a pretty good day. Word's come down from Alvaro in the skin and tissue department saying that they may have found a possible solution for Subject Five's current condition. Personally, that strikes me as a much-needed word of relief. Up until only recently, Subject Five has been connected to almost every device designed for life support…


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'Subject Five' - document 3A

Password: *********

Date: 17/2/2482 - 3:12 A.M.

Log Entry type: Status Report

Log Entry by: Dr. Paul Mathias, Neurology Lead

There was much speculation as to just who this individual was, and I'd personally expected someone of wealth, or a victim of disease to be carted into the operation room. What I'd been given instead was a rather unusual surprise. Kersha called me in just two hours after I'd gone to bed, with the thorough instructions on how to prepare…


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Death and Night and Blood

  I sat in the vast tunnel, removed the noise suppressor and put the barrel to my lips. I kiss it whispering her name…I taste the greasy oil and I feel my heart pounding in my chest…  I am reminded of what Father used to say to me.." Aie, niña ! Mi Corazon Palpita! "  ( little girl, my heart beats fast ).. I re-aim the gun at my chest hoping to blast this pounding organ out of my body.. " goodbye.." I say, and pull the trigger…



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[Echoes of the Past]: One Crazy Night in Miami...

Many Many Many Years Ago




[Manuel Ortega – Los Lobos Private Security

Currently On Contract with Captain Christiansen for  TEL-5 Conference]


Manuel: “You know what!  I’ve Had it!  

I quit!  I quit!  Every single time we try to do something easy and simple like a meeting or a conference..…


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>>> Room 33 >>>

//Sirius/: Frenzy…Please,Stop.

//Frenzy/: What?...Stop what?

//Sirius/: Us….It’s over.



So there it is…She went almost a full day before doing that to me. I suppose Sensei is going to be told now, and by extension Zero as well. I would only expect some form of violent punishment to be exacted upon my person… Well, only one thing to do then… I can almost imagine the holo-feeds to the home…


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A few hours ago she was leaning back in a chair gazing at the layered holographic screens in front of her. Slowly taking deep drags off her cigarette while pondering the many ways the data could be manipulated. Like a game of possible chess moves. She was not only looking for the truth, but also the countless ways it could be bent and was being bent. This was an exercise in creative thinking. The best lairs are the most creative and imaginative people after all.  Not every lie has a sinister…


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'Subject Five' - document 2A

Password: *****

Date: 17/1/2482 - 9:30 P.M.

Log Entry type: Status Report

Log Entry by: Dr. Larry Kipin, Transplant Surgeon - General Surgery

(Three minutes of silence recorded)

The report arrived after subject five. By that time they had already been processed and taken to the emergency room. For this first operation, Administration requested that Doctor Alvaro from Orthopaedics, Doctor Powell from Cybernetics and myself be involved. The traditional…


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Fire And Blood

[Note: It might help you to enjoy this post if you have an idea of how Caine sounds like. His voice is deep and has a hint of rasp in it. He also has a very noticeable romanian accent without it affecting his speech pattern]


Media Log v. 4.59

Access ID: A.Caine



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Fortune Cookie

[[ OOC: Before we continue on, this was a collaborated effort. Four people made this happen: Coraline Sirius, Adam Caine, Johnny Graves, and I. This is a gift from us to you. It is long, so sit back, relax with some coffee or tea. Get some…


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'Subject Five' - Document 1A

Password: *****

Date: 17/1/2482 - 3:12 P.M.

Log Entry type: Status Report

Log Entry by: Dr. Larry Kipin, Transplant Surgeon - General Surgery

Talk about a strange sense of coincidence - Third week of no cases and the moment I open my mouth, we get word of a new patient arriving at the center. 'Subject Five'. Yeah, that's it. Nothing else at all. No Gender, age, history... criminal or medical, barring their recent transfer from the Richard Peterson's hospital on the…


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[B.O. POST] Nothing but them

[LOADING DATA.................]

[SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22..................]

The music slowly reaches my heart, flowing in my throat like a dense, soupy icy fluid.

I ask myself "What am I doing?" and a sexy soft voice says to me: "Just lose yourself into the night."

This is probably what I am doing. And I like it.

I don't feel like I'm doing it to fit…


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Sirius Bizness

>>> Midnight >>> Skygate Hotel >>> Room 33 >>>

     I awoke to find her still spooning me..her soft body warm and pressed to my back. I snuzzled against her and she lifts her head to say "goodmorning" .... then without ceremony, rises and goes into my sonic-shower...I watch her slender body stretch and glow from the cleansing purple light..I giggle a little as the auto-scent spray gives her a tiny blast of my favorite perfume, Dark…


Added by 下尺モれ乙ㄚ on February 24, 2014 at 9:00am — 4 Comments

Coffee and....

((Tralala sleeping in the back booth of the Diner)) ((and thanks to Genya who often reminds me of where I started and how much I miss that place))

Tralala squints through one sleep…


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Two Sides - Same Coin

>>> morning/time uncertain >>> Skygate Hotel >>> Room 33 >>>

     I am sitting naked on my couch, the last few hours recycle in my mind, a coffee in my hand and the shower I need will have to wait.. what a  a whirlwind of activity... I cannot help but start smiling, a most unusual sensation for me..but then, one can only lose one's virginity once...

      Well, I better start with the facts... I nursed myself from the beating…


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Myths from the Silicon Streets: The Knife


“Everyone’s always looking at the thing that makes the most noise, the squeakiest wheel.   So John Q. Public’s got an eye out for the latest gossip on the Tri-Vids and Interwebs about gang-bangers acing a mark in the middle of the streets, overpriced corporate assassins on high rooftops with high powered sniper rifles deciding to play a deadly game of tag, and yes even self-proclaimed “Ninja” – although last I checked kiddo the only ones who might have a few of these in their back…


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Take a Chance - Signs and Portents of The TroubleShooter




Helena...Helena..  Now there's a name I thought would remain buried in my sweetest my worst nightmares.  A voice as soft as silk, skin as supple as a snakes, and a heart as cold as deep space - the UBC's Number 1 Ice…


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Dragon Battle

>>> 6:00 A.M. >>> Skygate Hotel >>> Room 33 >>>

     " Dont Judge Books By Their Covers".... He said that to me...He was so right...

     I am sitting here in my flat now, calm...centered...bruised but still able to be sipping tea... I had almost gone too far tonight... A total and horrendous mistake was almost committed by me... But the outcome was unexpectedly positive.

     I had spent two days locked in my…


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NEWS REPORT: Kabuki Song Spotted in Insilico

a/n: Decided to write this as I'm relatively new to INSILICO and would like to give a snippet of my character as I haven't finished her back story for public viewing.  News report can be taken IC or OOC as something similar to this may have been said on the News or spread by word of mouth IC, being that she's high profile outside of the city.…


Added by Kabuki Song on February 20, 2014 at 7:30am — 32 Comments

Take a Chance: A Jake LeChance Story

I hate this City.

I love this City.


I'm Jake LeChance of Last Chance Investigations.   And these are my stories.



The SkyGate Hotel - North Insilico - 12:45 AM


It was the start of the dullest gig I’ve ever taken – in-house security at the Skygate Hotel…at least just for…


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Everybody Lies

The glow of the monitors was reflecting on his shades, running simulations, preparing outcomes, and even pulling profiles. Adam Caine was now preoccupied with the latest demand from the board: Find out the culprit of the bombing and consequent death of Richard Lawson.

While he could understand that a hit against Gemini couldn't go…


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