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A love story gone wrong.

Time: The far distant past

subject: a very very different and younger ragdoll.

Punks on the love playground

He sat there waiting for her, his name wasn't even Ragdoll back then.  He pulled out a pack of ciggs, gently pulled one out and held it to his lips like a rose.  Next to him, sitting on the rusted merry go round, he grabs the neck of a bottle of vodka, he holds it like a weapon, waiting for his…


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((got a song from central stuck in my head...can anyone help me figure out the name??)

Insilico has some great music.  I remember a lot of Dub in the earlier days, but this song, It was playing by the ant last night, and I was really into it.  It was this mellow song, it used a light keyboard and had a slow temp, with a beautiful female singer, almost singin' in one of those old mellow love songs...anyone got any idea of the track name or the artist?

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Mix pills and alcohol, and you generate a bad business impression on your new boss.

Auntie B walked in and hopped up on the counter. "Yo sexbot, you on?" she tapped Antron's head with her knuckles.

Ragdoll lays upon the floor of the Ant, collapsed from exhaustion and pain...his plastic bag of goods at his side, pops his head up to see what's goin' on.

 Auntie BAuntie B shrugs at his silence and swiped her credstick through the reader and watches Antron kick into auto mode "Double shot, jack, on the rocks." She raises a brow at the man on the…


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Hospital Break out.

He begins to twitch a lot.  There is something to be done, a life to be lived.  Maybe getting shot was an eye opener for Ragdoll.  Who knows?  He waited for Hospital lady to leave for the day.  He stared at the ceiling for like five minutes contemplating a few things...   With a deep  breath, he rolled off the bed, his chest burned from torn and surgically mended prowess.  Thank god for modern medicine, it wasn't so bad.  He falls to his face upon the well crafted floor of the space…


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.02222483. Operation status

She zipped across the lines, avatar just a brightly glowing flash of light, and entered the Neo Kowloon Node.  Scanning over the data ports, she located the one marked as Pack 41, and entered it.

In a back alley, Shang Teu showed his latest wares to his potential buyer, the THI logo emblazoned over the top of the drive.  It was just one of many Shang's men had taken off the transport they forced down last week.  The elder buyer, a german man in his 50's, gave a glance to…


Added by Omega Faith on February 22, 2013 at 5:05pm — 8 Comments

the Watcher

it was quiet in South Mars, the colonists still resting in their beds in their ivory tower. this was the easiest time for her to get inside, when the barely there security was tiredest, when most of those who actually paid attention to her were gone. the red dust wiped from her boots as she undid her mask, moving up the stairs silently to Sani's store. she'd taken to watching the world from that corner, finding the traffic that came and went offered her unexpected the John…


Added by Cailin Beorn on February 22, 2013 at 10:30am — 2 Comments

The dreaming doll....

Beep beep beep -----  He slept next to the bio scanner, his heart rhythm and vitals were in tact.  His system was nominal, no flaws, apparently some hobos can be resistant to death.  He slept constantly.... almost as if he didn't want to be alive anymore....all he did was sleep. 

however: in his dreams.  

His eyes open,  a lush forest surrounds him.  Ragdoll picks up his spear, dressed in this prehistoric garb, just a skimpy little loincloth.  He readies himself…


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//Personal Log// ¶ //21 Feb 2483//

//Begin Recording//

It's 4pm here on mars and I can't help but feel like there's something I'm missin about all these recent events... First there was the whole business with Victor Adler, then the satellite, and now these new lifeforms showin up. I first discovered them yesterday, a hive in Sector C of some form of insect, approximately two te three inches in length. Fiercely territorial the beasties will swarm anyone who comes too close, an do te their size an numbers in the…


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It was late, and I was salvaging scrap, then BAM!  A guy came out behind me....  I put my hands up, I didn't have any weapons.  He kept asking questions about that box, I thought he was crazier than I was, however I was pretty star struck by that pile of creds he laid down, so I played along.  I really had no idea where that thing came from...but I guess I should know better by now.  He  introduced himself as Mr. Black.  and when he was done asking questions, he asked me my name,  That's a…


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tonights event - offline

due to viral (oh god, make it stop! flu) circumstances beyond my control, i think tonight's fusion event is canceled. normally I'd just make it a casual event, but i cant guarantee my continued consciousness, and currently am lacking staff to fill in in my place.

so, have fun doing whatever you're doing, and hopefully I'll be back to my sexy self by next week.

side note: still looking for staff!

Added by Crissy Carling on February 16, 2013 at 7:34pm — 2 Comments

The Ragdoll Ritual

He shook a bent golf club over his head, after taking a can of grease, and smearing it on his face like war paint.

