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[OOC] Part Time RP

Yep, that is correct.  I have been taking a much needed break to spend time with family and doing RL stuff but I am still around.  However my computer is usually on and I also leave Skype on.  Just leave me a message there or on the NING if you would like me to come RP.  It may not be at the drop of a hat but I will do my best to come on and accommodate anyone.  As much as I would love to sit around and wait for RP to happen, I really can't with my schedule.  Thanks for your…


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Death Haiku - part 6

part - 6

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Borrowed Time

Kristin let out a sharp yelp, the gun shot she was nursing sparked to life again as it throbbed and stabbed at her nerves. Things were a haze again, she was in someone's bed, in a rather nice apartment, and from what she could tell it was a penthouse. Even then her mind was clouded. All she could recall was the blur of events, the running from shadows, and hope that her one friend would be there and try to help keep her safe. Trust was a weakness and she learned that far to early in her…


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The Tsunenaga File - Pages 72-82.

THI Fleet Intelligence - HUMINT Report



Note: The following information is restricted to THI Fleet Intelligence personnel.   Requests by THISec are subject to review unless mandated by THI's Executive Board.  




Failure to comply with this directive will result in…


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NHK Special News Bulletin: VASC-THI Good Will Tour Begins


Associated Press Digital Image: SMS EXODIA - High above Protus base


In other news, Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai…


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Nina Finally Tries to Kill Vissy

[21:50]  Urdith Istmal bows his head. "Straight from one of the best grey market distilleries in Moscow."

[21:50]  Kiera Pobieski: mmmm yummy

[21:50]  Vissy Adamczyk: "...but...but...what if we run out? Not the Russian vodka!"

[21:51]  Nina Iridescent: Pour it down the drain, Urdith, before she finds it.

[21:51]  Kiera Pobieski: doesn't Vissy wear special shoes where her heels are hollowed out to store vodka reserves?[21:51]  Vissy Adamczyk: "HA! Go ahead. Just a…


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A Bit of Backstory

Joah was born of the biological union of two human parents, members of the militant neo-luddite Agrahara community. Though Joah’s grandmother was not unsympathetic to her son and daughter-in-law’s religious and philosophical beliefs, she realized the dangers inherent in raising a child a community of mujahideen. It took all of her persuasive abilities to convince Joah’s parents to allow her to raise their child, but agree they did.


Joah left Agrahara with her grandmother when…


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The Precious Words of My Father: the Burden of Command

My son...


For centuries our family has dutifully served in almost every major maritime and space engagement fought in defense of the Kokutai.

You are not the first Enyo to wear that uniform, to understand the bond of responsiblity towards one's men, and to bear the burden of…


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Death Haiku -part 5

part 5 - under contract -


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Role Play Story

*Name: E. Braid Lutrova

*Birth Date: 2456, Nov. 30 (24 years old)

*Hair/Eye Color: Jupiter Red hair and Grey eyes.

*Height: 5'8'' (Five feet, Eight inches)


Through the usage of air ships to find her way into the Insilico city, Braid had found herself wandering around the open side walks the first couple of days before finding…


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Tokuma Fleet Intelligence Assessment #2001 - Insilico

Audio Recording by:  Arima Enyo

Transmission to: Central Headquarters of The Combined Fleet of Tokuma Heavy Industries, Inner Space Dockyard

Recipient: Grand Admiral Fushimi, THI Fleet




Per you orders, I am delivering my assessment in transit to my next destination.


Briefing - Internal Affairs:


In regards to the security situation in Insilico, I am happy to report that I can find no trace of General…


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[IC] Dreams and Changes (Part 1--An Update)

OOC Note: While at my work-study, I had been looking at past blog posts and I had felt a sort of sadness and feeling of being upset because of everything that Eden and myself had missed due to my taking a break from Second Life for....5 to 6 months, so I decided to write something that just expresses these feelings.  Note that there is actually coincidence for Eden to be dreaming of Ziebzen's IC death....but also that she has some memories mixed in with a "present-day"…


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DEATH HAIKU - part 4

part… Continue

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Get out of my head

“It was already late when I went on my way home. Having finally finished the medical files, I left the medlab with my thoughts trailing off to different matters. Somehow, my mind returned to my meeting with the Director over and over again, replaying it in every possible way. In every version I conducted myself in an appropriate manner; waiting for her to call me in, bowing in accordance to her position and only speak when spoken to. In every version there was a slight, yet healthy…


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Death Haiku - part 3


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[OOC] Enthy's Stats For Cyberpunk 2020

Here's my beloved alter ego portrayed as an old school tabletop RPG character. These stats are derived from good ol' Cyberpunk 2020 (2nd ed.) with some modifications and home-made rules. Not all the details are included, to keep things simple. This was made purely for my personal amusement, and should not be applied directly to SL gaming.


Name: Enthropy Panache

Role: Prowler (Ex-Youth Streetpunk)



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From The Cutting Room Floor.

I stared at the man claiming to be the Benefactor, "I've no idea what you're talking about." I said. He'd joined me in the Bowl with his decidedly silent assistant. I took a swig on my beer and considered smoking. As rapidly as the thought had entered my head it left again; a slight wheeze as I exhaled reminding me of my time on Mars.


He laughed again, rising from his seat by my side and stepping closer to me before his hand darted to my throat. He closed it enough to…


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A Chat Over Coffee

Iris Creighton: Incoming Call from [IS.IRIS.CREIGHTON]. Accept? [Y/N]

Kira Love (faestern): [Y]

Iris Creighton: "Kira, I'm glad I could reach you."

Kira Love (faestern): *kira quickly scrambled in her pouch to find her ringing communicator. "Hello? Oh! It's good to hear from you!"

Iris Creighton: "Would you mind speaking with me over a cup of coffee? If you're not busy, of course."

Kira Love (faestern): "Of course!…


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DEATH HAIKU - part 2

Part 2



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[OOC] Antron IRL!

Well, I was browsing the internet when somebody threw this link at me. Apparently, cleverbot functions the same way Aemeth and Fifth explain he does IC. 


Now go and chat with Antron's progenitor! Go! Go!

Added by Iris Creighton on February 8, 2011 at 2:30pm — 3 Comments

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