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Alexia X-13's Stats

║║▌█ Xia // 詩亜 ▌█║║

Rank: Operative

Faction: Spectra Initiative

Division: Intelligence

DOB: February 29th, 2484

Race: Fabricant

Gender: Female…


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Creepy Robotic Babies, Asimov, and Recap Memory

While Reiko was patiently waiting around inside the AGIS medical center (East side of Insilico), a big picture caught her attention at the end of the public hallway area.   It looked like a depiction of an infant (human baby) with various cut away images. It was strikingly odd, and she was always…


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The Landing Zone

It all felt like a bad dream, now everything was spinning out of control.  It was not supposed have turned out like this, it was supposed to be a simple in and out rescue operation.  She had not fully grasped the objectives involved, until the briefing on the landing zone.  The destruction of the shield generators, the destruction of Lyra herself, along with the Singularity Reactor.  It became painful clear that this rescue mission involved the destruction of whole AGIS space…


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[the character is freely inspired by sonmi-451 from the book/movie Cloud Atlas. Anyway, for obvious reasons, I changed her lore to fit Insilico's background, as I didn't want a perfect copy of the movie's character, but just inspire my character's story basing on it. She also have some connections with Cinder Lihn, from the book "Cinder" by Marissa Meyer.]


Year 2462, Neo Seoul, Oriental Commonwealth.

"The requirement of…


Added by Sonmi Lihn on January 29, 2014 at 5:00pm — 2 Comments

An OOC background of sorts.

First and foremost, I'd love to give everybody a great big round of appreciation.  To all the GM's which devote so much time and energy into the various things they do.  Also, the wealth of information and lore which exists on this website. Blog postings by so many people over the years.  These postings being just a glimpse into the deep of previous past RP.

Initially when I created my Character "Nyusha", I was faced with the creation of a back story. I actually read a few…


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[Sonmi's decision!]

Tonight, Sonmi went to the AGIS clinic to get more information about a treatment.

She may look shocked or angry as well, and probably tomorrow or in these days she can change a lot again. It will depend from a lot of things. She feels guilty and sad, and angry. Just because she can't either erase her past or accept it or talk about it with anyone, not fully at least. And, worst thing... She can't erase the memory of her love, neither she can replace him (how is it possible? It would be…


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what comes next

some  time  early in the  morning  wan  all in the  house  of dick where  sleeping Jade packed  her bage with her  clothing and her  hidden  dat pad she  hand  under  the mattress  of the bed she quiltly  makes  her way to Richards   door  and  slides a  piece  of  paper  under it. . the  hand  pined note in a  grace full and elegant  hand  simply  reads


   Richy ill be  back  going to go stay  at the med  lab for a bit  i need to wrap  my head around  my work and the Lyra…


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Sometimes past follows you everywhere.

When things were going well, my past, as always... Came back to find me again in this brand new life.

I -almost- found a house, a work, friends and of course a total saviour... And then my dreams became dark... And the nights are so bad... I can barely stay up the day after.

I would love to begin again this all but I'm starting to believe that... I can change the way I live, but not who I am. This scares me so much that... Sometimes... I think about...

Ah, nothing.



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Event Horizon Redux Guide

Event Link

This is it the final assault against the Lyra Station. Make no mistake this place is a fortress, complete with automated defenses, shield technology and an unknown number of enemy combatants. This wont be an easy task, not by a long shot, fortunately we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help in this task.…


Added by Stark Osterham on January 25, 2014 at 4:00pm — 2 Comments

[OOC] Missing you guys

I know, a lot of the new faces i don't recognize might not remember me, and with how long I've been gone those who knew me might not even remember me at this point :P, but i just wanted to let everyone know that I AM ALIVE!!! just been really busy with my rl move the last few months but I'm now in Wisconsin where you learn what cold truly is and unfortunately where I'm staying has at&t dsl for internet which second life borks due to bandwidth everytime i try to log in, but i hope i'll be…


Added by Roahm Whitesong on January 25, 2014 at 3:49pm — 11 Comments

My Beginning days at INSIILICO

Names TonyTwoMoons or XxTonyxX for short I was born n the year 2463, the year 2480 I attended medical school

I am still learning and developing my player in this epic rp and I thank you all for the help and kind words. My first few day's here I experienced a great rp setting and wonderful people. I got blown up twice at a meeting now I know to listen  when people say clear the area. I have met some pretty cool people here and I look forward to role playing with you all. 

