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Sheet character in building

║║▌█ ophelie ▌█║║(complete name ophelie Gardner)


Rank: N/A
Faction N/A
Division: N/A
DOB: 25/1/2449
Birthplace: Neo tokyo ghetto
Race: Human 
Gender: Female
Serial: BLFH49-7179
Skills: Intuition 10%
Traits: Begins with Neural net standard, +1 willpower
Statistics: Health +5, Mental +5, Movement 12, recovery: 1d10 points a day (up to 5 times)

Attributes you have 120 points to spend between them all ensuring that no beginning attribute goes over 30 or drops underSkills: Etiquette (crime) 25%, Disguise 10% Traits: Begins with fake ID standard (access to black market gear)Statistics: +20% syndicate, -10% IPS 5
║║▌█ Attributes ▌█║║
Spend 200 skill points in
║║▌█ Skills ▌█║║


Unarmed combat......................40% <str+end>


║║▌█ Secondary ▌█║║

 Teaching ...................85%<+25% Expert>

Initiative:  <per+agi>40
Movement: 12
Willpower:% <per+char>27
Prestige: 0
Pool: 0
Salvage: None

║║▌█ Health ▌█║║
Recovery: 1d10 points every 2 hours - day <up to 5 times>
Health: <> <base+ Racial> <damage that exceeds x30 is deadly>
Mental: <> <end+int +5 Racial> <damage that exceeds x20 is deadly>
Damage types energy / kinetic / mental

+5 Kinetic Armor <Racial>

║║▌█ Background ▌█║║
Educated - you have attended a school or university +5 Knowledge.
Expert: Teaching <+25%>

Hidden secret - you have a secret so terrible and dark it haunts you. 
Flashbacks - you are haunted by images of war and horror and can suffer from its affects anytime of the day. -5% Security.
<Special Points>

║║▌█ Augmentations ▌█║║
Neural Net +5% strength (racial)

║║▌█ Equipment ▌█║║
Features for looks/RP: - Left and right bracer models- Personal shield emitter- Low security barricadeFeatures for limited combat use:- Cover shield (10 HP, 10 second shared recharge)- Mortar guard dome (20 HP, 60 second shared recharge)- Both deployable shields will temporarily deactivate to allow avatars through.
The Legend Beam Katana is an energy blade based on a rediscovered relic. Though designs like these were once lost, reverse engineering has produced a blade just as powerful and stylish as the original, but less prone to interference, and without the use of the GL crystals which cause terrible side effects and madness. Kojima armor equip with clawThe Kojima K-103 Hardsuit is a set of lightweight high-mobility armor for female agents.This package includes only the "Hard Claw" style hardsuit arms in Stealth (black) color scheme. (gift of her adoptive Mother:sexadoll gun MR-2048 Hip)
║║▌█ Reputation ▌█║║

║║▌█ Achievements ▌█║║

║║▌█ Dossier ▌█║║

Young woman of 35 years Old. Finish mayor of promotion in the university of nanoscience of Neo Tokyo.

Father Brazilian, mother Japanese. She grow in the difficulty of the getho of Neo Tokyo, adopted and educated by one gang family to the age of eight years old.

After her studies, she was scientist assistant,and drive the delivery service for  Gummies industry, work with the ceo and assist him to the work, and client relation sometime.She start new studies on domain of medical, and social, for approach herself more near of her personnal values dicted by her honnor code. She enter in Altercation with kojima, for divergence of philosophie , and leave the earth location.

After one surgery reimplantation she return to her life, in the INSILICO town in the sky. She live in her appartement with her cats named "Sockies" or again "Mister socks" Criminal case: murder /Sanction: relaxed for exceptional circumstance.

ophelieキティガードナー second life aventure Road to the white neko

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A little info about yourself if you'd be so kind?
Role player on all kind of rp ^-^ if you have question ask me directly. I play on 14:00 slt or 2 pm slt.

Ophelie's Blog

║║▌█ ophelie ▌█║║ ((diclaimer strictly ooc)) Techno application of nanoscience, one way for future the project dimension

Posted on January 27, 2017 at 11:58am 0 Comments

Researsh diary of Ophelie: Entry 27/01/2487 19:37

you register Emma (name of Ai who permit to control the Data pad)

I have turn inside my mind all the technologie actually allowed to create something new for future. I have open database, about nanoscience, computer technologie, holotechnologie, electric schematiks.... And implantation of cybernetics elements.

With fusion of materials, and Nanofiber technologie i see one new way of application.

I can probably insert…


one unselfish love, i m born fighter...The prophetie? one wedding ((strictly ooc))

Posted on January 22, 2017 at 6:22pm 0 Comments

i sing all the day, and pray.…


The legend of Byakko and the Ryu

Posted on January 18, 2017 at 3:39pm 0 Comments

The legend tell, the white tigger lived in one great forest surround by tree and the river.The little tiger lived in peace with her family of wolf, and haved love and all what dreamed one little tiger. But One day hyène coming in the forrest, and kill the family of the little tiger girl. They captured her, and infliged to her one great pain, in her hearth, in her flesh. they closed her in one cavern where she haved not right, and all the day hyèna comed infliged pain to the little tiger, and…


the little voice ((ooc )) disclaimer

Posted on January 16, 2017 at 1:48am 0 Comments

Agis have help me for the baby, the nano bot in blood used for save my life, they have save my life .i m…


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