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║║▌█ ophelie ▌█║║ ((diclaimer strictly ooc)) Techno application of nanoscience, one way for future the project dimension

Researsh diary of Ophelie: Entry 27/01/2487 19:37

you register Emma (name of Ai who permit to control the Data pad)

I have turn inside my mind all the technologie actually allowed to create something new for future. I have open database, about nanoscience, computer technologie, holotechnologie, electric schematiks.... And implantation of cybernetics elements.

With fusion of materials, and Nanofiber technologie i see one new way of application.

I can probably insert…


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And Then Everything He Knew Changed A New Spark

-it was a quiet night. after leaving the dojo, he proceeded to the streets. he looked ahead seeing someone familiar. the woman who sent him so many singals, he looked at the contact chip she had left him so long go, he walked up to her seeing her turn around , there she was a bit of convosation, sparked for a moment, seeing her…


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one unselfish love, i m born fighter...The prophetie? one wedding ((strictly ooc))

i sing all the day, and pray.…


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Invisible Wounds

In a world full of crazies someone needed to have tough skin even if it means pushing simple emotions , or scars not seen to the back of the mind.Today he stood in an all to familiar place to him. looking around inside the dojo. the place he had spent some time with Maz before his mental status took a nosedive. having nearly pushed him…


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Thoughts on Insilico's Role Playing System

I'm going to take an intermittent look at the Insilico role playing system, largely examining its rule mechanics highlighting areas I believe could use some work, reasoning and explanations will be provided in concert with all points of order.   

I've chosen to do this as a blog post rather than a forum post due to forum posts being lost over time, here I have direct access and can edit more readily for what I envision will be ongoing, periodic contributions.  

What this is not…


Added by Miko Okami on January 21, 2017 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

The legend of Byakko and the Ryu

The legend tell, the white tigger lived in one great forest surround by tree and the river.The little tiger lived in peace with her family of wolf, and haved love and all what dreamed one little tiger. But One day hyène coming in the forrest, and kill the family of the little tiger girl. They captured her, and infliged to her one great pain, in her hearth, in her flesh. they closed her in one cavern where she haved not right, and all the day hyèna comed infliged pain to the little tiger, and…


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The Dog House

          "Be reborn. That's what the voices told me. So be it. I'm a tracker. It's what I do..." 

She takes her seat in her favorite perch in Eastern InSilico. Just behind the…


Added by Betz on January 16, 2017 at 7:56pm — 2 Comments

the little voice ((ooc )) disclaimer

Agis have help me for the baby, the nano bot in blood used for save my life, they have save my life .i m…


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Here is my Heaven


          It's been a whole year. InSilico. That's where the trouble all started. It's where I met him. Richard. I'm just an enforcer, not worthy of the chain of information. But I swore my loyalty to him, and I do not do that lightly. Then just like that, the Dragons began to consume one another. He vanished from my side, and I was unable to follow him. But I am the Shishi, the…


Added by Betz on January 15, 2017 at 5:54pm — 5 Comments

053 - Product Assessment

║║▌█  Karlsson AB  Log Files  2480-05-28 17:19:34  ▌█║║

Event:  Product Ready for Field Test Assessment

Gripen project,  Deliverable H.E. ID 263-54, release 1.0

Attendants:  Karlsson AB Board of Directors.

Location:  Karlsson CEO virtual lounge, Ny Stockholm.

Dr. Gunilla Kron finishes her speech…


Added by Dart on January 15, 2017 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

A Good Man?

-he stood on the landing pad looking down on the eastern sector of insilico, his visor scanning the area-

 "What is a Good…


Added by Derrick Sullivan on January 15, 2017 at 10:30am — 1 Comment

Blood, migranes, and cancer

[Yea, I don't care what they think, or what I think at this point seems irrelevant. I'm suppose to do this stupid check up every time I feel a problem with my implant. What a crock of shit.] Dielan taps away at his G.L.A.S. (Geo-sync Location Assistance System)communicator, a small ping from the GLAS indicating a completed level in the game he was playing and an icon floats about the GLAS indicating a recording happening for logs.

"This is Dielan Rogers. This is…


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[OOC] New Landing Zone!

As you all know the sim has been undergoing renovations for over a year. That trend is continuing in Insilico's new landing zone. We made it easier for a person to get a basic grasp of the: theme, lore, sim, rules, races, roleplay system, and meter, instead of shuffling though the Ning site (which due to circumstances out of our control can be broken). The Ning site is still an invaluable place to gather information and blog, but now the basic facts are in your hand in the landing zone. …


Added by StarRavenSAT on January 13, 2017 at 7:45pm — 4 Comments

[OOC] Forum Decorum (because it rhymes)

I've seen some posts here recently that were, let's just say...less than productive (or at least pushing against good etiquette). Below are some generalized guidelines for getting along more cooperatively. Most, if not all, of these points have already been addressed in some form over the years, so I'm really just bringing them all together for easier reading. 

1) In-character blogs are posted here for exposition, but the information contained within them is generally not…


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Mr Suillivan.......

IT was a day like any other....... he had recently come back to insilico  after a failed sniper attempt, at mr sullivans life he placed that large hammer of his long the wall, and placed a sniper rifle onto the ground, he dropped his bags, as he looked out from the hotel the blonde haired blue eyed man was determine to cash in on…


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Sockies alone in the street.

After the shooting face to the Aftermath club, socckies was run hide himself. Ophelie creep in direction of policeman, wounded by the assault. The policeman drive her to Agis for be Health. The young women and little life inside her are save in extremis by Eve. Ophelie return on the place of shooting and find one death body of rats devored by the other and think it's sockies. Ophelie turn in anger again the men who have shoot her in thinking in wrong way that sockies is dead. The little…


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it had been a couple of nights since the whole shooting innocdent, he heard the inn radio cast " Love affair? PPPFFFTTTT yeah right, havent got much feeling in my right arm since the whole innocdent. "  he shook his arm some, "well what needed to get done got done, "  he shook his arm more " never expected to be caught off guard…


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under the wings of an angel


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INN RadioCast: New Year 2487!

Added by INSILICO NEWS NET on January 3, 2017 at 11:10am — 2 Comments

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