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First Week

So... This is my first week in Insilico. I have to admit, it was very hard to fit in there.

I met someone that I believe, I can call "friend". Suddenly, everybody is helping me or at least being kind to me. I really appreciate this. So, thank you everybody.

They told me that, with the right friends, I can have an easy life here.

Hah, I hope it's true.

I got hired from The Fusion club. I hope that will be a good experience for me, I would like to grow and to know more…


Added by Sonmi Lihn on January 23, 2014 at 6:47am — 5 Comments

the Thoughts in the Night

Last night i killed a man.

did he deserve to die? it doesn't seem like it. sure he was an asshole who humiliated and degraded his people and seemed incapable of getting sex unless he was throwing cash at it. in fact, i probably made quite a bit of money off of him to be honest.

but i still killed him, in cold blood no less.

don't get me wrong, i've killed a lot of people with my bombings, with guns, with blades. i've killed them on 2 planets now...and mostly, i find…


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the Lying Eye

 "...Today's specials are: Bitter Dragon, Too Many Friends, and Lying Eye."

"interesting names, how much are these going to cost me?"

 "As a sign of customer appreciation, our loyalty program entitles you to one free sample."

"very well, let's hear Bitter Dragon" she paused before continuing "you know, this would be a lot less awkward if you were willing to work directly with me"

"Automated attendant's offer a more consistent and reliable…


Added by Cailin Beorn on January 18, 2014 at 10:57pm — 4 Comments

the Hologram's Cry for Help

(please keep in mind the following has only been shared ic'ly with two characters as of 1/16. anything discussed prior has no bearing on this scene or the one that followed directly afterwards)

The image of the holographic attendant flickers to a brief burst of high frequency static "Welcome to the Buddha Bowl!" she turned in surprise, facing the hologram with a confused look on her face, studying it for a long moment before it spoke again "How might I attend to you this…


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Rhyme Scheming

IS_COM:\> DIR P01:\\Vid_DB\U2hyZXc\dmlkZW9z -
IS_COM:\> Load "GardenofEve.vf"
IS_COM:\> Attachmsg "I know something you don't know!"

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Everything Obeys

Eve awoke on the beach, the sound of the surf close to her, the salty sea smell and chill air teased her senses. She clawed the dirt for a moment smiling and raising herself. The sand sticking to her wet body as she rose. She looked on at the endless blue ocean which melted into the horizon, lost somewhere…


Added by Eve Dimitriaski on January 15, 2014 at 11:30pm — 4 Comments

Shooting Stars

"Estimated time of arrival to the Lyra Space Station in five hours, twelve minutes and twenty nine seconds" It had happened so fast, just at the moment he had discussed it with close ones and he was mentally preparing himself for it, they were already there for him. A buzz on his door, and the security camera showed two identical men wearing white…


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Last Test

It was warm here. Soft and comfortable. No headache, no hangover, the air was great, life was good.


Blue eyes popped open. Richard was nearly face to face with Coraline. Her head enveloped in her pillow, and a soft hand still laid over his cheek, where it still stung.

Her slurred voice demanded, “Another...!” The most genuine smile spread across the scruffy face as the man was forced to suppress a chuckle. Even in her dreams,…


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In The Dark

The first thing she took notice of was the immensity of the space around her. Large circular floor, open fused silica and borosilicate glass with support beams. The circular room had two layers with the consortium on the upper level looking down at her lone figure on the open floor.

The consortium, consisted of a dozen identical models all…


Added by Eve Dimitriaski on January 13, 2014 at 8:00am — 7 Comments

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