Ragdoll knelt next to the burn barrel, preparing the the strange assortments of trash, shredded paper, an empty can with a picture of buddha on it, some rusty bolts and a scrapped android head.  Ragdoll lit the paper, and tossed it into the barrel, he watched as the flames grew larger and larger, he chanted in some ungodly language, that could only be translated…


Added by CannibalisticRagdoll Aie on February 16, 2013 at 6:36pm — 1 Comment


In the beginning was...Darkness, claustrophobic paralysis,

the polyphonic thrumming of the Multiband Resonant Imager,

and the distant pain of yet another 'surgical improvement'

being added to his much-modified internal organs.

Miki woke wet with sweat from the old familiar nightmare,

briefly blank-minded before memory swept over him-her-them,

of desperate deeds done in the last frantic hours before

the Fall of West, hiding from the Hunters, and going…


Added by SalvorWyrdan on February 14, 2013 at 11:31am — 4 Comments

It wasn't his night for sleep.

I tossed and turned in my fucking dumpster all night, couldn't sleep.  Thoughts were goin' through my head, and sometimes I wish I coulda died, if I wasn't so fucking angry in the first place.  Oh yeah, this is me thinking sober by the way.  It's not often, but some days I think I scrounge for booze more than I actually scrounge for food.  So anyway, I couldn't sleep, so I did a few things.  One of the most memorable things of the night, pissing in the alley way,  I then did my…


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.02102483: Mars week 3

Part of Omega's development was the interest in collecting soil samples and minerals. Not much in the way of soil samples could be found in Insilico outside of the Hydroponic Gardens, but during her travels , she'd collected samples from Nuevo Mexico, Beckettsville, New Mossumba.  And now she was on Mars, she went out to find a sample of martian minerals. 

She had suited up, and on leaving the airlock, rented a buggy from one of the colonists.  It wasn't much different…


Added by Omega Faith on February 10, 2013 at 8:12pm — 2 Comments

Bum Fights

5 pm - central district: registered complaints of unauthorized brutality.

Subject: Hobo

Wanted for questioning:  If you have information, please inform your local IPS officer.

Lights up his poor man's cigarette.  "fuck"  he repeats, over and over.

Violence is part of a hobos life once and while.  Ragdoll stayed strong by lifting junk and working out using the city.  It was his way of staying out of violence, but sometimes very unavoidable.…


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No love for the homeless.

Ragdoll shakes around an empty cake platter as if it were some sort of donation tray, shaking it at all the passer bys. "Got some spare change?!" he continues to shake it then holds it over his head and begins to belly dance. "Donate to a performing hobo!!!" He wiggles around but quickly drops to his butt and searches for unfinished ciggs on the ground.

The strange ritual continue as he performs the change dance with a half lit cigg in his mouth.



Added by CannibalisticRagdoll Aie on February 9, 2013 at 12:09am — 2 Comments

Fusion 2.0 hiring - in many positions.

Just putting out a heads up that fusion, now on mars, is hiring. for events, we need dancers, bartenders, and security. and, now announcing fusion: the faction!

for day to day rp, we'll be needing dancers, hookers, security, goons, and lowlifes! we'll be handling all those wonderful things that everyone loves to say they're not into. (these are IC rp positions.)

interested? contact me in world. and lets bring old west organized crime, to the new mars frontier.

Added by Crissy Carling on February 8, 2013 at 9:42pm — No Comments

How Hobos clean themselves.

It's three in the a city that never sleeps...pitter patter pitter patter, the rain seeps through Ragdoll's dumpster..  He rolls around in the trash, waking from his hobo-like slumber.  As a hobo, nothing is water proof, even for a city high in the rains now and then.  Amazingly, his eyes widen as if he were waking up to a hell of a breakfast.  "Bath time!!" He shouts!  Ragdoll springs from his dumpster and dances around like an Indian. He finds a spout by…


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Delicacies of Mars Testimonials

"Oh my goodness your products taste amazing!  I didn't think think human meat could ever taste so delicious!" - M. Amberleigh

"I used to have a real problem as a cannibal.  It was SO difficult to get any good quality meat before I discovered your products...  Thanks Delicacies of Mars!" - Anonymous

"More for me!" - S.…


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Seeing Red

"Hey."  His voice purred over the call.

There was a couple seconds of silence and static over the vocal transmission until a rather feminine voice spoke up, "You're…


Added by Tyler McVey on February 8, 2013 at 12:00am — 2 Comments

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