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Better Leftover Mu Shi....

(The following is an excerpted, slightly edited rp transcript.)

Joah Menjou: Connie, Coop! Hey!

Scarbaci Pizzaro looks over to the ladies and nods.

Connie McMahon: Look at us! We're alive.

Joah Menjou frowns with worry. "What happened to you guys?"

Connie McMahon: That Nomad thing ate me. And not in the good way….

Joah Menjou's eyes widen. "I got your text... a whole week in the Medlab? I just couldn't believe it. Why don't you sit down,…


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Fear of her role

                It was Eight Thirty at night when the doctor walked out of the elevator into the Breathe Room. The place was intoxicating to her. She had only recently found it on one of her walks around the city. It was amazing she thought that even after all the time she had spent in this City of steel and…


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Thank you, Betz.

I'd like to thank Betz for pushing my "reset" button about a lot of things that were REALLY bothering me.


She helped me realize it was just my PERCEPTION, and not much more than that. She didnt even do it on purpose. She just told me the way things were, and I'd understood.


Her status as GM is well-justified. I'd thank others, too, but I dont want to dilute her praise in this post.


Love you, Betz. ♥


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Adding RLV Options to Insilico roleplay / enviroment....What do you all think about that?



I had a dream last night............ about a transport to mars    You get on the transport and in rlv you sit on the edge of a sleep chamber in the transport. A automated voice says its preparing you for hibernation and it attaches a hud to you. You are forced to lay in…


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Another Day In Paradise.

I approached the table and stood next to Eden. I looked her in the face, with narrowed eyes, I simply said, "Ms Pyrithea."


She looked up at me, "Can I help you?"


I replied calmly, "Unfortunately, Eden,…


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MOAR Vissyisms Jan 2011

[23:43]  Eden Pyrithea is offering a TP to (M)

[23:43]  Teleport completed from

[23:44]  Eden Pyrithea: :3

[23:44]  Vissy Adamczyk: wtf are we in hell?

[23:44]  Eden Pyrithea: lol, no

[23:44]  Stark Osterham: close to…


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New Girl at the Bowl

From: Joah []

Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2*** 21:30 PM

To: Gran (

Subject: New Girl on Board!


Hiya, Gran! Massive hugs and I miss you so much! Wanted to write ya quick like to let ya know that custom's picked up…


Added by Joah Menjou on January 26, 2011 at 9:10am — 2 Comments

Relocation day

After being Terminated from my old residence and relocated to Insilco ive just been meandering abouts, looking for a new scene to join and maybe a nice group of programmers, hacker cracker or hell, partiers to join up with... I disdain the corporate influence everywhere i go, and i dislike the fact that im too broke to afford even the simplest necessaries never mind the luxury s...

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Common Misconceptions.




The contents…


Added by Juliette Tsunenaga on January 24, 2011 at 5:00pm — 4 Comments

[IC] Release

OOC Note: This is a journal entry from Eden's perspective--not mine!  Some of it might be emo-ish......It's a reflection on what she was going through and what she did.......Enjoy!




Fuck.  It. …


Added by Eden Pyrithea on January 24, 2011 at 1:19am — 5 Comments

A Newcomer

A newcomer – what is this I have gotten into?

His name Northman , Drewski Northman – he says shakily after he is leaning on me heavily…. and you ?  “Well”,  me,  I say ……. Now that is a different story …..

The Tukuma family has some interesting items to the pirating world of thieves; the west end of INSILICO how was it I ended up here?? What was it I really wanted to achieve?? these were the things that ran through my mind after the encounter I just had and the savior who…


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In Hindsight

Did you ever have moments where you wished you could take hold of a clock and turn back time to a point in the past that would make a difference? Off late I feel I’ve only had moments like these. Events that once started out in the past and are still going on in the future, or at least have effect on it. There are a few things I would love to have done differently, but just like everybody else I’m stuck with the choices I made in my past up to the point where I get the chance to change…


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This Is Your Fate.

My assailant grunted as she landed, I heard a soft giggle. Wheezy, maybe? No. Distorted. A Mask. I rose to my feet and backed away from the source of the mocking laughter. I drew my pistols. I couldn't see anything. I couldn't see anyone but I could hear the bitter laughing. This was a game to someone.


Calmly I asked, “Who's there?” I repeated myself, shouting this time,…


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unplanned away (yay flu.)


appologies in advance to employees and those looking forward to tomorrow night. i seem to have been hit with a severe case of flu (or something) and am having trouble even looking at the screen for more than a few minutes at a time. i'm hoping this will pass quickly, and I'll do what i can to get an event of our usual (or better) quality next weekend.

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Blood is thicker

[incoming message]

Chessi, I need you. Atonement, please help me.


I stared at the message, for a moment not comprehending in language what it was saying, only in emotions. Something was wrong, or she would not have sent me a message like this. Without even a proper explanation I dashed from IPS Headquarters to West, careless of my surroundings. Thoughts of what might have happened to my sister…


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Brief Lives: Curious Omens

[Synopsis:  The News of the Past.  And how Odd twists of fate start to make friends of strangers....] 


London Orbital


He hated London.   Sometimes he didn't have the strength to face its awful fury.   Seeing the things it did to people, the things it made people do - no, he didn't have the guts to look London in the eye at times.  All he could ever do was to crawl on his guts beneath the pressure exerted by the City, like some lost soldier on a quiet…


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CHAPERT 4 ::::::::::::::: PREVIOUSLY ::::::::::::::::

::::::::::  PREVIOUSLY :::::::::::


After the visit the inspector Raighter, and the beginning of its investigation, the situations have alternated frantically inside the habitat.

 The night following the first visit by Righter, Captain Munro, decided to try to protect as much as possible the units within the team, and the information the brain drain on the earth, decides to go on its own initiative to review the old files in main memory…


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[IC--LOG] The Truth Comes Clear

OOC Note: This happened after "Back in the Hole," after Eden had to go through some "treatments" with Doctor N during her first full day of her week-long sentence.  That afternoon/evening, Chessa came in for some mysterious reason but met Eden face-to-face. She was wondering what Eden had done when Nyk came in with Mark after Nyk passed his exam and got accepted into the IPS.  Mark and Eden got into a heated argument, during which Beta-4 arrives to obey the board's command to do the…


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[IC--LOG] Back in the Hole

Date and Time: January 15, 2481 at 2:40pm, Insilico Time

Location: Insilico Central, at the Blue Ant Bar, where Eden had been sneaking around while granted medical leave from the Medlab as long as she wears a tracker so Roahm knows where she is.........After listening in to a…


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Eternity, if no longer [Alternate Take]


>> Eternity, if no longer [Original]


Eli and I had it good. Really good. What I mean is, he made sense for me, and what I made of myself was good sense for him, in all practicality.


It sounds shallow, and it is. Constructed routes never faire any better than natural ones, I know, but I had my reasons for it. Some reasons were selfish,…


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